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WoWs EU - July 4th Network Issues Compensation

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Ahoy Captains!


July 4th was a bad day for me. On that day I came home from school, exhausted and full of anticipation to play World of Warships. But it wasn't to be. When I tried to get into battle, it would always load and load and when I restarted the game there would be a battle with the results "draw" with all my premium consumables used. Something that really ticked me off, especially because I didn't had much of them left and now I wasted some.

Eventually I stopped the game and played something different...

I thought it was a problem with my internet connection or something like that and because I could play normal on the next day, I didn't spend much time thinking about it. But on the weekend I suddenly had a day of premium time on my account plus five of all standard battle and economical flags. I was surprised because there was no event or something alike that could have given me such a reward. Today when I looked through my mails I found the solution:



I am really thankful for this compensation. Not only because I don't know any game company that compensates it's players for server problems (Honestly, Ubisoft would be bankrupt by now...), but also because the reward made up for the issue.

As thankful as I am, there is still a little issue with the compensation. I don't know if this was because of my mail server, or if Wargaming really sent me the mail not until yesterday, but if I wasn't a regular player I wouldn't had seen that I have a day worth of premium time. The premium time would start July 8th ad I received the mail on July 9th.

But except for this issue I am really pleased by the fact that Wargaming seems to care about it's players and would like to congratulate them for their work. World of Warships isn't my favorite game for nothing :D


See you at sea, Captains!




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