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good player looking for a clan

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Hi guys

First of all I like this game very much and I have gone from a pure entarteinment mindset to a competitive one. I would like to join a clan that will accept my commitment although my stats are not impressive. I do suck sometime but I never play a single match for myself. I Always try to support the team (even if someone doesn t really deserve it.. ).

I' m mostly a DD player but I rather like also BB and Cruiser. Not very good at CV. Good tactical feeling and quite good at mini map awareness.

I can play mostly in the evening or in the weekend as I am a mature man with a real job. (is this good in these days? ) Ah and by the way... Im Italian therefore forgive me if my hot temper sometime make me mad about ....ship (T)  playing. :)




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Dragon Kings Recruiting








A very warm welcome to our recruitment thread.
Here you will find details about our World of Warships recruitment drives and various bits of information about our clan.

We are seeking players to join our fold as we expand and increase our presence in World of Warships. We want people who want more than to be in just another community for just another game.

Our clan is largely British, yet we have a great community from all around Europe. Everyone is welcome to join our clan.

We offer a friendly atmosphere with room for both having a laugh in small divisions and serious large-scale warfare. We have friendly members willing to train you to become better in your endeavors.

We aim to have fun and build a clan which all members enjoy being a part of.
We provide training sessions where members can improve their gameplay
Above all we encourage the building of friendships.

We have a monthly raffle for members and have regular competitions with prizes for the winners, our own dedicated TeamSpeak Server and a YouTube channel.

All we ask is when you apply to join us is.









  • You can speak and understand fluent English


  • Have TeamSpeak installed and a working mic.
  • Over 18 years of age.
  • Have at least reached tier 8.
  • Meet our minimum stats.
  • Have Training Room installed.
  • Are active and willing to participate in clan activities


And lastly play on the EU server.

And above all, have fun blowing up ships. Who doesn't.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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Hello Runawayfast

thanks for your reply. I'm interested in your team and :

I speak a fluent english

I'm well beyond 18 years old.... :(

I've ship at any tier also X (Yamato, Montana, and Shimakaze)

I'm active and willing to partecipate in clan activities (online as I live quite far from you)

bad news now:

I dont have installed TS because im always playing solo but I can install it if it doesn't require some kind of magic ability.

Training Room? never heard of it... sorry but can amend if someone explain me how does it work.

Stats: mine are not impressive for sure. However I would like to explain that Im quite a curios man: therefore I have a lot of different ship and sometime I got them only to test them and to test different built. That said my stats with my favourite ships are ok to me. Im not unicum or something alike. One of the reason for joining a clan is to find people better then me that can also give me some hint. And viceversa.

let me know the next step.


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ok first things first can you go to www.dragonkings.eu and fill out an application and then we can sort TS out do you have a microphone ?


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1701 has around 50 active members both male and female, from all over the world with the majority coming from the United Kingdom and United States. If you want to become part of a close group of friends who enjoy the world of online gaming then look no further then 1701. With over 14 years of history, 1701 shares both the experience and skill of being a well maintained and fair play zone.

1701 offer the following services free to all members:

1) Discord Server details - https://discord.gg/Cs5CCtc & My user ID is Graeme1701#5835
2) Website & Email.

1701 play a large variety of games online which include the following:

1) World Of Warships - EU Server.
2) World Of Tanks - EU Server.
3) Star Wars Battlefront.
4) Star Wars: The Old Republic - Jedi Covenant Server.
5) Space Hulk: Deathwing.
6) Battlefield Collection.
7) Call Of Duty Collection.
8) Company of Heroes Collection.
9) Dawn of War Collection.
10) Red Orchestra Collection.
11) America's Army 4: Proving Grounds.
12) Tom Clancy's: The Division.

1701 Plan on expanding into the following when released:

1) Knights Of The Old Republic 3.
2) Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.

If you are interested in joining 1701, then feel free to jump on Discord and meet people. Our only joining requirements are that you have a working Mic, are willing to use Discord with the rest of your new friends and treat people with the same level of kindness, respect and regard that you would expect.

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Hello Thone_Aceofspades,


Fifth Dimension has an active Warships group with both competitive and casual play. We offer all aspects of the game.


We have both NA and EU server groups. Many different countries. The shot below is a random shot of our TeamSpeak.


We are one of the largest groups in the game and have someone on our TeamSpeak playing Warships 24.7.


Mature gamers (not uptight), 18+ is a requirement, most are 30 through 70. Over 200 in warships and counting.


We are actively developing competitive play. We are doing team battles, skirmishes and compete against other clans in the Supremacy League while we await formal clan wars within the game. Not a requirement for casual players.


We offer support of multiple games in a diverse laid back Community to break the monotony if desired.


Active TeamSpeak and Website. Stable, longstanding leadership. No dues or drama, only fun.


Hop on over and join us on our TS. Division up and play. There is usually someone playing ships 24/7.


Don't make any final decisions until you check us out.





Website: www.5DClan.com 


Contacts: Killerbin34, Rhys566, alphaburner1972 and Mr_Snoww



See you soon,




TeamSpeak on a weekday, busier on the weekend:




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