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Questions About High Tier Soviet DDs

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1) Why does Tashkent is 1 knot slower than the real 43.5 knots?

2) When does Khabarovsk lose its 50/25 mm armor platings which can stop any non German HE shells and richochet all AP shells? Alternatively why don't just remove it from the game and put something like Neustrashimy or Kotlin?

3) Why does Soviet HE stronger than IJN?

4) Will you give all the "destroyer leaders 130 mm/50 guns which have 870 m/s muzzle velocity, and artillery ones 130 mm/58 which have 950 m/s muzzle velocity(giving much flatter arcs)? Also it will be mostly fantasy but how about giving tier X Soviet artillery DD 130 mm/70 gun?

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