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Placeholder of Heavy Cruisers in the future

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Is a rework or tweaks of Heavy cruisers planned or even in developpers mind ?


ATM Light cruisers deals more HE DPM thanks to IFHE, and deals more Fires per minutes even with IFHE than heavy cruisers.

From a BB point of view, both Light cruisers and heavy cruisers are fragile ships and their AP can penetrate them with ease.

From a DD point of view, light cruisers concealment and rapid fire is much more feared than heavy hitting HE but with longer reload (the DD has more time to disappear)

From a CV pow, light cruisers have equal or sometimes more AA defense.

From a Light cruisers pow, heavy cruisers can citadels them but even light cruisers can citadel them, and light cruiser can dish out a lot of AP dmg and cits too on heavy cruisers.

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Do not underestimate CAs, they can citadel CLs far better than CLs them :)

That being said, one thing is that while we would like cruisers to be used a bit more, especially at higher tiers... Better cruisers may well result not in less battleships, but less destroyers (as they are kinda the prey for cruisers).


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