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Naval Gun Armour Penetration Curves

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While browsing through navweaps, I found these armour penetration tables that use Nathan Okun's FACEHARD program to calculate armour penetration for various nations naval guns, so I collected together values from certain guns, converted them into metric and put them onto a graph to try and get an idea of how the guns compared. From what I have seen in various forums, The FACEHARD program is supposed be the best way to get direct comparisons between different nations guns, as the USN Empirical Formula is accurate for US guns, but not as accurate for the guns of other nations. 


This graph shows the armour penetration of current in game Tier 8 battleships, and potential future Tier 8 battleships. The penetration values shown are shells penetrating British Cemented Armour at the Effective Limit.



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I think by trying with this post to close a can of worms, you will probably just re-open the old one.


You can see where I stand on the matter :)


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