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Uk player looking for a Clan

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As the title stats im living in Ireland and the few players i played with since i started playing have since stopped and with the release of clans im looking for A UK,EU clan , i only speak english but that wont stop me from playing with people from other nations.


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Hi, marosona89


We: The Art of Warfare [TAW] - World of Warships EU Fleet are looking for recruits.

So way not check us out?

If there are question of any kind, please don't hesitate to take contact with me, or visit our homeport (TeamSpeak).


TAW We Want You!

Visit Our Recruitment Post

Send me a PM



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Hi marasona we are a uk based clan of over 40 member we are very active on TS here is  some bit and bats about our clan if you have any questions feel free to message me on here or in game or fill our and application on our website many thanks runner :)



Dragon Kings Recruiting




A very warm welcome to our recruitment thread.
Here you will find details about our World of Warships recruitment drives and various bits of information about our clan.

We are seeking players to join our fold as we expand and increase our presence in World of Warships. We want people who want more than to be in just another community for just another game.

Our clan is largely British, yet we have a great community from all around Europe. Everyone is welcome to join our clan.

We offer a friendly atmosphere with room for both having a laugh in small divisions and serious large-scale warfare. We have friendly members willing to train you to become better in your endeavors.

We aim to have fun and build a clan which all members enjoy being a part of.
We provide training sessions where members can improve their gameplay
Above all we encourage the building of friendships.

We have a monthly raffle for members and have regular competitions with prizes for the winners, our own dedicated TeamSpeak Server and a YouTube channel.

All we ask is when you apply to join us is.

  • You can speak and understand fluent English
  • Have TeamSpeak installed and a working mic.
  • Over 18 years of age.
  • Have at least reached tier 8.
  • Meet our minimum stats.
  • Have Training Room installed.
  • Are active and willing to participate in clan activities

And lastly play on the EU server.

And above all, have fun blowing up ships. Who doesn't.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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55pfro.jpg                                                                                     15grriu.jpg

                                                                                                                 b6oy6s.jpgb6oy6s.jpgBULLDOGS [bULL]  b6oy6s.jpgb6oy6s.jpg

"The nose of the bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go"                   

The bulldogs clan was founded all the back in May 2011. We are a friendly, welcoming clan


we are a clan founded on the 0.6.0 patch and are looking to expand our fleet 

 we are now testing the waters for more captains

wow will be ran as a Separate clan but you are welcome to join wot clan if you like but do not need to if not for you                                                rr82fl.jpg

also bulldogs is a gaming community so welcome to play other games  also

at min we have (70+ in WOT)

                         (10+ in WOW)

                        ( 23+ in AW)



password bull




english speaking

and after 6 pm UK time MUST be on teamspeak when playing any game                                                                                                                                                                                               i5vdah.jpg                            2wlvosz.jpg



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Hi Marosona,

We are a fun, casual clan for the more mature captain, we chat, we division we have a laugh, comms is optional.

we now number 29, only 1 berths remaining, Don't wait, get in before we're full.

We don't have a lengthy joining process where you have to join a forum, meet a recruiter on TS and play to decide if you're good enough to join.

In DAVY it's easy, if we like the look of you, you're in, simples...


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Hello marosona89,


Fifth Dimension has an active Warships group with both competitive and casual play. 


We have both NA and EU server groups. We have all levels of play.


We are one of the largest groups in the game and have someone on our TeamSpeak playing Warships 24.7.


Mature gamers (not uptight), 18+ is a requirement, most are 30 through 70. Over 200 in warships and counting.


We are actively developing competitive play but it is not required. We are doing team battles. No time requirements for our casual players.


Multiple games are supported in a diverse laid back Community,


Active TeamSpeak and Website. Stable, longstanding leadership. No dues or drama, only fun.



Hop on over and join us on our TS. Division up and play. There is usually someone playing ships 24/7.




Don't make any final decisions until you check us out.








Website: www.5DClan.com 




Contacts: Killerbin34, Rhys566, celtictiger123 and Mr_Snoww




See you soon,






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Dear Marosona89, if you have not already found a new home then we would be delighted to welcome you to GP, the competetive clan for GP. Please message myself or Deviloid if you are interested in finding out more.


Gamersplatoon is recruiting! We're looking for new members as we've recently split our clan into a training clan and a competitive clan. What are we looking for? Members with proven stats who want to further improve their way of thinking and how they play, who are mature, intelligent and can adapt.


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(RATS) is our tag, PLAGUE is our name and World of Warships is our game

Come join us in Divisions and make your fame

Missing out on membership of PLAGUE would be such a shame.


OK, we'll shoot the Poet :B


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