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I remove for everything I said, WG (almost)

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Looooong time ago, the Sims was sold in CBT. It was a beast.
When WOWS went in OBT, it got nerfed to oblivion, then re-buffed and equipped with weird watermines (still not close of its former glory, tho). I refused to play this fallen premium other than in coop to farm commander xp and credits, pulling my hair away to have bought it instead of the gremlin.
Recently, I gave it it's chance in randoms, I did okay. And this week, I finally decided myself to try my luck in ranked.

Oh boy, what a pleasure.


I haven't played a lot of games, but I can say it's my new battlehorse for this mode. While I can't make the Belfast work for now, this one gave me:

-Rank 15 14 relatively quickly
-one 106k dmg game

-another game with 1.1 million tanked dmgs where I wiped the floor with a Mahan's face (2 gun hits taken, 5 torp salvoes dodged without effort, then rekt)

-a fair amount of top xp games with lots of caps

-hilarious DPM races with jap DDs and a few unexpected watermines hits

I still wish it wasn't equipped with water-moon mortars, but no regrets anymore. \o/

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just wait till you get out of complete potato ranks, then 1km out-spotted by shiras and your only job being a smoke [edited]for payfasts/scharns

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