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Regarding Misunderstandings on my Post

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This is a correction regarding my post that is locked so I couldn't reply via the thread.


I noticed a misunderstanding as if I meant "I pay so I must win"

Not at all: 

My main complaint was the satisfaction in those games leaving itself to pure frustration. Not once but over and over again. My problem is not losing. It is the quality of the service(fun factor) I am getting from WG which I demand to be high.

It should be high so I keep playing therefore willingly buy their products. I don't mean "I am paying so I must win" . 

I had to correct this issue because I do value the community. Also; I think someone who thinks as such is a spoiled kid.


My purpose is not to argue or continue the argument but to apologize because of the misunderstanding.

English is not my mother tongue after all.




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Dont worry, its just a freaking forum. Nobody will remember anyone in time when we grow tired of the game ;)

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