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"Special offer only for your account and visible only for you"

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I already wrote to customer service, 3 times for to repeat the obvious because they simply don't read what we write to them when open a ticket.

I asked what for to say " Special offer only for your account and visible only for you " if:


first: every my contact have the same "offer"

second: if it is "special and only for me", why they offer me to buy Belfast that I already own and bought months ago? What for?
Third: I couldn't buy it and gift to my friend.. it said: "only for you"... but If I already have it, what does it mean? is it a joke?

Anyway, also this time, I can say that customer service is completely useless, near to irritate me till to the point to uninstall the game.

They simply dont read and dont try to understand what you are asking for and this is not serious as respectful.



the suggestions?

- To read messages and try to understand them when a customer ask for info or help.

- Dont reply with copy/paste messages, it irritates only as it doesn't solve nothing.

- About the premium ship "personal offer", if you call it "personal offer", at least syncronize your system checking with ships owned from your customers and what you are offering to him.. it is without sense to offer a ship that the customer has already bought.





" On the other hand, should you have feeback to share on this matter, please express your suggestions and feedback in the WoWs Game Forum. You may check this Forum thread for that matter. "

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