Hello all,   I just enabled the Training Room in game, which works perfectly fine from what I can tell. I was intending to use it to practice my shooting, as I think I am pretty awful at using guns. But that got me thinking, bots are pretty stupid and people have previously re-enacted certain battles and posted about it here, something that I'd love to do too.. So, I'd like to try and set something up, if you'd like to participate, let me know. I got a LOT of ships, so I can play many roles, but even many of the tree ships are suitable. Some battles would obviously be very lopsided, but at least result in some pretty pictures. Even just the pictures of the various squadrons operating together would be a nice change from the mix that you get in random.   Just some of battles we could already re-enact properly:   -Naval Battle of Guadalcanal (we even have the proper map for it!), with Alabama, North Carolina, New Orleans, Fletcher, Mahan (or Atlanta),  versus Kongo, Kongo, (ARP's might be appropriate here too), Kagero, Akatsuki, Shiratsuyu -Battle of Samar, where we have a wide range of combinations to choose from for the Japanese side, Yamato, Nagato, 2 Kongo class, Takao, Myoko, Mogami, Kagero, Yugumo, Shimakaze, while on the US side we'd have to make do with a few Fletchers if we want to be fully historically correct, but could easily add in a Saipan, a Gearing, Independence or Bogue. -Battle off Calabria, with HMS Warspite and Duca d'Aosta -Operation Ten-Go, the sinking of Yamato, with Yama getting pounded into oblivion by a few Essex class carriers, Yama being escorted by four Kagero, Akizuki and Hatsuharu class destroyers (if the carriers take their turns, are polite enough to allow the Yama to repair, it could last more than a few seconds)   Battles we can sort-of do:   -Battle of Jutland, with HMS Warspite x 4 and maybe a cruiser, versus a number of the German dreadnoughts in their stock hull, perhaps also a DD to lay smoke when they turn? (This one will be even easier to do when we have the RN BBs) -Battle of the River Plate, with Admiral Graf Spee versus 2 Leander class cruisers (here we would really be missing a County class HC) -First and Second Naval Battles of Narvik, with HMS Warspite and a few Gallants, perhaps Blyska, against an assortment of German DDs   When the RN BBs are added, we could also do:   -Battle of the Denmark Strait, with HMS Hood, HMS KGV, Bismarck and Prinz Eugen (Norfolk and Suffolk will have to wait, I always wondered what the outcome would have been if they had joined in as intended) -Sinking of the Bismarck, with KGV, Nelson, Bismarck, perhaps some destroyers such as Blyska and HMS Gallant? Yes, it would be a slaughter.. -Battle of the North Cape, with KGV, HMS Belfast, HMS Edinburgh, HMS Fiji, Blyska, HMS Gallant, Scharnhorst   In the future, I also really hope to be able to recreate some famous pictures, such as this one.   I'd also be up for any random Axis versus Allies match up that is a little less lopsided, just as long as it is RN vs KM, RN vs RM, USN vs IJN, heck, even the French can join in on the fun! I really miss a historical battle mode in this game..   So, is anyone up for this? Aside from just having fun, it could draw some attention to the need for more historical content. If this initiative is successful, I will consider awarding a prize for the best picture taken during a session.   For two sample image, of a version of the Battle of Guadalcanal that I did, see below. First one shows Alabama with North Carolina behind. Second one shows Alabama with North Carolina further behind, destroyers duking it out in the strait. Nothing spectacular yet, it was all over too quickly, but still..   Enabling the training room is really simple!   In the res folder of your WoWs directory, there is a file called scripts_config.xml which you can open in notepad or a similar editor. If you want to be careful, just copy the original file first and put it somewhere safe first, as I imagine if you use the wrong kind of editor and cripple the file, your game might not load. Then edit the second-to-last line to read: <disableTrainingRoom>false</disableTrainingRoom> That is all. That is it. That is all you need to do. After that you can select an extra battle type, simply called Training. You choose which ship you want, click battle, then can set up a battle in the training room.   Training room appears to be very basic..   -You can choose any map and existing game mode, teams of 1 vs 1 up to and including 12 vs 12, and a time limit ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. -You can set up battles with bots, which you can set to remain either static or move around, and either fire back or not use their guns. -You can't play any ship you don't have, nor can the bots play any premium ships, even if you yourself have them. -Players can pop in and the person who created the training room can assign them to either team, of up to 12 versus 12 ships.   .. but that seems enough..