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Books and publications about warships.

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Ok guys, may be the wrong thread, but inspired by the pinned "Historical Links Exchange" topic and searched and found nothing similar here, I just propose to start a topic about books and publications about warships and their historical operations.

I have been raised on Edmund Kosiarz "Bitwy morskie" book, that is my favourite childhood reading (Gdansk 1973). I know it is a little bit tendentional work (thanks to the communist propaganda) but I want to start building my warship library now.


Do you have some books to recommend (author, book name, ISBN, language etc.)?

Thank you in advance.


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Battleship Bismarck, A Survivor's Story by Burkhard Baron von Mullenheim-Rechberg (German, but many translations available) ISBN: 978-1-61251-294-5

Warspite by Iain Ballantyne (English) ISBN: 978-1-84884-350-9

Those two were very good.


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Where to begin....


OK, factual 'ship' ones:-

Battleships -

D&G/Friedman are recognised experts in the technical details of BB's and have covered the 'topic' quite comprehensively.







General warships

Fleets of WW2, Richard Worth, covers every fighting ship in ww2 (briefly), I have a signed copy - he is known as Tiornu on the warships1 forums.



And some interesting and perhaps more obscure.

HMS Tiger at Bay - a crew members story about the Battlecruiser.


With the Battlecruisers - about the RN BC's at the start of WW1, including Doger bank  by a journalist who was attached to the BC squadron


British Submarines at war, 1914-1918 - a much neglected subject.


Dreadnought gunnery and the battle of jutland - more information about fire control systems than you might want to know... (very technical)






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Books I have read

HMS Rodney - Ian Ballantyne - (Kindle Version is a lot cheaper that the paperback)


Pocket Battleships of the Deutschland Class - Gerhard Koop


Battleships of the Scharnhorst Class - Gerhard Koop


British Battleships 1919 to 1945 - R.A.Burt (The admiralty report on the Hood is transcribed - fascinating stuff)


French Battleships 1922 to 1956 - John Jordan & Robert Dumas



Books on my Buy List

British Battleships of World War One - R.A.Burt


The Grand Fleet: Warship Design & Development 1906 to 1922 - D.K.Brown


Littorio Class: Italy's Last & Largest Battleships - Ermingo Bagnasco


Kaiser's Battlefleet - Aidan Dodson

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More years ago than I care to remember I used to make 'Exact scale' model ships.

Exact scale means perfect in EVERY detail, even down to individual rivets being placed where they should be.

I got a set of original builders plans from the Maritime Museum in Greenwich for HMS Dreadnought to build a 5'6" model. The plans cost £96 even back then, and were woefully inaccurate. The ship specs changed (evolved) as construction progressed.

To the rescue with thousands of diagrams and photos came this priceless tome. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I got the hardback, but I believe it comes in paperback too.



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