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My two best games so far

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Hey folks,

Figured I'd leave two of my videos here. They're basically my 2 best games so far, and I hope you enjoy :)


One is a 241k damage game in the Bismarck which is mostly brawling with enemy battleships towards the end during a cyclone which ends up with 7 kills and a kraken, 2 close quarters expert, a dreadnought, 2 dev strikes, high caliber and confederate, and over  200 secondary hits without manual fire control for the secondaries..



Second one is brand spanking new, uploaded last night and it's my highest damage game so far.

272k damage in the Montana, yet only getting one kill as I focus on wearing down enemies showing broadside and posing a major threat to my teammates, which results in 10 citadels (3 of them are on a Moskva relatively early on, and the rest are mostly at enemy BBs showing broadside at close range)



Again, I hope you enjoy!

Hellfire_dk (or iFartz on Youtube and.. everything else really. Old WG account, old name..)

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