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Murphys Law

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Murphys Law; That which can go wrong WILL go wrong.


There must be hundreds of such tales of woe that you might like to share with the rest.


The reason I started this thread was because not one, not two, but THREE examples of the law happened to me just today.


1. 'Gain more than 750 free XP'. Now I rarely get that sort of free xp, so never gave it a second thought. Played my first game today and BINGO . . . got the required amount. End of game, no reward. Yup, I was playing the wrong tier.


2. 'Sink two enemy cruisers with a DD and be among the top three players by base XP in your team' Again, I hardly ever get more than one kill, and usually DDs, so I was delighted to bag myself two cruisers. I was disappointed to see no reward at the end of the game. Turns out that was LAST weeks mission.  


3. 'Destroy 5 enemy ships T3 to T10' Amazingly I got my second Kraken ever. "WooHoo" thinks I. Alas I had not noticed it was for Co op battles only.


I am sure you can do better, so lets be having some cringe-worthy tales of woe.

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You know this mission where you need to do 7 citadels in one game? I have done it... In advance of course. :facepalm:

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