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Cruisers 152-203mm AP really bad?

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often I wondered why use a lot of players cruiser HE-t, against other cruisers and battleships.
I want to show them why it's a lousy 152mm guns we do not know how to use or you are simply lazy to think about where to target.


Yes they are really lousy cannon, shoot them at anything I could in no way used any distance, even in their own class.
So in my experience ezzekel (Myoko is the Hipper and tested in the US 152 guns so it is my experience) is that you aim and you must be able to effectively fight against. here mostly dealt with the cruisers, battleships left the rest of her battle ship.
and behold, it was not in vain pages even I could arrange it so that I did not show my site but I was able to take the boat from HP's own 152,180mm armor piercing projectiles with it.
This is fine because all of them understood the armor and this time the winner who is better targeted.

and this is something else I noticed many misconceptions about the guns that smaller caliber than the battleships HE spam so just good, it's pretty stupid and lazy. Do not look so, in reality, was not built battleships against them, but the other heavy cruisers. It was only against the cannons 152 mm and 203mm of armor is effective, higher-caliber tearing it.
but it is a method that can be at any angle and distance hurt the battleships and this is also their weakness, superstructures are large because of the later reconstruction and unarmored targets in the game potentially could've been hurt.
I familiarize not easy but not impossible with some practice, you can 5-6k hurt sequential firing of such a series.
Well so much for that and it would be good if you do not használnátok HE was cruising against the other, it has become very easy with the AP can you take care of it.
If you have torpedoes use it as well.
This is not criticism, not just trolling the information, that is alternative to HE spam.

This is especially respectful of the grant is all about because if I did not shoot you because I see a cruiser -t HE or AP and with it I can handle (battleship) then why be litter?
and not be able to use the unfortunate in their ship's armor.
I'm imagining too much, but I always respect my opponent.
of course, it is clear that you will only give you hit, damage. but if the cruiser's armor is not worth anything has been crying.
Now I look forward to patronizing and lecturing answers that I do not understand the game, I'm sure kids 6-8 years old.
although they recommend for me to snap into the forklift I do not need to drive a truck and are landed a 800 kilograms pallets, I will drink a cup of coffee and watch what you are getting with a 6-8 year old child.
the statistics are not relevant for me because there are better days were worse.
and it's only a declaration of opinion and experience.




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although they recommend for me to snap into the forklift I do not need to drive a truck and are landed a 800 kilograms pallets, I will drink a cup of coffee and watch what you are getting with a 6-8 year old child.



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Can you maybe try to re write the hole text that you postet hier since i will be honest with you. You just wrote a big massive mass of some kinda problem that has no connection to each other.


So can you maybe rewrite it and make it more clear what you are talking about?

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often I wondered why use a lot of players cruiser HE-t, against other cruisers and battleships.

Because it reliably does more damage.

Taking your figures gets this:-


98964 / 113 = 874 damage per shell (AP)
9978 / 14 = 712 damage per shell (HE)

That's not a radical difference.  HE also starts fires and destroys modules even with non penetrations, and 127 HE with a 3% chance of fire is likely to start at least 4 fires.  If they then burn for more than like 10 seconds and you add the damage to the HE shells then it adds up to make things more damaging than non citadel AP hits.

Everybody knows this, which is why everybody fires HE.  Increasing the penetration of HE with IFHE obviously makes HE even more potent.  Why would a cruiser (other than a british one) fire AP?

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Alpha Tester
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Kirov and Yorck... and trying to make a point about when to use AP against other cruisers? Really? 








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Makes sense... 


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