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that's what 'm talking about

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the mission I'm playing right now, host your ship have the requirements and rewards that I was talking about.

requirements: Japanese ships.

reward: port slot.



Doing that way, we can choose the ship that we like the most of a country, in this case, Kuma to grind missions, and is being fun, fun, FUN, not boring. FUN.

but if we get tired or not feel like playing with that determine ship we can choose between others  we like. And that's very important. in my case it's light cruisers, but other could choose the ships they like the most in whatever categories of their choice. (with appropriate tiers)

it's a win/win situation.

the client it's happy/the WG get's more profit and more server traffic and all that stuff that it's your bread and butter.



I admit, for what I have seen so far, that I might be an odd thing in this field. (but  can't be the only here).

I hoped that the rewards were more of a historical nature, historical missions are off the charts, collections are awesome, commemorative flags are awesome, medals and citations would be nice. (more often, please)

but I'm also a practical dude and the reward it's very nice too, and comes very handy, a port slot. great reward.


WG, you could put in every mission, two sets of rewards for the players to choose from, one with the usual supplies (I personally don't care about), and the other with an historical "flavour".

that way everybody's happy, the others, and so far, me?


either way, great job on this one, and please, pretty please, keep going in this direction.

WG you far from being perfect.

But you nailed it in operation Dynamo.( the historical extras, videos and etc, it's, not was, it's a very nice touch)

you nailed it in killer whale (outstanding operation, fun all the way, coastal bombardments and all that stuff)

and you nailed it in this one.


that's the way to go.










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