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Problems with division and port chat

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Hello everyone! 

For the past couple of months I have had a couple of issues with divisions:


#1) In port and when in-division, I will see my division-mate normally (logged in, ready for battle, will receive chat etc) but once in-match I will:

     (1) No longer see their icon on the minimap (At all, not just not golden)

     (2) Not see their HP bar and ship name above their ship (I will see a ship without any information)

     (3) Not see the message about them getting any kills or getting killed (xxx killed yyy)

I can talk to them in division chat, but that's it. It is extremely distracting as I have a hard time keeping my eye on them while sailing around.


#2) Usually I have no issue connecting to a match, but when I play in a division, every other game is a failed connection, forcing me to reset the game

     (*interesting note here is that when I log back in, I CAN make a new division in game and the above issues are gone)


#3) In port, and when trying to get a division going, I will often get a "chat server unavailable"  message in the chat window:

     (1) This will not let me send or receive chat messages

     (2) In the minutes before it appears I will see my friend as logged out when in fact he is online and trying to message me

          (this has caused us to miss each other out, and making us start separate games which is very annoying)


Both issues 1 and 2 happen whether I'm the division leader or not.


I have tried: reinstalling the game and reverting back to vanilla mod-wise.

I have had CPU usage issues and lags in the past but that seems to fix itself up (still high CPU usage but no lags anymore) 

I really don't know what to do at this point, any ideas??? :( Thanks!


***Specs if relevant***

Intel i5 4690k (overclocked)

Nvidia GTX770

8 GB ram

Windows 10 64bit

Both windows and WoWs are installed on a Samsung 850pro SSD (128 GB)

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