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Rewarding Teamplay in Ranked

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I can't help noticing the higher up the ranks you go, the less team players there seem to be. I expect everyone has seen the BBs camping behind a rock rather than moving up to protect the team or the DDs off on their own rather than using smoke to keep their teammates safe. In either case all they seem to worry about is protecting their star once the team has been wiped out. 

I was wondering how you can prevent this kind of behaviour & it seems that the current XP system as for random battles doesn't really work for that. I can think of 2 possible alternatives:

1: have a points system which isn't so much damage done & kills based but gives equal weighting to damage tanked or potential damage received, ships hidden by smoke, aircraft shot down, enemies spotted. I was thinking something like 1 point/minute for the player on each team who scores best in each category for example.

2: when a player is killed & leaves the battle or at the end he has to vote for the best team player (obviously he can't vote for himself). This would also discourage a lot of the disparaging comments which fly around at various times...


Are other people having the same issues as I am and can anyone think of any other suggestions how to improve team play in ranked?

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Yep I am noticing this more and more the higher the ranks I go the more toxic it gets. 


But then I guess the guys higher up have been slogging it out with the random teams for a lot longer thank before and are probably running out of sanity at this point. 


All I can do is make a point of being chatty in game with the hope that decent players notice the effort to communicate and then reply back the same way and we can get some team play going then.


The very least that happens when I do this is it shows you who won't be any use at all by the ones that reply with stfu noob or other such "hardman speak" and this is a good indicator of who is worth not bothering to protect and should be treated as expendable. 


It's the exact opposite to what you expect to find as you go up the ranks really  

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