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I need your help guys


CPU IS OK , VGA IS OK, HDD IS OK, PSU IS OK, FPS IN GAME IS 34-36 ,OTHER GAMES LIKE WOT, BF1, BF4, PLAY SMOOTHLY. ONLY WOW IS A MESS.  all my shots miss even if i hit him. i must hit one ship length in advance to hit water and score hits on enemy ship. the same when others shoot at me. torps that visually hit on me they MISS and torps that visually miss are damaging me. even at low settings the same thing continues. the game is unplayable. keys input sometimes need 3-4 seconds to comply. my internet isp said my line is ok. all games play perfect ecxept wow



any help would be great guys

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before i went away for a month mid-april to mid-may that issue hat stopped for me entirely. figured it had to do with my internet connection, which was no more issue after i changed the provider. but now, with the new patch - that i installed yesterday - the game is again back to desyncing me after around 5 minutes into a battle. from there it gets only worse.

my computer is not the most modern anymore, running windows 7 and 12gb of ram. ping stays stable at 35 and fps at 76.

i read there might be a server issue at the moment, could this have something to do with that?

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