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No Hud at all

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Well I Installed the game and the launcher works but when I get to the main Menu there is no Visual Hud like the battle button, the functions are there.you can literally press the Battle button for example but its invisible and so is everything else when using the ships ingame.


The only way I saw it was to bumb the window to the side where its visible for like 1 second and then it goes away again.


Another problem is that I cant login into my account im using the same one as im using here right now but when I type in the Password its only says an Error box and i have changed my pw at least 6 times and checked everything idk maybe im using a wrong type of Email but its the one i used to login in here aswell so idk what to do

Problem 1.PNG

Problem 2.PNG

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You are using the NA client, not the EU one. Look in your attached screenshot, it says "server: WOWS NA". Download the EU client.

About the port interface, are you using any mods?

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