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brainstorming premium/elite captains

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Did you ever want to take out a techtree ship that you did not have a trained commander for? Do you think there would be more regular ships in each game if the captain retraining was more forgiving for regular ships? I for one like most ships in the russian DD branch, and as most people who play them will know, they are not that much fun until you have a 10 point captain. And there are many people who don't want or can't grind high level captains for every ship they like. I have two ideas that I think are worth discussing, but please don't mix them up, because I don't think they would work very well at the same time. I will also try to keep it short, so here we go:


1) Premium capabilities of techtree ships with elite status and premium camo
What I really miss with ships I have bought the premium camouflage for is actually playing them. This is because, for example with Tashkent, the Captain has moved on to the Udaloi, and I don't want to grind up a new high level captain for every ship I keep. I know there are players doing this, but I strongly believe they are not the majority. The actual proposal is basically, that you could assign commanders to elite'd techtree ships with premium camo like you do with premium ships. This would open up the possibility to go back to ships you liked if you've already moved on in the techtree.
I mainly see one problem with this approach, and that is, that it is invading one of premium ships main aspects that is captain retraining. So it would need a balancing downside. I see 3 possibilities here:
- captain assigned to an elite premium camo (epc) ship doesn't earn any xp [stronger downside]
- captains in retraining assigned to epc ships don't earn any xp [weaker downside, personal favourite]
- captains in retraining cannot be assigned to epc ships [also weaker downside]

Of course none of this applies if you "fully" assign the captain to that ship, like normal.
Feel free to discuss if you like the overall idea and which downside you would believe to be best, and also if you think the price for premium camos would have to be raised.


2) Actual premium captains
I think this second proposal could be slightly more controversial. My idea would be to introduce premium captains that could be assigned to any ship (of the same nation) without retraining. They would have to be bought with doubloons. Also there would have to be a hard cap on earnable skill points, maybe set at a certain amount of skill points from the beginning. In my opinion this hardcap would have to be at 10 points, just enough to be able to pick any skills and be somewhat competitive at higher tiers, and at the same time not overly powerful at lower tiers.
- you can take out any ship without first painfully grinding your captain
- you could use them for the lower tiers when starting a new line
- quite a gift to sealclubbers, might distort low tier balance a little
If you have an idea for what these premium captains might cost, feel free to share it!

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The Problem with prem captains ist easy to screw the Balance and get must have ones if they offer significant boni.

Might be fun thogh to design one ,-) my take would be:

Tameichi Hara:

Ads 2% to the Torpedo reload Speed when placed on a IJN DD or Cruiser.

Ads 2% to crewtaining when placed on a IJN Destroyer.

Specal ability Spirit of Shigure: When placed on a Shiratuyu class destroyer you get a Spirit of shigure marker each Time you survive a battle. If you have 5 maker the next atack that would kill your ship gets negated once and resets Spirit of Shigure to 0.

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