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Modernization of Chinese cruiser Hai Chi

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This purports to be an drawing of the Chinese protected cruiser Hai Chi (1898).  Obviously this ship has an added, almost Japanese looking, post world war 1 type range finding/fire control tower.  Is this really Hai Chi?  It seems very similar to the pictures and drawings I"ve seen of Hai Chi, but not quite exactly.  As you probably know, Hai Chi was active through the 1920s up until 1935 or so and was scuttled, along with most of the Chinese Navy in 1937 (according to Wright in The Chinese Steam Navy).  The only other photographs and drawings of Hai Chi I've ever seen do not show this fire control tower.  Does anyone know if this is a drawing of an actual modification to Hai Chi or if this is speculation, and, if it is a drawing of what the ship actually looked like, when and under what circumstances did Hai Chi acquire this modification? 






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