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Update 0.6.9 with something you might have missed!

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It is here update 0.6.9
What will it bring besides the Yamamoto Campaign, it does have something very rewarding for you as a player especially when,
- You are a fan of Arp Ships
- You have a Dragon ship (or two)
- If you do have an IJN Captain
- You like to train your Captain with incredible speed to 19
- You kept all those Arp and Dragon Ships

Well, something you might have missed in the update from Dasha, that in this new update 0.6.9, Captain from IJN are now fully interchangeable with both ARP and Dragon Ships

So now an x3 exp for the first win and you have an IJN Captain, comes to if you still have all 9 Arp Ships and the Southern Dragon that would bring you 11 times, x3 exp for your IJN Captain.

And then there are also some extras like signals not included.

So in a short time, this will lead to a 19 point IJN Captain.

And that my dear friends will lead to you yes you guessed it!

11 times XP multiplier a day (and your signal multiplier), which leads to in a short time very much Captain exp for free which you can then also use on your other Nation Captains.

So my guess would be to see a lot of ARP and Dragon Ship in the times to come



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Just written in the patchnotes...



I will never understand why people ignore them and then act completly surprised and complain to WG that they should have been inforned earlier of the changes.

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