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Tips for improving

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Hey all,

Decided to go through my stats the other day and they seem mediocre to say the least, as you'll see I mostly play battleships as cruisers are far too easy to delete at high levels. In terms of playstyle I believe in aggressively pushing and forcing the enemy back...doesnt always work..I also go for the small fish first like cruisers and DD's. In terms of aiming I'm using dynamic crosshair based off Notser's video guide etc. So any tips or tricks to improve etc.

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Cruisers are only easy to delete if they make a mistake, and cruisers like the Baltimore, Des Moines, Hipper/Eugen, Hindenburg can be surprisingly tanky if angled.

What exactly are you wanting to improve in your game?

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Hi Admiral_Cain

I also play with the dynamic crosshair and I stacked up pretty heavy experience with it. My absolute favorite ship in WoWs is the Fuso, which requires pretty good aiming with its range of 21.8 km (without plane) and I found out some tricks to improve my shots. Some of them vary because of they different velocity on other ships, but mostly they work on all. So here's a little list with my tips and tricks that might help you.

- With the Dynamic Crosshair you can pretty much aim at ships by number (Stats for 15km, 10-20km with a little bit of adjustment required):

          - DDs (35-40kn): aim with 15 at the front of the ship

          - CAs (30-35kn): aim with 10 at center of the ship

          - BBs (20-30kn): center them between 5 and 10

Now some tips I recently noticed and improved my aiming a lot.

First for the battleships:

- IJN Battleships tend to shoot high. Aim a little bit in front of the ship that you're shooting at. Shells that hit the water will fuse and detonate in the citadel. This works especially good when shooting at light cruisers. Don't get discouraged by shooting around ships. IJN BBs tend to have one third horribly inaccurate salvos. The other salvos are really precise.

- USN Battleships shoot accurate, but their dispersion, especially on the lower and mid tiers is pretty bad. Don't shoot DDs it will be only a waste of ammunition if you haven't loaded any HE. Aim always a little bit up. USN BBs tend to group most of the shells a bit lower than you aimed.

- German BBs are pretty accurate. Their main feat is their AP penetration value so don't refrain from shooting BBs from the front ^ ^.

- Low and mid tiers (III-VIII) tend to have higher damage output if you are shooting full broadsides. I noticed this especially at tier VI with the Fuso and the New Mexico and the whole German BB line, which seem to have a tighter grouping of the shells if they are firing full broadsides

Next cruisers:

- Some cruisers (British and Russian) require an adjustment to your aiming, because of their lacking velocity on longer distances. Shoot CAs as if you are shooting DDs and shoot at BBs as if you're shooting CAs

- Always shoot for the superstructure of BBs. Lately I saw a lot of replays where the player shoots at the hull of BBs which does almost no damage.

- Remember that some CAs can citadel others with ease. Try to switch to AP if the enemy CA shows you the broadside.

And last but not least DDs:

- Low velocity guns on the most DD require heavy adjustment with aiming. The high rate of fire makes it easy to reaim while shooting.

I hope this helps you to make use of the Dynamic Crosshair.

I looked at your stats and they seem to be pretty good to me. You are better than the average wows-player. I can't really judge your gameplay, I would need a replay and more time to analyze, but you seem to have a pretty similar play style like me, so here are some tips that helped me a lot.

You seem to like the German BBs but you also seem to die a lot in them. Those BBs are really great for pushing and CQC (Close Quarter Combat) but they tend to take a lot of DMG from CAs and enemy BBs.

Try to play more from the second line. Wait at the beginning of the game and stay behind your CAs and clear out enemy CAs. When your team has spotted all enemy DDs try to start pushing at the spot where almost no enemy ships are. Never try this alone, a flanking DD can ruin your day pretty fast.

Personal tip for the Grosser Kurfürst: Attack in rotating runs. Stay behind a cap, push in from the side, dish out some 10-20k salvos, rapidly pull strait back and don't stay at the front. Pull back until they stop shooting at you, then heal and repeat the maneuver.

IJN Battleships can be true DMG monsters if you play them correctly. Like the German BBs wait at the beginning of the game. Start shooting at long ranges and gradually get closer during the match. Try to spot the side the enemy hasn't positioned himself and start pushing. Look out that you don't have enemies shooting from two sides at you. The rotation speed of the turrets on IJN BBs can't keep up with such a situation.

Personal tip for Amagi / Fuso: Those two ships have improved a lot in the last half a year and their gameplay changed heavily. The Fuso changed to one of the most accurate ships at Tier VI so sniping is a good possibility at the beginning of the game. However don't lose your access to the team. The Amagi has now turtleback armor (the same as the germans) and proves to be very resistant to BBs. I experienced that you can snipe full life DDs from 15 km with Amagi / Nagato. Don't refrain from shooting DDs. The Fuso has more than enough guns and the Amagi seems to hit them every time I shoot (I shoot AP).

I have written a lot, I hope you can pull out some profit from it. Last a little tip for a fun game. If you find yourself uptiered to Tier VII-VIII with the Fuso, try shooting HE during the whole match. I did this sometime and the effects were amazing (12000 Alpha DMG + 2 Fires).

See you at sea, Captain!





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No cruisers are not easy to delete, mine get deleted only when I do something stupid or when the team crumbles within 7min.

Take any BB 1v1 against my pensa-NO-DM-hipper and so on...and I will kite you to death (except for the lucky RNG detonation of course).


You want to improve while playing mainly BB? Given that you are an above average player.


1 Go play some DD and CV, even if you suck in them it will teach you about their capabilities and playstyle.


2 Your BB deal just above average dmg + your survival rate is bad: You yolo too much or do not correctly evaluate threats and don't know when to turn around and kite/do a fighting retreat/delaying action -> you are probably one of those BB drivers whose aim is not bad, who knows to angle sometimes but have no idea when to turn around and how to time your turn.


Learn to check your minimap regularly, evaluate threats and time your turn as to not be broadside. Also the bow on fighting style is fine but only in some situations, cruisers players like me are looking for yolo/static/badly timed turning BB........


3 Given your performance with cruisers I am pretty sure you are not a bad player but you are not very good at evaluating threats and reading the general battle flow. Your cruisers get deleted much too fast, dealing just slightly above average dmg, that tells me you are far too agressive at the start of a game.


All in all, be it a BB or a CA, at the start of the game never be too agressive -> simply because you have no idea where the enemy team is, where the DD are going, when will you be broadside to a BB and so on...


Of course don't camp at 20km but be in in my BB or my CA I usually try:

1 To communicate with the team, especially DD, to know where they are going


2 I follow the DD at a distance (CA depending on my concealment about 3-5km behind/BB 5-10km behind) while also looking for escape routes, islands that could hide me and also where the rest of my team is going.


3 When the enemy is spotted, if a BB and there are not 3 shima in my area then I support my cruisers/DD and I tank while never being broadside to enemy BB + always check the minimap -> if you are the only BB pushing and you see the whole enemy team going your way then time your turn and kite them.


4 WASD-speed change-minimap checks-know when to fire-look for broadside BB/CA-Never show broadside-know when to push and when to kite...


BTW, firing HE in a BB the whole match, even when bottom tier is hilarious -> for the enemy team because no citas....

And sniping in in BB = might give you some good dmg scores but means you are not doing your job -> tanking and dealing citas.


And also -> don't be surprised if you don't improve much if you camp behind your CA.............in my CA I seldom camp behind my BB but for sure I will not be next to you just to receive citas.....


Last, in CA you can cita (some CA can do it far more easily than others ofc) BB

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