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Critical Error Sliders

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Since the update to patch 0.6.9 I havent been able to play as WOWs keeps crashing with the following problem


Application C:/Games/World_of_Warshipseu/worldofwarships.exe crashed 08.15.2017 at 21:27:46

ManagedEffect::createEffect: Error creating effect for 'shaders/std_effects/grid_alpha.fx' (reason = The data is invalid. )

System info:
    OS Name: Windows 8.1 or later
    OS Version: 6.6 
    OS Architecture: x86_64

Memory info:
    Virtual memory: 1416320Kb/4194176Kb (34%)
    Working set (process physical memory): 1107008Kb/4194176Kb (26%)
    Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 1165108Kb/4194176Kb (27%)
    Global physical memory: 3145140Kb/7555480Kb (41%)
    Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 3617172Kb/8735128Kb (42%)



anyone else been getting this? anyone know any fixes or am i just gunna have to wait for an update and cross my fingers



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A couple of things you could try from the game launcher,


There's a dropdown/popup on the play button to launch in safe mode.


If that doesn't work then under settings/support in the launcher is "check and repair game integrity".



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