I would probably be getting far more attention if I just put all of this time and effort into a Youtube video instead. The battleship numbers have been discussed, but it has yet to be addressed by War Gaming. The pure power of battleships have been somewhat diminished by the catapult fighter nerf, changes to captain skills, and changes to the timer of the damage control party. In my belief however, the fact is that the fundamental issue that both causes and is caused by the high battleship numbers. War Gaming has claimed that they want to change the battleships to address the issue, but it doesn't seem like they understand the underlying issue. At least if they did, then they aren't acting in a way that would actually address the issue.   On the failure of Rock, Paper, Scissors The RPS system is a system of class control. All classes are meant to counter each other to stop games entirely dominated by one class. The idea was that if battleships were getting too populous, then more people would start sailing destroyers. If there are too many destroyers sailing around, then more people would start sailing cruisers. This would mean a better distribution between ship classes, something that is necessary to maintain  a healthy game and keep users playing with all of the new content.   On in-class interaction With the fall of RPS, one way to address the class issue is the implementation of in-class balance. If a class needs another class to drive it away when it's getting too popular, then that requires the players to want to play the counter class. If a class can be designed in such a way that other ships of the same class gets in the way, then the population of the class will be self-managing. As this is better than even the RPS system, it is something that should be created if possible. Changes to ship classes These are changes made to the different ship classes in such a way that would minimize the impact and power that battleships wield in battle. Ideally, the changes should be made to the problem class. The issues with the classes exists regardless of whether or not there is a battleship overpopulation issue however, so these changes should probably be considered regardless. To destroyers To cruisers To carriers To battleships Changes to game mechanics Changes made to the fundementals of the game in order to attempt to make cruisers and destroyers a little less punishing and a little more confortable.