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Proposed Soviet super heavy cruiser by Ansaldo 1936

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Rohwer & Monakov's book "Stalin's Ocean Going Fleet" mentions that Ansaldo proposed a 19-22000 ton cruiser with 9-250mm guns to the Soviets in 1936. Looks like the Soviets took the idea and came up with their "Cruiser X" design with 11 aircraft and two submersible MTBs.


On Page 96 it gives statistics:

Std Disp: 19,500

Loaded Disp: 26,700

L: 241.5M

B: 28M



Speed: 37Kt

Range: 7000nm

12-250mm (4 Triple turrets)  9-250mm ( Three Triple turrets)

12- 130mm (6 twin turrets)

12-100mm (6 twin turrets)


6-21" TT (two triple mounts)

2 catapults, 4 A/C

Does anyone have a drawing of this Ansaldo design?


Dave G

The PT Dockyard


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The ship has only three turrets and not four. Sadly I haven't found any picture of said project, perhaps Ansaldo has something but their archive is a mess. The only hope is to have something in the Motherland archives

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