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Just looking for others to play with! [English Speaking]

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Firstly, I'm not part of a clan. Maybe if I get some good response I'll consider creating a clan further down the line. Right now all I'm after is a few more competent teammates to share the ocean with! Put myself and you at less risk of playing with this games high variety of... subpar players.


I'm currently playing with one friend and we can hold our own. We're looking to improve our tactical plays but we know how to angle ourselves and we know how to aim reasonably well. Our main issue is the rest of our team!


If it isn't the AFKer's losing us the battle its the idiots that will run straight into the fight solo and get themselves blown up within less than a minute after the game has started. Theres also nothing I hate seeing more than a BB on full health after every one else on the team is dead. If you want to take potshots from the back of the map, good luck to you but if you're playing with me I expect you to pull your weight!


All I ask is that you speak English and are 18+ as you will be playing alongside two 24 year old lads from the UK.


If you have Skype you're more than welcome to join our mic chat on there. I personally prefer to it TS3 as I have access to it on my phone so I can communicate on-the-go.


I'm off work this week so I will be available to play all hours! Although the missus can drag me away from time to time for a few minutes... After this week I'll be back to work meaning I won't be playing until the evening like any normal person with a job.


If you'd like to play with us please hit me up on here or in game!


Happy sailing :cap_like: 


EDIT: We're currently playing between Tiers III and VI so have your boats ready accordingly.


EDIT 0.1: I've made an ingame channel, just search 'HMS_Bear' if you'd like to join me!

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hiya mate feel free to check us out at dragonkings.eu we already have ts3 website etc check out my thead for more




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