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How to fix detectability bloom time for destroyers and cruisers

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Hi you cheeky sea dogs:Smile_honoring:

I think there is a big problem with dds(and some cruisers), not counting BBs. They are OK

So the last battle(but certainly not the only one) I was playing with my trusty Fletcher on the Hotspot map. I was camping in smoke and shooting enemies when my smoke ended and I had to move on. The problem was my spotting range was blooming to 11.8km and  there were now 5 ships shooting at me.:cap_wander_2: It was blooming for about 20 seconds and that was enough for my hp to go from 10k down to 600....:fish_palm: I survived but the battle was pretty much over for me.

What I am trying to say is that its just not fair to have your spotting range blooming for the same amount of time for all guns and ships. I think that it should be 20 seconds only for battleships but for destroyers and cruisers with 2 or 3 times smaller guns it should be much less. For example, for 203mm guns it may be like 10 seconds or less depending on the reload as well. For dd guns it may be like 2 to 5 or 6 seconds.

The first ideas thatI came up with were the following:

1 The blooming time will be smaller than the reload for all guns( so that you can dissaper for just a little)

2 It will be based solelly on the caliber of the boomstick. Both ideas have their cons tho. Because Murican guns reload faster than IJN, French, German, etc guns, if you try to escape after shooting, the americans will have an advantage as they will dissapear after 5 or 6 seconds while the germans and the other nations will have to wait like 10 seconds.  The second idea has a problem too because if you want to get undetected and still fire constantly with a US cruiser or destroyer, you will have to wait for your spotting range to get smaller, meaning your rate of fire will be closer to that of an IJN ship which has an advantage in shell damage and fire chance. 

Because of this, the best idea may be to make something in between. For example, the blooming time for all nations will be smaller than US and UK ships reload so that these two nations' ships can dissapear after firing for a little and also the other nations' ships will not wait longer to escape concentrated fire. 

I hope WG listens to this and balances the blooming time for CAs and DDs


Feel free to comment, criticize and suggest ideas!:Smile-_tongue:

Good luck and fair seas!:cap_cool:

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You should understand that WG made it crystal clear, TEAM PLAY can bring a strong impact into the game and it is unfair for the enemy, especially if you play a division and use comunication like TS or Discord... So no more hiding in smoke and pre planning. Thow mostly it will be a hit for BB, since theyr concealment is poor, having 13km detection firing from smoke is pretty much their own concielment,

tho they could have made a 20 sec bloom for BB, 15 for cruisers and say 10 for DDs, but i doubt it... 

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