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Loading into a map is endless....

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I can make 3-4 games if i am lucky ... and after that i get the map loading screen of death since the last patch ...

all i can do is restart the game and join than... and that all the time again after 3-4 games ...


that sucks ....


any help ?


mfg Bambunas


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I get this from time to time as well, usually every 5-10 games, rarer if I'm lucky. Still happens if I remove all mods, and after reinstalling the game. Usually works if I restart the client, which means I lose a couple of minutes of the battle.


The worst part is that the loading seems to work properly, finishes to the counter, which goes down to zero, and then... nothing. Mission tab on the loading screen updates map correctly, so there's still a connection to the server, but you're just not allowed to join the game, despite everything being loaded by all accounts you're allowed to see. There's no error message, so the only thing you can do is wait and see if nothing happens for a while, and then just restart the client.


So what the hell is happening?

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