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Is it still worth to get Shimakaze ?

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I know that most players say that japanese destroyers are nerfed and not good to play at T10. But I found out that only some weeks ago and I have t6 fubuki with +40k xp (only ~20k left to t7). So do you guys think I should leave ijn line and go to russians or other? Or is the ijn at t10 still pretty playable?

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The biggest problem with the IJN DD's in their current state is that they are almost entirely torpedo focused, with arguably the deadliest torps when they hit. The problem however is that the torps have the worst concealment giving your targest the longest reaction time. And torpedoes are also a one trick pony, it relies on your enemy to make a mistake. But with all the Hydro, spotter planes and semi competent players in higher tiers landing torpedoes can be a chore.

  So the higher tier IJN DD's are confined to spotters and cappers if their torps fail. And since spotting relies on your team and capping relies on not being rushed by a DD with better gunpower (pretty much all of them) the problem is more and more apparent.


In the current state of the game IJN DD's don't really work since their main selling point is both nerfed and heavily countered. Hybrid DD's or pure gunboats are better at cap contesting and damage dealing meaning they can dictate the pace of the game or carry easier. If you want to go for IJN DD's, go for it. But keep in mind that for example some US DD's and most of the German DD's have better overall torps (concealment, reload, speed) and to top it all off they can also engage in gunfights if your torps miss, so you are never completely useless.

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Funny how the 'accepted' answer is the one following WR PR department.


Want to know how 'viable' Shimakaze is? https://eu.warships.today/vehicles


Filter on tier X destroyers, select any time period. Notice how Shimakaze is dead last in win rate in every time period.


Gun's on Shima are self defense, you lack the dpm to act as gunboat. Torps have the highest detection in the game. On tier X you don't even have the concealment advantage anymore vs Gearing, you're just a bit faster so you can run away. 


Shima relies on enemies not being good, and even those are currently almost protected by all the planes in the sky, the radar's and hydro's and WallHack skill. It's not fun to play at all. 

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