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Aerial Concealment Cap for BBs

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What is the point of having aerial concealment values like 15-18km on Battleships when the aerial spotting range is limited to 11km? I mean, BBs can already reach 6-7km range with their AA guns, and planes are not stationary, they rotate for about 2-3km. I sometimes find it annoying to reposition my planes like every 10-20 second because a BB is coming towards them. Wouldn't it be easier to increase aerial detection cap to a more meaningful value? At least, it'll make spotting BBs easier (and they should be) and at the same time make it easier for CV players to protect their planes/give them more time to spend on other things. This might be one of the updates we could use to make CVs a bit better and more comfortable especially against battleships, while (I don't wanna call this nerf but..) reducing the aerial concealment of battleships which are already abusing it by 11km-range-cap and are over-concealed for not much of an effective reason. I believe that a change in aerial spotting range cap could be beneficial for this game.

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