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Commander Advance

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I have a quick question, I'm about to advance my commander to Freddy and later for Kurfurst, what's the best Skill Guide for those tiers and your opinions :)

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Hi Laucco,

I don't know if you still need it, because this post is from February, but here's a good Captain Skill layout for German BBs on Tier VIII-X. For those ships there are three main aspects that make this Skill Layout. First the secondaries. Those ships have the best secondary batteries in the game, so you should definitely improve them by range and accuracy. Second the concealment. The German BBs have pretty bad Concealment ratings so you can improve that too. Third is the AA. This is also pretty good and definitely worth an improvement. Here is a skill layout you can use for those ships. Red are priority skills ( First 10p), while the orange ones are not that important but also neat if you have enough points.

Hope this helps you and have fun with the BBs

See you at sea, Captain!




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