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"No Overly Obnoxious Bragging"

The clan is for people who don't take themselves too seriously and just want to have fun in the game. Whether you are in fact a noob or a seasoned player. prefer PVE or PVP or certain ships or tiers, you are welcome to hang out and sport your NOOB tag. And admit it, the best passive trolling you can do is by having a NOOB tag and put some impressive scores on the battle results.

Also, when not having your day, you have nothing to prove, you are a NOOB :P It is expected that you do try to play as a team player and act like a reasonable likeable human but  if a fellow NOOB managed to paint himself pink, to ridicule him to no end until his status is normal again.


The clan has some forum space on the ker0sine game review site. Clan members and friends can have a look at the uploaded videos of various ships to have an idea what they should go for or what sort of playing styles go well with certain ships with certain load outs. Nobody here will claim to be an expert at everything but we share what works and fails for us. I hope to record some gameplay with fellow NOOBs, so if you are game in to that, you may get yourself some non overly obnoxious bragging for yourself, so why not join our pressure free happy go lucky clan. For voice coms we use skype at the moment (not very slick, I know), but the clan site offers some quick connect buttons to the NOOB channel (if its active) You can always click an "ad me" so you can be including in a group once we start a session


You can check out the forum and the game site at http://www.oakwoodhouse.org/ker0sine/community/






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