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A Comprehensive List Of Things I Feel Would Improve The Game.

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I have no problem admitting im no Unicum, I like to think im a fairly decent player, But, I realise im not amazing. Id just like to say, I love this game so much, Ever since Battlestations Pacific i was dying for the next game involving Warships, And this hit the spot. But, I just feel like these things would improve it a little bit. I realise things i think, Will not be agreed on by everyone, And that is perfectly okay, And i'd love to know your feedback. Please try and keep any comments polite and tame though, I genuinely dont mean to cause unrest, Im just sporting one humble players opinion on how to potentially improve things.

Ill put everything into categories so you can just skip to Certain parts you may want to read :).


I just want to put it out there, I play all classes, And love neither more then another, Whilst my standard account i lack ships of certain nations, I have played all nations of all classes in testing. So dont feel like i have a Bias towards certain things, Anything i say will be effecting me negatively and positively.


Carriers :

I feel like American Carriers are, Across the board, Inferior to their Japanese counterparts. It seems to me, Any advantages the American CV's hold, Aren't as bennefical as the Advantages of their Japanese counterparts.


For instance, Lets take, The Ranger Vs Hiryu. 

- Hiryu Has an ABSURDLY superior loudout.  if Hiryu goes Fighter, She has 3/1/2, Compared to Rangers 2/0/2. If Hiryu goes strike, She is 2/2/2, Compared to Rangers 0/1/3 or 1/1/1.

Regardless of what the Ranger does, No matter what, The Hiryu will be able to control the skies better, AND have a FAR superior strike loadout. There is absolutely no element of balance. The slight edge in American aircraft performance is rendered completely obsolete by the sheer measure they are outnumbered.


This isnt limited to Tier 7, This general trend extends the entire way up the tech tree, The only real exceptions are the Bogue with her AS loadout and Saipan. 


It seems that, There is only 2 real ways to Balance this.


1) Give them fair and equal loadouts and nerf / buff national aircraft to match one another, This will just all round improve things but will leave little in the way of Diversity

2) Across the board, Reduce the number of Fighters, But Increase the Number of Strike in Japans loadouts, And across the board increase the number of Fighters in American loadouts.

This will basically mean, Japan is the go to nation if you want to be a strike CV, And America is so the go to if you want to be an AS CV. The aim for the Japanese CV will be to strike stealthy and fast to avoid American fighters whilst the American CV has to defend. A Little mini game of Cat and Mouse if you will.


It just dosent seem fair as is, That the Japanese CV's outplay the US CV's in almost all regard. The US CV's are suppose to be the air supremacy CV's in game, How about we give them the appropriate loadouts to make that happen. Heck, If Hiryu can get 3/1/1 against Rangers 2/0/2. Why not force it so its a Japanese 2/2/2 vs an American 3 or 4 / 0 / 1

Give the Japanese CV enough figters to distract its strikes but not enough to obtain the supremacy. 


- And finally, Across the board, For all carriers of both nations, I feel as though, the speed that torpedo bombers fly at, When they make their drops, (by this i mean, There is speed is not affected when just flying around, Only when they commit to a drop, I.e when it goes from green to yellow, Does the speed nerf take place).And the speed of the torpedos they drop, Should be reduced. Both by 25%. In high tier matches, Its all to common of a site, For a CV with Torp bombers to get the side of a BB, And just slam it for 50,000+ damage, The planes are just too fast for the bombers to shoot down, And the torps are dropped too close and too fast to dodge.

Its easy to say ''Well BB captains should learn to dodge'', But no, Im sorry, If a CV knows what he is doing, Dodging is impossible. Literally, Impossible. 


I see the reduction in the Torpedo Bomber speed and the reduction of the speed of their torps, Nessecary to stopping CV's taking 75%+ of Top tier BB's HP by giving them more time to shoot more planes down, Reducing the number of torps they will eat.


Battleships :

Nerfs -

- Decrease accuracy at long range (15+km?), To Prevent BB captains hugging map boarders the entire game.

- Swap one of their fire points from the Centre of the hull, And remove it to the front, Giving them more fire points Bow on. To give cruisers a better chance at damaging BB's that sit Bow on.


Buffs - 

Due to the accuracy nerf, BB's will be forced to get deeper into the fight, Which, by the game Meta (HE Spam and Torps) is just a death sentence for them, So the following Buffs are with the the goal of trying to give BB's insentive to lead and push, Be the tanks they should be, Because as things currently stand, Theyre nothing more then Torp / HE fodder.


- Increase the aquisition of torpedo's by 25% as a base value. (Before the Consumable and the captain skill). This will give BB captains a bit more confidence to push without getting slammed for 50k by a great wall of torps that they only have 5 seconds to dodge. (Which is almost impossible).


- Increase the accuracy of secondary battery fire, Under 5km, By 50%. For instance,  A Montanna, In essence, Has 2 Atlantas strapped to her in secondaries. On their own, 2 Atlantas could probably sink a fully healthed cruiser in a minute, What can a Montannas secondary battery do in a minute? 500damage ? 1000 damage?. Its a joke quite frankly. This dosent just apply to US BB's. Granted its not so much as an Issue on the German BB's, But, For Japan and America Especially, Its just ridiculous, The Secondaries may aswel not exist which how horrendeous their base value damage and accuracy is.

If the aim is to get BB's closer in the front, They need their secondaries buffed to protect them at close range from DD's / Cruisers trying to torp rush.


- Across the board, Increase torpedo buldge damage reduction effectiveness by 25%.  / I.e if your Torpedo buldge reduction was -24% (25% of 24 is 6), So your new torpedo buldge reduction would become -30%. If you see torpedo's incoming, Either from CV or DD, And you KNOW you cannot dodge it, You should be rewarded with less damage taken if you have the skill to be able to manuever into a position where it hits your buldge. If a Yamato runs into a great wall of torps, And knows he can either take it on his Bow or in his buldge, He should be rewarded for having the knowledge of his ship to know where the buldge is and make the Torp hit it.


Cruisers :

The big issue with Cruisers in the current Meta, Is HE spam. It literally ruins BB gameplay. There is absolutely nothing a BB can do against a CL firing HE and dodging the BB's return fire every 30 seconds. Its horrendeous, BUT, (There is a But). I do not believe, as of right now, A major buff is in order, Providing that BB's recieve the buffs i stated.


If we can get BB's to push more, They will expose their sides more often, I believe the reason HE spam is so ripe in the current Meta, Is because BB's are so far away for cruiser AP to be effective. So they have no choice to fire their HE or they arent competitive, Once BB's get closer in, Cruisers will start be rewarded more for firing their AP. I dont think Cruisers need a nerf with their HE, And i dont think BB's need a buff in resisting it, I think we just need to change the meta to make HE less of the obvious ammo choice, And so with Cruisers.


- Across the board, Slightly reduce the initial alpha damage of HE, (Dont nerf the fire chance or fire damage, Just nerf the Alpha damage). 

- Across the board, Slightly increase the penetration of the AP.  

- When a ship fires, Its detection radius blooms, I know this may sound controversial, but i think another effective way of discouring the entire ''Firing HE and causing fires whilst invisi-firing'' meta would be, To quite simply, Increase the bloom of your detection radius when firing HE 


I believe doing this, Will result in a few things.

- Alot of players will look at the massively inferior damage of HE in comparison to AP and just opt not to use it.

- People will see cruiser AP more effective, And start firing it more often.

- Will make Amour angling a valid skill once again for BB's. Right now, BB's, It dosent matter how skillfully they angle their armour when they just get slammed by HE the entire game.

- AKA. Less HE Spam, AKA Less battleships burning the entire game, AKA Less horrendeous game META.


My entire goal with Cruisers would be to try and make HE a situational ammo for when the target angles too much, NOT to make it the default standard ammo because its the best choice. HE, Namely the fires it causes, Ruins gameplay quality.


Destroyers :

I think its fair to say, Destroyers, Are probably the most influential ships in the game. And the most powerful. In skilled hands, They have the power to to burn down and rip apart any battleship, Firing their HE from smoke, And firing their torps outside of Detection.


My thoughts on Destroyers, Are probably going to be the most controversial of anything ive said yet, But, I'd really like to see them become the tip of the spear, Not the entire blade. As things stand right now, I think theyre just too powerful. Too diverse, To profficient in too many ways. I know wargaming likes their hole rock paper scissors thing but, The level of hurt these ships can bestow upon battleships is just out of order. I would honestly argue the case that a Gearing or Kharb in smoke, Is the most powerful thing in the game.


So here is what i propose :

Nerfs :

- Across the board, Nerf DD chance to cause a fire, By 50%. I dont see it right such small calibre guns should be able to shread down BB's as easily as they do with fires. They fire far to fast and lay down too many fires and its bad for the Meta, BB's have enough to deal with Cruiser fire, DD fire from smoke is just overwhelming and non counterable. I feel as though the constant chip damage of DD guns is powerful enough without them having to cause so much fire.

- Across the board, Reduce torpedo damage by 5%. I realise ive already given BB's a Torpedo buldge effectiveness buff, But, This one is mainly aimed at helping cruisers out, Which typically dont have great buldges.

- Reduce shell speed of Russian destroyers. Tier VIII+ I realise their ''Thing'' is being gunboats but, Theyre too much, With Gearing and Shima, Their guns have long travel with High arcs, CA/CL/BB/CV can actually make an effort to maneuver as they come in, But, With Russian DD's its not an option. Late tier Russian DD's have decent torpedo's to make this velocity nerf viable.

- Limit to 3 per team. There is nothing more horrendeous then the entire map being covered in torpedos constantly. its not fun for anyone.


Buffs :

-Increase default number of smoke consumables to 5. And reduce their cooldown time by 15%.  I feel like right now, DD's are selfish with their smokes, Only using them for themselves as firing positions As theyre so prescious and take so long to cool, With more, And a quicker time, Perhaps we could see them being used more for the benefit of the team, I.e saving BB's / Cruisers / CV's at risk of taking heavy damage,  This should make DD smoke more of a teamplay element then a Rogue hub of HE spam.

- Increase alpha damage of both shell types by 20% across the board, With less fire. This should make the Chip damage be able to make up for the damage lost by fire nerf.

- Add a mechanic where DD captains recieve a share of 50% of the XP of the allies who do damage whilst using their smoke. Similar to how in WOT Lights gets 50% of the XP if an enemy damages something it spots, A DD should get 50% of the XP of ships using its smoke to do damage. If a DD lays a good smoke cover for their team, They should be rewarded for it. Its not rare to see DD's put a smoke down which literally saved a BB's life. And the BB can fight from within it, Thats exactly what DD's should do, Support the capitol ships, I think we need to heavily reward them for doing it, and get away from the Meta of them being the thing that punishes the capitol ships.


Basically, The entire logic behind what i have decided, Is to just change the Meta from BB's spending the entire game on fire, And occasionally nuking something every couple games, Cruisers just spamming HE whilst invisible the entire game and DDs just unloading undodgable walls of death and flamethrowering everything from within their smoke.


The game i'd like to see, Is capitol ships going at one another, With the Destroyers supporting their own team.


In real life, A navy would never send a couple destroyers against a Fleet of BB's, But in our current Meta, Thats the most effective option, And its ridiculous. BB's should push with Cruisers, DD's should support and Carriers should contest the skies above in my opinion :P


Thanks for reading :) Id love to hear your feedback.

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Beta Tester
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Your BB changes are out of line, the nerfs I can get behind, the buffs, lol nope.


DD XP smoke thing, sure. It has been suggested before and something that would give DD players incentive to smoke up allies more often.


And as for the whole stop the HE spam beeing on fire, learn fire managment. I have not felt IFHE to be much of an issue so far, and as for HE in general and fires, fires can be 100% healed (not sure about HE, is it 50% like AP?), Fire prevention, Jack of all trades, Super intendent, nerf to DE, Basics of Survivability and Vigilance (I know this does not help vs HE, but you mentioned torps so I put it here) and you very clearly have the tools to limit fire and HE damage.


On a related note, 3 games in my Fredrich der Grosse tonight, and total artillery damage recieved is 285 038. Fire damage 116 635 (granted the FDG is very tanky). Not taking into account potential damage blocked, the fact that all that fire damage can be healed back and fire kill very slowly you can see that BB's don't exactly need to be more durable.

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Alpha Tester
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Clan tag is very applicable to some of the content in that post...


i think you like to play BB.


I thought so to, but he plays all classes. Not even 700 games in though :)


- Increase the aquisition of torpedo's by 25% as a base value.




IJN already has more then high enough concealment range. 


- Increase the accuracy of secondary battery fire


:facepalm: Yeah, more RNG automated to replace player skill :) Give every BB Bismarck secondary damage, that will be balanced© right :facepalm:


- Across the board, Increase torpedo buldge damage reduction effectiveness by 25%.


You do actually realize that the most damage BB's take in a battle is from AP shells? You know, those things other BB's tend to shoot at them? And DD's are supposed to be BB counters, stop trying to limit their effectiveness ( will continue on this later ). 


The big issue with Cruisers in the current Meta, Is HE spam. It literally ruins BB gameplay.


BB's take most damage from AP shells ( geez did I have to repeat myself here again... guess it will be a recurring theme sorry :rolleyes: ). 


To the whole AP blahblah.... You mean you want cruisers to ' manouver ' and shoot AP at modules or something, or to ' get the BB's broadside '? How about not making BB's even more powerful then they are already thank you. 



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Alpha Tester
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5,400 battles

Now DD's....


- Across the board, Nerf DD chance to cause a fire, By 50%.




- Across the board, Reduce torpedo damage by 5%




- Reduce shell speed of Russian destroyers.




Do I need to repeat myself as well with pointing out the actual origin of BB's damage? Hint: it isn't HE, it isn't fires and it isn't torpedoes. 


- Limit to 3 per team


Now you' re just trolling. Limiting DD's but wanting to limit BB's is just.... :facepalm:


- Increase alpha damage of both shell types by 20% across the board,


You do realize that IFHE is actually a nerf to BB's? You know, reduced fire chance for higher pen ( and thus higher damage salvo's ). And unlike HE or fire damage, AP pen's can't be fully healed.




You're looking to fix a problem which isn't there. HE is not an issue. Fires are not an issue. Static gameplay is because of to many BB's. Static gameplay is because of bad players. Static gameplay is because of good players being caught in a bad meta. And your changes won't fix this.


In real life, A navy would never send a couple destroyers against a Fleet of BB's, But in our current Meta, Thats the most effective option, And its ridiculous. BB's should push with Cruisers, DD's should support and Carriers should contest the skies above in my opinion :P


This isn't real life. And in real life, carriers would do a lot more then contest the skies above. In real life BB's became extinct due to carriers for a reason. 




Sorry for two posts, can't add more quote's to a single post :)


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