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A Discussion About Camouflage

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Most of us use it and it's great to have a choice.

We have the whole gamut from faithful premium ship camouflage representations to the more err lurid patterns which are more of a statement.

But have you ever thought of mounting camouflage to fulfil it's intended role?

From actually trying to blend into an Atlantic grey to accepting being spotted and trying to fool your opponent by the trickery of a disruption pattern.


Which patterns have actually deceived your gunnery judgement?

Which patterns are just outright cool as Noddies curtains?

Do you employ gold camouflage for it's extra benefits?

Are you a fan of the theme ship bright patterns and bedammned the concealment!


I've been tricked by Tirpitz's exercise into making you think she is shorter in length. When you have the grey miserable weather pattern it's a really excellent scheme.

I've also found the zigzag zebra pattern can distort your perception of angles.

I do like and am lucky enough to use gold camouflage patterns. Also the standard and detailing of premium ships is a joy to the eye. The Konig Albert is beautiful in her light grey. But in the complete opposite Der Adler Prinz Eugen pattern is just awesome.


I don't use mod patterns but I'm sure there are many exceptional ones. Contradictory the New years pattern and Ocean Soul are utterly disgusting to my eyes, although beneficial more's the pity.


So what are your thoughts and have any deceived you that you swear by?

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