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About the Ishizuchi Buff & her secondaries

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While scrolling down the patch notes for the new update (0.6.3) I came across something really interesting. The Ishizuchi ("Der Sushi-Kutter" > how my German friends call her) is getting a mayor buff.


Her terrible gun range of 12,9 km gets buffed to 15,3, which is pretty good at Tier IV. And her concealment drops from 16,6km down to 15,2 km.

This completely change the way I see her. Before the Update she was pretty bad, because she got shot 3km before she was even able to shoot back, but now she might even get the first shot.


If I check all the other stats she looks actually pretty strong.


HP is pretty alright at 45700.

Armor is ok. Nothing special but workable.

Reload of 25s is very competitive & she has the best BB reload at Tier IV.

She has a Sigma of 2.0. That's a pretty big one. She is as accurate as the Nagato & on the new buffed range you'll probably see it.

She has very strong HE-Shells with 32% fire chance. With 10 Shells/25s she'll probably be able to set some nice fires.

Secondary look pretty decent, just the range of 3,5km is lackluster.

Pretty fast at 27,5kn.

Improved MM. She can only see Tier V opponents. 


Just the AA is pretty bad, but since all Tier IV/V Carriers get nerfed (No Manual-Drop) it's ok.


With that all in mind I think the Ishizuchi is a pretty good buy. (it's only 11€ anyway) Of course it's no Nikolai but she spits out more Shells on higher range.


There is just one odd thing..


The Ishizuchi has on top all her guns these 76mm secondary/AA guns, yet they aren't used in the game.

DerDude.jpg (click to watch in higher resolution)


Would be nice if WG would:


1. Implement them as AA & secondary guns.

2. Implement them just as AA guns, because the firing angles would be weird as secondary.

3. Just remove them. They're silly if they aren't in use.





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when i won ischi from wg i did liked , its diff bb  , AP can do nice dmg , but armor way to poor lol , i rather play arka

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And she is pretty good even before the patch. Take a look at the ship section.


EU Server Stats from 2017-03-18

Nation Class Tier Name Win Damage Kills/Battle Survival
JP BB 4 Myogi 46.74 23.288 0.54 37.12
JP BB 4 Ishizuchi 51.54 33.346 0.94 34.00
KM BB 4 Kaiser 49.04 31.760 0.82 40.29
US BB 4 Wyoming 49.13 27.194 0.67 36.53

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