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Carrier squadrons / AA needs changes

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As it is in-game right now, there are a lot of problems related to the performance of carrier planes, especially torpedo squadrons.


1.) Torpedo squadrons perform perfectly grouped torpedo attacks, resulting in simply too devastating spreads of torpedoes that are nearly impossible to evade. While I am not desiring this game to have particularly high historical accuracy, the way torpedo bomber attacks were really carried out in WWII might give an answer to the problem. Coordinating a torpedo bomber attack within a squadron was practically impossible, so what actually happened was that torpedo bombers would attack in waves/flights of 2-4 bombers each - drawing out the attack and resulting in much more limited spreads of torpedoes. It would greatly improve the gameplay situation if torpedo squadrons could mimick this sort of behavior, rather than  delivering an alpha strike, as they do now.


2.) Torpedo attacks have too high "penetration" of a ships AA defenses - getting in closer than 1km to the ship before releasing torpedoes, which, combined with the slow speed of the bomber at release, would make them highly vulnerable to AA fire. As it is now, it doesn't feel like squadrons in close proximity to ships' AA defences take significantly more damage.


3.) AA defences on many ships are largely impotent. Experiences learned throughout WWII showed that the pre-war AA armament of many ships was simply inadequate - a flaw which virtually ALL pre-WWII designs in game share - all Japanese BB up to and including the Nagato, all cruisers up to and including the Mogami, etc.. Most of these ships would see a dramatic increase in the number of light AA mounted on them (25mm AA for the Japanese, 20mm Oerlikons and 40mm Bofors for the US) - as it is in game now, the number of AA guns on many ships seems to increase (according to the hull upgrades), but the volume of AA fire does not increase relative to this. WWII AA was all about the volume of fire - saturating the sky in the direction of the attackers with enough AA to prevent planes from breaking through. This is not represented in the game at all at the moment, even with several ships providing mutual AA cover.

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The navy I've read most about is the US Navy. They did not use barrages, but director-controlled fire. Gun mounts could be assigned to deal with the target that one director was following. Number of directors in the later stages of WWII was so large that there were concerns about not enough fire concentration.


Both Bismarck and Tirpitz had four AA directors, they are those spheres in poles near midships.


US AA at end of WWII was pretty good, especially because of the use of proximity (then called Variable Time, VT) fuzes. That use brought the demise of the trusty 40mm Bofors gun, as there were no practical VT fuzes for the 40mm shell, and its replacement by the 76mm automatic.

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