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Got an e-mail: WG fixed why I left WoT. And yet they are doing the very same mistakes in WoWS.

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So I checked my junk e-mail account, and I found an e-mail by Wargaming which roughly translates: "We know why you left World of Tanks. And it's a miracle, we fixed the reason: new match maker. To reduce your anger, mm is now fairer, more balanced, and more intelligent."


For those not familiar with the topic: teams in WoT consist of 15 players instead of 12, and it used to be pretty much the same source of keyboard smashing rigged stacked **** as it is in Ships. However, with the latest patch, they reorganized. So basically, the idea is to have more mid tiered vehicles than you have high tiers. And you have more low tier than you have mid tier. I think from a psychological point of view, this is very important. Higher tiers can feel powerful because of all the lower tanks, yet the lower tiers do not feel hopeless, because there are a lot of their kin on the battlefield.


I find this approach to be quite the opposite of WoWS where you can easily end up to be the only low tier of your team, heck, even the only damn low tier out of all the 24 players. In terms of tier distribution, they seem to aim at exactly the opposite direction, where 50% high tiers are not a rare occurrence at all.


So I am a bit torn here. On the one hand, I see the irony of them finally changing the mm after "only" 5 years (although there was never anything wrong with it anways). And on the other hand, I am insulted that I have to deal with the very same "unfair, unbalanced, un-intelligent system" every day in Warships.


P.S.: Also new: "artilly doesn't kill me with one hit from the other side of the map". So now, only carriers do....

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