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Upgrades on ships

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should I always install upgrades on all of my ships?

Or only on those I tend to keep? Cause currently I'm just trying to get to higher tiers.

Also where can I find a guide for these upgrades?


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You can find some info about upgrades here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Upgrades

But if you are asking which upgrades are recommended on which ship, you may have to look up some ship reviews and/or commentaries.


Upgrades are always useful. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But the grind on lower tiers can be over pretty quickly at times. So if you are low on credits, you may rather want to spend credits on upgrades for ships you want to keep or ships that have a longer grind (T5 and upwards). You can sell upgrades at 50% of their price, or if you can afford it, you can dismount a few of the more expensive ones for doubloons to re-use them on your new ship.

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Depends also if your goal is to collect ships - I hace 130 + all fully equipped but more as a principle.

The modules are getting better and more important the higher up you go, as many veterans play them with fully equipped ships. That goes also for the enhancements in the ship B-hull longer firing range etc it is same for them. Many ships change a ot quality wise when you upgrade them, both w B-hull etc and the various modules and better captains from bad to sealclubbers.


If you enjoy the hectic play of lower tiers f..e. St Louis and even more Bogatyr is very fun with skilled captains. From midtier onwards it is a no-brainer buy every module/upgrade (with very few exceptions). Premium damagecontrol tick the 22500 box (not the doubloonvalue, change), is also recommended to use to shorten the cooldown.


As damage and victory are a Foundation for the income, the longer you stays in the game the better.


It also depends on how good you are, PvP gives far better icome than PvE so the outlay to perform better are Worth it.


You can Count like you go in a battle w value 100 vs 130-150 if you face your equal if it is your ship stock vs me fully kitted, if we are equal in skill Some times I will just kite you and you will hardly reach me in some ships.

But it depends on who you face, but there are good players that play lower tiers also and if they do they do not play stock.


But as Kyoshi says it depends on your goals - many just grind through the lower tiers I do not , I play all tiers from T2-10. I like the old ships with many funnels no Cvs , just click and fire, the chess type play at higher tiers I do not like, Mid tiers 4-7 I play very much.

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