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Some Feedback, Thoughts and Suggestions

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Beta Tester
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Before I say anything I will add the disclaimer I know it's a beta and everything is subject to change and there will be a lot of additions to the game as it's a work in progress. I know this, so keep in mind i'm making suggestions which some will most likely happen any way but I feel it needs to be said regardless.


First I will like to say this game is fantastic,  head and shoulders and a couple of lightyears above WoWP which I will have to say was absolutely terrible. I love the look of the water, how a lot of the ships handle and behave and for a closed beta relatively bug free which was extremely impressing. The general gameplay is well paced, it's not too fast and furious and it's not too slow and ponderous it's absolutely spot on. 

Now with most feedback it will predominately focus on trying to be critical and things that need improvement or change so please don't think i'm being negative i'm absolutely enjoying the game.



First thing i'd say is they need to be slightly bigger in my mind. Especially if you're in big fat battleships maneuvering amongst islands can be a little difficult but I say this mainly because at rank 2-3 the guns of 7-10km seemed to be ample range for these maps. However now i'm fighting 6/7/8's the gun range is so extensive you can fire across the map immediately, especially with the Yamoto range of 30km+. 

Next thing i'd like to see is more open spaces on maps, i've seen 1 map so far that had a vast open space and it was terrifying but bloody good fun. It would be nice to have some more maps in the future maybe where there's more open spaces where people can open up on each other at range and have a battle rage at distance rather than trying to dodge islands and get in close. 


Game Timer:

It has to be said, the game timer needs to be extended to at least 20 minutes. I've seen so many draws playing this game in comparison to WoT, and it's not down to say 1 destroyer running away kiting a couple of battleships while he runs out the timer and hides. I've seen where we've still got 4-6 people alive on each team still and the timer runs out while fights are still occurring and players are being very tactical. It kills the game play a bit in my eyes. An extra 5 minutes on the overall game time would make a world of difference.


Cap Timer:

This also feels like it needs to be increased, because reacting to a zone being captured in quite a few ships is almost impossible half the time due to how long it takes for a lot of ships to maneuver, and i've had a few games where they've ended 3 minutes because a number of destroyers are on the cap and they've used smoke and no one can hit them because they were well and truly hidden behind a huge thick wall of smoke


Aircraft Carriers vs Aircraft Carrier:

As we know we can only have 2x aircraft carriers per match. The problem i've run into, if you're on your own in an aircraft carrier against 2x aircraft carrier you're almost in a situation where you might as well leave. Especially if you've taken 2x Torpedo bombers and 1x Fighters. The other aircraft carriers will gang up on your aircraft and prevent you from being ANY form of use to the team. I've had a match where I was on my own with my 2x torpedo bombers and 1x fighters, where I was against 2x Aircraft carriers (not in a division, both solo queue) and one of them had 2x fighters and 1x dive bombers and the other had 1x fighters and 2x torp bombers, and for that match I literally could not do a single thing. Due to their amount of aircraft superiority over me. Obviously i've been on the other end of the stick and the person on their own is literally rendered helpless. 

Now there are two ways this can be sorted. Either they make it, if one team has 1x Aircraft Carrier, the matchmaker puts them into a game where they are against 1x Aircraft Carrier, same goes with 2x Carriers, so they will be put into matches where they will be pitted against 2x Carriers. The other thing that could be done to help is in the initial 30 seconds to the start up of the match, it should allow people to choose their carrier setup in game at the start, this allows the player on his own in the carrier to at least prepare and select multiple fighter squadrons at the start in preparation to fight out numbered.


Aircraft Carrier, aircraft setup selections:

Tieing in with above, players should be able to have what ever combination of planes they want as long as the carrier allows it. So if you want to have 4 squadrons of fighters only you should be allowed to take it, same goes for the other types. So if you go into a match and see you're out numbered with aircraft carriers, you can take 3x fighter squadrons and a set of torpedo bombers, or maybe you want a dive bomber instead of the torpedo bomber. Or maybe you think since i'm so out numbered I might take 4x fighter squadrons to shoot down as many fighters and torp squadrons as I can. You might be in a match where you're the only Carrier in the match so there is no need for fighters, unless you want them for shooting down spotting planes (your call). So you can set up for x4 Torp bombers or 3x Torp and 1x Dive what ever you fancy. Maybe you're on a map that's difficult to use torpedoes because of a lot of area's where people fight due to it's very tight and laying down torps is hard due to the cover so you want to take a lot of dive bombers instead. To me this kind of customization is far more appealing, if you're able to choose what kinda of planes you want to take at the start of a match so you can play to that maps play style or what the other team has in a roster. 


Aircraft AI:

Sorry if this does feel a bit harsh, but i've found the one thing that has annoyed me more than anything in this game is the AI of Torpedo Bombers. They are infuriating if you're trying to closely micro manage and perform specific attacking directions. So many times i've got the perfect opportunity to drop torpedoes, I ask them to deploy it and they keep flying round in circle for 5-10 seconds which in that point they've cottoned on to what i'm doing and started maneuvering, especially if you're trying to get 2 sets off in a cross pattern, one does exactly what you want and the other does its own thing and you waste the whole attack because one drops its torps where you want and the other is still flying in circles as if they were being flown by Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. The AI just needs to be a little more intuitive and react better to your commands. 

Now some of this could be solved with adding manual torpedo dropping (obviously keeping the minimum distance circle) so that way you can set up how and the direction they will drop their torpedoes before they get to the target allowing for quicker and more unified deliveries of torpedoes with groups of torpedo bombers.


Dive Bombers:

Now I could add this to the RNG section however I think they deserve their own section. In comparison to Torpedo bombers, Dive bombers are completely over shadowed (doesn't mean they are useless). But in general Torpedo bombers are a far greater threat. While i've found Dive bombers are more useful against hitting destroyers, light cruisers and ships in confined spaces where it's difficult to lay down torpedoes how you want them. Their accuracy at least from using the earlier carriers is abysmal on the whole along with their damage. The only thing i've kind of found them useful for is setting people on fire and that is it really. I found an aircraft carrier sitting still, and I aimed my Dive bombers so they'd bomb along the deck and every single bomb missed a stationary aircraft carrier.... Sorry but if I was using Torpedo bombers that carrier would be missing half its life at that stage at least. Dive bombers need to be brought in line. Either by make them more accurate and/or increasing the damage of the bombs or what ever, they need reworking as they feel redundant compared to torpedo bombers and the only time you see them is because they are taking multiple squadron selections or a default selection. People don't seem to take dive bombers for the dive bombers abilities. Unless they change at rank 8 and above and become really useful then it's an issue of the dive bombers of 4-7 that need to be tweaked and brought into line. Because I remember having a match where I wasn't able to use my torp bombers that much due to the enemy air superiority, however over several strikes with dive bombers I managed to land about 8x bombs on my targets overall for a 'massive' damage of just over 1000 and 1x fire. I landed 2x torpedoes that match and dealt near enough 8.5k damage and caused flooding to both targets I hit. There is a vast chasm in difference between these two aircraft and the Dive Bombers are the ones who need a boost.



Now i'm not going to go into the whole aiming and gun spread, it kind of makes sense at long range it's a bit pot luck because you're firing at massive distances. I will be going on more about the actual damage of shells. Now either I haven't grasped the shells and which situation to use them or the RNG on how they do damage is absolutely pants on head banana's, I've found while keeping a similar range hitting similar places my HE shells are doing decent damage over multiple salvos and suddenly NOPE no more damage for a couple of salvos they've run out of high explosive filler. So I use AP and boom massive 10k+ damage strike on, fire again in a relatively similar place with AP while keeping a similar distance and angle and NOPE damage has cease to be and it's done a couple of hundred. Either i'm doing something horrifically wrong or the RNG is banana's with your main artillery batteries. And if it's not me wearing the pants on my head then this needs to be brought in line a bit.



These shells while doing far less damage absolutely wreck as you can continuously set fire and break everything on your target. While I understand they should be devastating in nature the ability to set fire and break things might be slightly too high. Obviously this is a personal opinion, but I do think the percentage change should drop by a little bit. 



I will come out and say it, these things are insane. Yes I do have a couple of them while not an extremely high level with them only 4, I recognize how fragile they are however how incredibly dangerous they are. While you can all point at torpedoes and say they are OP, yes they are very powerful and might do with a nerf i'm not quite going into that hornets nest because as it stands I don't know where I sit with them. However it's a combination of the the incredible speed + maneuverability, a small silhouette making you even harder to hit, with an ability to turn invisible, using these tools to then get in close and drop torpedoes which players cannot see them UNTIL they are right ontop of them. Individually these are fine, but it's the combination that makes them incredibly powerful. While I cannot come up with a suggestion of how to bring it in line it's an issue that does need to be looked at, however i'm far from suggesting the gutting of Destroyers, i'd hate to see that. 


Torpedo Spotting: 

I've found it to be a bit dodgy. Where i've had torpedo bombers drop torps on me and I can spot them almost immediately from where they start, i've also had it where they've been dropped and no markers appear until they are right on top of you when it's too late. There needs to be a form of consistency with spotting torpedoes. Linking in with above, the smoke and deploying torpedoes. I can understand while in the smoke they are hidden/should be harder to spot, however i've seen it where from a distance a destroyer has popped smoke and deployed torpedoes, however the torpedoes that have traveled through the smoke seem to keep concealed until they are almost on top of you instead of being more visible soon after leaving the smoke concealed area.


Rubber banding:

I'm sure we've all seen this where ships at medium to long ranges rubber band a little bit around, might as well say it, that it does need to be looked at. It's not a major problem but still a little something that needs to be fixed.


Harbour ships slots:

While I understand like in WoT fashion they cost gold for more slots. However for a CBT the slots need to cost credits. A lot of people will want a lot of different ships in their port so they can test a lot of different ships so they can provide feedback. Especially if they are at rank 8/9/10's and suddenly they change the balance of some lower ships they either have to sell their larger ships just to test the balance on lower ships making it very counter intuitive for testing purposes. When it either hits later in CBT or OBT they can sling it back to gold, fine. But for now it would be handy to have lots of port slots. 



It seems that FPS is locked, even turning Vsync on and off, it's locked at 76fps. I'd just like to see it unlocked for people who have monitors that run at 120-144hz. (I'm sure they will later). 



I will reiterate I know it's a beta however there are a few little bits and piece i'm sure could be added relatively easily or rechecked to give a helping hand, and i'm sure it will be addressed latter regardless, but I will mention them. 


When you hold alt you can see all the additional information such as the ship name/type, health at range and who they are. However i'd like to see the constantly displayed rather than having to hold alt. 


Clarification of information on descriptions. Some of these need a bit more information and/or need to be clearer. For example the Gun Control Firing system upgrade that "increase accuracy of your main batteries", would be helpful if it gave a percentage figure or at least a bit more detail in what way it helps accuracy. I also assumed when it said accuracy what it meant was the shell spread.

Also other bits and pieces for commander abilities in regards to torpedoes, for some new players and my self at first, I had to sit there and figure out if it meant for torpedo bombers or torpedoes on Destroyers/Cruiser or both. There needs to be a bit of clarification on things like this and who and what they effect. 

Another one my friend and I were discussing it was on the Kongo Battleship, where he said he had 8 AA guns, but when I hovered it said it had 16, for both hulls. However once I got it still said 16 AA mounts, until I checked the side where it said 8 mounted but has 16 available. Small things like this need to be streamlined so when you're inspecting things you do not have have while it says it may have 16 AA mounts doesn't mean it has 16 mounted, to give the figure it actually has on it. 


Also division battle button. I've had it where i've been in division with a friend and you think they are ready especially with the "Battle" button glowing ready you press it and go into a match to find your friend is still in the port and wasn't readied up. It would be nice to get a warning saying "Not everyone in your Division is ready, do you want to continue?".


Captain Skills:

Linked in with above about the information of the skills needs stream lining with clarification. What could be done is instead of having all the skills in one area, only the skills that apply to that ship kind appear so you know what ever you take will at least work for that particular ship (whether or not if they are good is up to war gaming). This allows for expanding on more skills for specific types of ships. Now some of you are saying "What if I want my cruiser captain to become a destroyer captain" then when you retrain your captain to a new type of ship you pay some credits and it refunds your skills obviously for transferring skills/xp so when they swap from cruisers to destroyers they have their skill points there and can immediately be ready for spending for that type of ship. 


Obviously I may edit this page if I think of anything else that is niggling at me and needs to be added. 


Please remember these are opinions and my views as a new beta tester. So if there is anything that is more of a problem with me/my end please inform me and i'd be grateful. But these are my views of things that could be added or changed. 


But the majority I haven't mentioned is all awesomeness with the game and I'm loving the direction it's going in so far apart from the Soviet Navy being 3rd in the game over the Royal Navy , grumble grumble :angry:


Keep up the awesome work, I can't wait to see this game fully flushed out, and hopefully in the future with HD skins for ships!








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Beta Tester
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6,175 battles

well someone stole all my thunder, well said that man, Blitzkrieg has said everything i was going to say and very well said it was. my main issue is the rubber banding and ships showing as stationary then they shoot forward, i checked my FPS etc and all spot on, so not a bandwidth issue. As with Blitz, just wanted to say how $%^& awesome this game is. been playing for 13 hours now (think i had a heart attack about half way but was so enraptured i didn't notice).


only additional note i would add is the mini-map. the Ship icons are so large they look like they are on top of each other, but when you pan out to check they are a good couple of Km's away.all in all a fantastic game, i think you might have even out done WoT.


p.s Royal Navy - i understand why US & Japan to start and Russia next (it is a Russian game after-all) - but please do the RN next, it was the largest and most diverse up to 1939 ish. Great job and say a huge congratulations to all the team at WG.

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Beta Tester
438 posts
3,005 battles


p.s Royal Navy - i understand why US & Japan to start and Russia next (it is a Russian game after-all) - but please do the RN next, it was the largest and most diverse up to 1939 ish. Great job and say a huge congratulations to all the team at WG.


Was the largest until mid to late 1944 where the USN became the largest. But thanks for the support. I've been absolutely tanking this game and played a bit too much so far.


Good shout about the minimap as well.


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