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FAQ round up from the NA forum - Part Deux

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Q: What will happen if you get shot below the water line will your ship begin to flood or will it just be normal damage

A: Both things will happen. You will have the HP bar as well as some kind of flooding bar. As for flooding mechanics - it is complex enough, but players do not need to now how internal things actually work, it is enough to know that after a certain number of hits under the waterline with big guns it is possible for the ship to capsize. And it can actually happen even before you loose your green HP bar points. Predicring further questions, there will not be any repair/flood micromanagement - everything that can be repaired will be repaired to at least of 50% effectiveness automatically, or to 100% with consumable used, same story with flooding.


Q: How will the upgrade system look like?

A: There will be predefined lists of what you can mount onto the ship, and all armament and machinery will be in that lists. We call them pre-sets. Everything that is listed in pre-set will be installable at once; players will not be allowed to mount each AA gun manually.


Q: Will there be scouting-specific aircraft launched from non-carrier warships?

A: Yes, you can launch hydroplane from non carrier warship. All planes will provide scouting for every allied ship.So spotting will be a little different from WOT, but based on the same principles.


Q: Will the firing range be much longer than the spotting range?

A: Yes, firing range for many ships (BBs especially) will be much longer than the spotting range - use your planes, Luke!


Q: What kind of ammunition will there be with the different classes of guns?

A: AP/HE/Common, etc. AA guns will have the HE and radio-controlled shells as well. Armament will be customizable like in WOT - you will be able to load shells you like most, though only historical types of shells for specific guns.


Q: Is there going to be weather on release?

A: There is going to be a wheather, but no guarantee for it to be in release version - though later it is very possible.


Q: Can you give me a tier number for the Bismark? it will be a tier 10?

A: 8 at best


Q: With Air craft carriers, How many planes will I be able to launch and how Do I control them? IN a RTS view?

A: Many planes - at least tens of them. Yes, they will be controlled in RTS view


Q: Will we be able to lay smoke screens in the game?

A: Smoke screens are possible.


Q: After the testing is done do you expect Patrol boats(PT and Eboats), submarines, and destroyer escorts?

A: No. No U boats, no PT boats, no patrol boats. Our game is about big ships.


Q: Will waves and wind be a factor when shooting?

A: No! Ships of WWII had complex FCS and Gyroscope systems to avoid these factors.


Q: How will the interface of game play be like such as sniper mode torpedo mode and so on?

A: Third person view, binocular view, arty-style view for long-range firing and top-down view for aircraft managing.


Q: Will we be looking at realistic engagement distances and times?

A: Yes, realistic distances, though shells will have a tuned up speed (like 3-4 times higher to make game a little more fast-paced). Shells will also have their dispersion ellipse as in real life. You will have to predict the position of impact of your salvo, though the game will show you the exact dispersion ellipse of that zone.  After first 3 salvoes, you dispersion ellipse will become minimal, which represents specification of target parameters


Q: Since ships have multiple gun turrets, how will that work?

A: Main caliber guns, controlled by player will aim all at one target. And no, this can not effect WOT problems. Second caliber huns are controlled by AI, though you can mark priority targets for them.


Q: Reading that players choosing a Destroyer will have a three accompanying AI-controlled destroyers, and choosing a Cruiser will have an accompanying Cruiser; How will that work?

A: That's very old info. We will have no AI controlled ships in PvP - if player choose a DD, than balancing tool will get another three players on DD in that team slot. Totally there will be 10 slots approximately.


Q: What's the tonnage of the biggest ship that'll be featured on WoWs?

A: Less than 80k. We are not considering ships with higher than 80k displacement to appear in game, because such ships are more about magic than about possibility of technology of 1940s.


Q: What Top Tiers will there be for release?

A: USN will have the Iowa and Montana as the tier10 BBs in game, while IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) will have Yamato and N13. There will not be any ships with higher tier than 10.


Q: If you run your ship aground would it be impossible for it to sink?

A: Yes. But it will also be almost impossible to live long after that with small HP left.


Q: Can you tell us why its only going to be the USN and the IJN at teh release of the game and not having a third nation?

A: Because it takes about 3 months for one person to make, for example, a battleship. Of course we have more than one 3d modeller, but you must understand, that ships are very complex things, and it takes time to build it and to tune it with a gameplay point of view. So we decided to concentrate on two nations with biggest fleets in WWII, and to implement other nations after.


Q: How far are you guys on getting alpha/beta out?

A: Well, we are already on a  pre-alpha stage, so we have some maps, some ships and some gameplay features working. When we are done with core gameplay features and with polishing them, we will start the closed Alpha.

a) There are like 30 ships already made, but very few of them are actually tuned enough to be in game.

b) Already acceptable, though there are still things to remake and to polish

c) We already fight each other on a developer fightings.


Q:Some battleships such as the German H class designs had a large set of main guns AND torpedoes. In these case, which of those would be the main armament, or would they both work as such?

A: You will be able to switch between torpedoes and main caliber guns.


Q: Somewhere above the devs said smaller nations like sweedan, and dutch ships would be in game, would this be as a tech tree or more likely premuim ships?

A: It depends on how many ships we will find


Q: When your carrier (or any ship with aircraft flying) is sunk, will your aircraft instantly be destroyed or can you still control them until they run outa ammo and fuel?

A: You will be able to control the rest of your planes until they are out of fuel.


Q: Also, will ships be able to become "beached" or will the battle ground be out in open water further from shore to prevent this?

A: There won't be any special radar sight of any kind. Radars will just bring bonuses to accuracy and range of sight.


Q: Will there be a team damage occur? Will there be a fine system in place similar to WoT?

A: Yes, there will be similar system


Q: What will be German Top Tiers, once the Tree released some time after?

A: Currently we are planning to have their H39, H41 and H42m though thing may change closer to release date.


Q: You've already disclosed Top Tier available upon release. And what will be Tier 1?

A: Erie for USN and Katoriclass for IJN


Okay. I wasnt posistive on the exact range of the secondary batteries. I was mostly curious about the ability of using them seperately from the Main battery. As well as being able to use them as AA when needed..


Player will use only Main battery by himself. Secondary battery, as well as DP guns and/or small AA automatic guns will be handled by AI.


#2 can we switch between lines? eg, from BB to CL or from CA to DD or CL/CA to CV?

or do we need any transaction ships like the KV-13 in WoT?


2. There will be some transaction ships, yes.


what will be your basic game mode, will it be similler to that of WoT where you have a base and your objective is to cap or destory

or has this yet to be decided


Of course our game modes will be somehow similiar to WoT, but I can't tell you the details right now.


For large ships will we have the ability to choose how we want our guns to fire? eg. a full broadside where all guns are fires sumultaneously, a staggered broadside when each turret fires one gun at a time, or a rolling broadside where each gun is individualy fired


No, there likely won't be the selection of firing method. Only full broadside. There are so many things to watch at in the game, that you probably will forget where you are heading right now, when a duel with another BB will take place. So we don't want to burden player with too many options - all the same, this is a MMO action game, and not a simulator.


When you release new nations will you release all basic lines (ie one for each class) at once or staggered?


It depends on different factors. I'm not ready to talk about it right now.


how are the multiple turrets on some ships going to be aimed


All main caliber guns will point at one target.


In public matches you have stated that there will be a basic limit between battleships destroyers and such to make teams more balanced. In clan wars will

we see a similar feature or will it be you bring what you bring. Becasue if so i see most cw teams to be all BB and carriers


It is also the question yet to be answered between devs - we are not decided yet.


It's known that Gold and Free EXP will be shared between WoT, WoWP, and WoWS. However, will premium account status be as well?




Some battleships such as the German H class designs had a large set of main guns AND torpedoes. In these case, which of those would be the main armament, or would they both work as such?


You will be able to switch between torpedoes and main caliber guns.


One more question. Given the layout of the main batteries, either in a turrent all forward design or a split 2/2 or 2/1 forward and aft turrets. Will we have to align our ships to bring all guns to bear or will only the guns that are on target fire? Basically I would hate to have an HMS Rodney and fire at a traget in front of me, only to find that my third turret blew off the second turret.... Another question.... Will we be able to mount extra equipement? Like these from WoT: If so can you give a sneak peak into what they might be?


1. If a turret has some obstacle to the vector of shooting, it will not fire.

2.  There will be some kind of extra equipment


Quite a few of the early dreadnought-style battleship classes that may be included in this game had underwater torpedo tubes included in their design. Do you have any idea at this stage if these will be included in this game, or might that step on the toes of early destroyers and cruisers too much?


BBs with torpedo tubes would be able to use torpedoes.


Just a few questions here 1.Will we be able to adjust the torpedo's speed ( with speed also the range ) and depth? 2.Will there be different torpedo's available, not so much as in each launcher has its own specific torpedo but like shell choice. A variety per launcher. Aswell as different options for loadouts of a torpedo bomber on CV's. 3.Will the Type 93 be available for IJN? If so will it stand out as much as in real life ? 4.Does IJN have dedicated Torpedo vessel's in the tech tree ( Kuma class and Fubuki class for example )? 5.How will the wave mechanics look like. Will the water behave somewhat realistic ? 6.Will there be upgradable bulge / torpedo nets for vessel's ingame ? 7.Will there be a chance for a torpedo to "dud" on a vessel ? 8.Is there going to be a minimum arming range for torpedo's in the water ? To prevent some fast destroyer to just sail close to the enemy CV for example and launch a salvo of torpedo's. Or is this not going to be necesarry ( other mechanics in play )? 9. Will there be splash damage from shells and torpedo's ( Area of effect )? 10. If planes crash on the deck will they do a certain amount of damage ? 11. Will we be able to disable the propeller / rudder of a vessel and make them immobile ? 12. If two Tier 10 CV's from the same nation battle 1v1, both launch the same amount of Fighter Planes what decides the outcome of the winning CV Is it going to be crew experience somewhat like WoT ? 13.Can I get a ticket for the alpha testing ? :p Thank you


1. Only the angle of firing.

2. That is possible

3. Type 93 It will be balanced from a gameplay point of view

4. Yes

5. Waves will be just visuals.

6. Upgradeable bulges are possible

7.Torpedoes will always work as intended

8. Yes

9. Yes

10. Some amount of damage - yes

11. Only for a certain period of time

12. Players skill wil determine that.

13. Not right now.


There a couple of ships like Furious, Alaska, Deutschland that fall awkwardly in between Heavy Cruiser and Battleship will they require there own MM or  do you have a way balance them as Cruisers / Battleship.


Some of them are more close to BBs and some are more close to CAs, so we will balance them as BBs and CAs.


Will the super yamato be part of the game? If i remember my ships correctly its pictured on one of the pictures on the main page.


No. Ships with guns larger than 18" are not going to appear in game. The exception is made only for Germany, as there are only 8 guns on their battleships, which is lower then on normal BBs of 1930s-1940s.


Will homing torpedoes engineered by Germany be included in some way?

Can ships go dead in the water i.e. still be afloat but dead?

Can individual batteries be disabled?

Can INDIVIDUAL ammo loads explode? For example, say the secondary aft battery is destroyed. Will there be, say, a thirty percent chance that its ammo load explodes and does sizable damage to the ship?

Will listing occur?

How will ships be arranged at the start of a battle?

Can rudders be damaged so that the ship only turns in one direction?


1. That is possible.

2. No

3. Yes

4. Yes

5. Yes

6. Like tanks in WOT

7. Yes


Am I correct in assuming that certain similar ship classes will be consolidated into single units?  For example, the Mutsuki, Kamikaze, and Minekaze class destroyers were all basically the same ship type with small differences in armament, and the Tennessee and Colorado class battleships were basically the same design, with one mounting triple 14" guns and the other mounting twin 16" guns.  If this is the case, will the consolidated classes have all the names from all component classes available?

Secondly, I've heard rumors that the guys at World of Tanks are working on a hull model replacement system that will allow you to customize the look of your tank's hull.  If this is the case, will there be a similar system in place in World of Warships to allow us to pick from various sub-types of the ship classes?


1. Consolidated classes will have the names from all component classes, though your examples are not correct for our game.

2. As I've said earlier, we will have presets, that determines the armament, engine, equipment, etc for a ship.


i know the turrets (if the tank had them) were and are interchangeable what will this amount to? EG. hull, turrets, island.


Many things will be upgradeable.


There actually might be a better way to do this.  In a game like this it gets hectic, yes, but not too hectic to fire on multiple targets with a single cannon load.  This is the situation I picture:  You are in an Iowa class engaged in a closing battle with a Yamato.  He's flanked by a destroyer that's closing quickly to torpedo range, hoping to catch your broadside with a full volley.  You would normally be able to square off in an even fight with a Yamato but that destroyer WILL cripple you if it hits you with even a few torps but, if you take down the destroyer with your next volley then that leaves you one volley down on the Yamato giving him a significan advantage if you're taking the hits.  If the only option was to fire a full broadside then you'd have to choose which target to hit.  However, if the guns would always stagger, and fire the first available or the lowest numbered gun first, you could put a round or two into the destroyer(and hit hopefully) crippling him if not exploding him outright, then fire the remaining rounds into the Yamato.  Why not just have the guns auto stagger?


You forget about secondary guns of Iowa, that will sink a destroyer.


The Japanese Type 93 Long Lance torpedo is notorious for its warhead size, and very long range.  Will they be unique among all other torpedoes in game, or will they be balanced with similar ranges and firepower to other countries?  If they are  unique, will the specalized Kuma Class cruisers Oi, or Kitakami

have a chance at appearing in game?


We will balance the Type93 to other torpedoes in game.

There will be Kuma, yes.


2 - Torpedoes were sensative equipment and could misfire, not detonate, or just steer off course.  Will torpedos in game function with the same level of unreliability,  if so willl histories more dubious torpedoes be equally dubious in game?


Torpedoes will always work.


Some WWI era ships were built with En Echelon style wing turrets, usually done to allow for larger broadsides when it was unclear if superfiring turrets would work, will ships with en echelon turrets appear in game?


These kind of ships will be able to fire broadside from all turrets.


Will there be other types of carriers in game other than Aircraft carriers,  either as premium or unique lines...such as (just examples not asking for a specific on each ship)

Flying Boat Tenders, Full on seaplane carriers (not Hybrid warships which are already confirmed), Kaiten (manned torpedos) Submarine Carrier.


These types are unlikely to appear, at least in release.


The Germans were well known, but not alone in convertnig merchant ships into warships for various reasons.  Will converted merchants appear in game at all, be it as a unique tree, premium, etc?




Anti aircraft vessels, or ships whos primary armament is against aircraft, rather than surface ships.  (but usually dual purpose)


You will see such ships in game.

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In WoT theres is a system to deter everyone from just playing high tier tanks (all be it not a very good one) will WoWS use a similar system to stop every man and his dog from just playing Iowa and Yamato.


There is no system, it is just plain economy - the higher games you play, the higher the stakes are.


1. When firing the main cannons on a ship i assume you can zoom in like the shift key in WoT?

2. If yes, will that be more like a standard tank zoom in or more like an artillary piece overhead view in WoT, would if be possible to switch between artillary view for far tartgets and tank veiw for close up stuff?

3. What is the tier for the Flethcer class Destroyer, i very much look forward to that ship :) .(its in the game right?)

4. Somewhere above the devs said smaller nations like sweedan, and dutch ships would be in game, would this be as a tech tree or more likely premuim ships?


1. Players will be able to zoom

2. I'm not ready to tell the details.

3. I cannot tell that kind of things now.

4. It depends on how many ships we will find


1. Carriers get close to the historic number of planes right? (i believe this might have been asked before)

2. Will the luanch of aircraft be historical to or will it be sped up to make the game more fun?

3. How long will a standard game last? Since 15 minutes like WoT and WoWp does not seem to be enough for carriers to launch all their planes let alone rearm them and send them out again.

4. Will planes have much smaller ranges than historically accuate, since in the real world they could go some 1000+ km which would make them be able to stay in the air for the full game without worry of refeuling.

5. If the range is reduced will aircraft automactically return to the carrier if the fuel is running low or will you have to micro-manage each plane to make sure they don't run outa fuel and crash.


1. Yes

2. It will be sped up

3. 15-20 minutes

4. Yes

5. Yes


1: Will we see early carrier based jets? if so, will they be the ones currently under testing in WoWp?

2: Will bombs be able to penetrate the deck and explode inside ships?

3: Will we be able to see catastrophic hits that cause chain reactions of explosions and massive damage without actually destroying the ship? eg. U.S.S. Franklin

4: Will planes have armor piercing rockets?

5: Will we see large anti-ship rockets like the Tiny Tim or the even larger Richard rockets?

6: Will a plane that crashes onto a ship after being shot down cause damage and fires?

7: Will we be able to order fighters and out of ammo attackers to strafe ships with machineguns to keep AA down for the next strike plane attack?


1. This is unlikely

2. That is likely to happen

3. There will be critical hits, yes

4. Unlikely

5. No

6. Yes

7. No, fighters are for dogfighting.


one question concerning CVs

will my aircrafts got a chance to crash when landing?




when a ship is listing (ie lean on one side when one side of the hull is filled with water)

will the main gun be unable to aim on target due to the gun elevation / depression?


At some angle of listing - yes.


1. Will Light Carriers be included in the game? If so will they be paired up with another player controlled Light Carrier like the devs said would happen with the Destroyers?

2. When your carrier (or any ship with aircraft flying) is sunk, will your aircraft instantly be destroyed or can you still control them until they run outa ammo and fuel?

3. If the anwser to question 2 is a yes, then could you land your planes on another carrier and give that player control over your planes? This is to help replace their losses and help the team even after your ship was sunk. (this is what occured in real life once a carrier went down here planes still in the air landed on the next carrier to save pilots and keep the fight going)


1. Yes. Carriers will not be paired.

2. You will be able to control the rest of your planes until they are out of fuel.

3. No


I also have a question about scoutplanes/hydroplanes: will large ships (like heavy cruisers and up) all have scoutplanes as mandatory equipment? As in: it wont be possible to leave port with such a ship without a scoutplane?


Cannot say yes or no right now.


Due to radar use in ships, will ships be spotted at long distance eliminating any need for scouting?


There won't be any special radar sight of any kind. Radars will just bring bonuses to accuracy and range of sight.


1). Will there be a team damage occur? Will there be a fine system in place similar to WoT?

2). Do you plan on offering pre-order type packages like you did for WoT?

3). Can you tell what the tier 1's will be for the Japanese adn American lines? And can you tell us why you started at that point in History?

4). How do you plan on breaking out the Destroyers/Cruisers/CV's from the tier 1? Is it going to be a similar system to WoT? Or are there going to be Tier 1's for each class?

5). Can you explain in greater detail the MatchMaker at this point?

6). On the ships which have both a main battery of High caliber guns and Torpedoes, like the early Battelships/Dreadnoughts. Will you be able to fire each type of weapon seperately, or will both the Main Battery and the Torpedoes fire together?

7). What will the main armament be for the Destroyers? Because many of them had both 5" guns and torpedoes. the 5" guns being generally Dual purpose AA/AS. So would the player have control over both the guns and the Torpedoes? Or will the guns count as the AI controled AA batteries?


1) Yes

2) That is still TBD, but almost 100% yes.

3) Erie for USN and Katori class for IJN

4) DDs, CAs/CLs, BBs/BCs and CVs will start at tier2

5) MatchMaker is still in work.

6) You will be able to fire torpedoes and guns separately

7) Main armament for destroyers will be their torpedoes


since the H39 and H41 might end up being T9 and T10 german battleships, and the yamato is ijn T10. May i correctly also assume that that iowa and montana will be T9 and T10 as well?


There might be H42 for T10 aswell. Yamato/N13 are T10 for IJN and Montana/Iowa are T10 for USN.


so then i could only assume that the germans will get more of something else to make up for it like how the devs are doing WoTs tech trees.


We will still think on the German tree.


how similar will fires be compared to tanks?


Fires won't be similar.


We can expect some similarity with navyfield in matters of gameplay and controls ?


No similarity to Navyfield in terms of gameplay, except of some part of a CV gameplay.


The USN is starting here?



USN tier 1 ship:



IJN tier1 ship:


Some battleships have secondry armament of a non AA nature

will those weapons be aimed along with the main armament (with precautions made so that they don't fire at a target that is hopelessly far away) or auto aimed?


DP and AA guns as well as secondary guns will be auto aimed only.


Will the Pennsylvania class BB ships be included?




So, correct me if I am wrong, but we start out with this tier 1 training vessel,the USS Erie. Then when we progress to tier 2, we move into the different types of ships (ie BB/D/CA/CV) at which point we start with the USS Michigan as the USN Tier 2 BB?


That is correct


Will salvo chasing be possible, at least to some degree of success? Salvo chasing is the technique of steering into the fall/splash of enemy's last salvo in order to throw his range estimate off.


Yes, it will be possible in some way.


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Will the ships Awash?

Will there be Flank speed?

Will there be many fouls?

Will any maps have jettys?

Will we be able to Kedge?

Will the computer controlled ships line astern?

Will you Touch and go or compleately  get stuck in shallow water


Ships will awash

There will be any kind of speed you can imagine, though restricted to real digits

There will be or there will not be fouls - who knows...the truth is out there

If you mean jetties - yes, but only as a landscape beauties

As for is yet unknown even for me

There won't be any computer controlled ships aside from the training missions

You will have the ability to brake free from shallow waters


Question, will you be trying to keep to ships that only actually appeared in history, or will we inevitably see some "Wargaming specials" like the T28 and T28 Prototype?  On a related note, will you be keeping to the actual drawings and mockups, or will we be seeing "Wargaming optimized" designs like the T110 series, where the in-game model barely resembles the actual mockups?

Also, will the Kamikaze-class destroyers be in-game?  I want to drive one badly.


T28 and T28 prototypes do existed in history; as well as there were many different mockups of T110. The only tank in WOT that is not in history is E-50M, and even this tank was made after a couple of engineers and historical consultants had a long discussion.

As for will there be any ships like E-50M...I cannot answer yes or no. Right now we don't see the need for such kind of ships, but if we will not find any ships for some certain conditions, we will invent some.

I will not share the info about what tier and whether there will be or not any certain ships. The exception are ships I've named already.


Do you plan to include the large light cruisers in both their pre and post-conversion states?




will the xp and credit be the same as WoT?


The same system - yes, but not the same digits.


Quite a large number of ships had their hulls extensively upgraded during their lifetime (like the Revenge class or the New York class), will we be ablte to do this (like upgrading a turret in WoT) or will these upgraded ships be on another tier?


It depends on a certain ship. Kongo and Kongo 1937 are actually different ships of different tiers, but New York is almost 100% one ship on a certain tier.


Will we see the county class heavy cruiser on the British tech tree?


Yes, you will.


Will you consider adding role specific ships to this game. Some vessels were designed as ASW (Anti-Sub warfare) or as AA (Anti Air) ships. Basically will we have ships that are filled solely with AA Guns to ward off Arial attacks?

If not in the direct tree, would you consider having them as premium vessels? Due to their  Specified and rigid roles, they would fit into the model WG has used in the past for premium vehicles...


There will be AA ships, but no ASW ships due to absence of subs in WoWs.


will another Q&A thread be opened?




Will there be currents in the game that will make your ship go faster sort of like hills in WoT with physics


I am not sure.


1 - Will ships that operated aircraft by means of lowering/raising them out of the water for launch/landing and just storing them on deck be able to operate aircraft in game.

An example of this is the Tier 1 US ship, Erie Class.




will you be able to choose aircraft loadouts like ammo loads in WoT for CVs?like lets say theoretically the yorktown class CVs get access to the B-25 bombers,can i lets say choose to put 30 wildcats and 30 avengers onboard, could i also equip like 4 B-25s?


Yes, you will be able to choose loadout.


Will spotting work in a similar way to WoT with radio signal/telegraph relaying? Maybe flag-signals :P?

And if so, will scouts planes need to be in radio range of a friendly ship or plane to re-transmit target coordinates or does it have a direct communications link to it's carrier?


Spotting will work in a similar way to WoT


i am curious as to how much influence you guys will have from navy field?

will submarines be intagrated as well?

i also would like to know if there has been a first build of the code yet or is the base code and engine still being writen?

and last: what programing languag(s) are being used for the game?


1. Not much, though we know what this game is

2. No

3. There were many builds aready

4. I just don't know


Many of the early tier ships are dreadnaught era ships and ships of that time were, for the lack of a better word, dirty.  They would send up collums of smoke just from being under powere that were visible for fifty miles or more.  Will ships like be easier to detect?


No, no difference between ships in spotting depending on engine type.Hey kgb thanks for answering my question.


Why is the r backwards in Russia?

In Russia snow makes a man out of you true?


In Russia Vodka makes everything out of anything.


1. What will the highest tier destroyer be for USN and IJN ?

2.Will destroyers get increased HP at the higher tiers ( to prevent most BB's from oneshotting them ) or will they have some other perks to increase survivalbility.

3. Will there be anny loadouts to DD's that focus on AA or dedicated AA vessel's

4. If a vessel spots a torpedo in front of the bow and the torpedo is in such a bad angle that it will glance. Will glancing occur or will it still explode ( Somewhat related to proximity torpedo's ). I dont know if I explained this correctly

5. I guess torpedo's will leave a wake ? If yes and later on in the game when more nations are released will there be a wakeless torpedo within the game ?

6. If the WoWS team goes to an event ! Will they bring along a pocket battleship ?


1. Ships of all classes will have tier10 for the top

2. More HP, agility, etc, but no perks

3. Yes

4. Torpedoes will not glance at any angles

5. TBD

6. Nah, we will bring Kirov with us


quite a few types of naval guns were not capable of reloading unless their elevation was set to or near zero degrees, such as the US Navy's 14"/45 cal guns. Will this be reflected ingame (meaning, will the guns automatically lower and then raise again to fire once reloaded)?


Rather no than yes


Will ships taken over/bought by Britain in WWI fly their colours or their original owners? Examples are HMS Canada, HMS Erin and HMS Agincourt


No, that ships will be HMS ships.


Q1. will the damage system in WoWS more complex than in Pacific Storm, or at least at the same level of complexity?

follow up, I know WoWS would have a "easy to get-in" arcade-action-style of gameplay, which minimizes the control intensity and info complexity. Meanwhile you will surely offer a very complex and realistic game mechanic and damage system (I have faith on Lesta Studio who can do it perfectly).

Q2: wiil there be still TRIM, ROLL and DRAFT attributes for each ship, no matter they are displayed on the UI or hidden?

I have no doubt about compartment system, I know it will be as great as in Pacific Storm. Actually I assume these would be be (and should be) how the flooding system consists of. That's my faith on you guys in Lesta.

Next is a question about CV mechanic. Well, IRL CV shouldn't change course while launching or landing aircrafts, this makes CV extremely vulnerable against any kind of attack (because it becomes a sitting duck).

Q3: In WoWS, will launching/landing airplanes requires a fixed course of CVs, otherwise the launching/landing code will be suspended, force to launch or land in this situation will cause crash? (it sounds more like a suggestion than a question:P)


1. It will be a little more complex

2. Yes

3. No, fixed course is not required.


When the game launches will it have a clan wars beta like WoT?


Maybe not at release date, but later on - sure.


Since bb's  and ca's  mostly had multiple propeller shafts  (screws)  and more then 1 engine,  will a ship which takes damage to 1 engine be able to continue on, obviously on diminshed power?  say if it had 4 engines, you could continue on 3 till the 4th was brought back into action?

Also in steering, say i needed to make an evasive manouver, a port around for example,  would i be able to reverse  two of my engines in the direction I ordered the rudder turned?  and as well operate all in full reverse for a crash stop if need be?


As for engines and steering - there will be WASD stye controls. No reversing of one engine out of three


Is there any possibility of us seeing the America class carrier in game?  If my memory serves me it was a very large carrier, something in the realm of 1000-1200 feet long designed to launch B-29's.


Midway is the tier10 CV for USN, there won't be any ships with higher tier.


will the kuma class be intagrated into the game i love its versitility wou can load either cannons or torpedo tubes to the sides of the ship


There will be Kuma in game.


1-Are you really thinking of considering H42?

2-What kind of profits are we to expect for destroying enemy aircraft?


1. Yes, we are still not finished the German tree.

2. EXP and creds, as usual.


When a ship rams another ship or gets struck by a torpedo or salvo, is the damage visualized similar to World of Tanks (unchanging hull models and textures for bullet strikes and holes), or more complex (deformation of hull where the impact occurred and as the damage develops)?


The visualization will be more complex than in WoT.


Will early (World War I) ships that still have a ram bow have a bonus to ramming?

And will the Settsu have problems with fire control due to it having two separate gun caliber lengths (four 50 caliber and eight 45 caliber) for its main guns?


1. If you can call that bonus...yes.

2. We will balance that, and anyway - it would be possible to upgrade Kawachi class to all 50 caliber guns, for example.


We all know tk-ing and accidental team damage will be a common...occurrence ingame,  will the tk system  be programmed to appropriately deem  intentional damage from accidental damage?

say for example a kuma class  in my fleet pulls up beside my yamato and decides to unload his torpedo load into my broadside, will he turn blue so i can eat him alive with my secondary barrage?

secondly will torpedoes have certain distances they can be fired from  to prevent occurrence of a friendly ship accidentally being in path of said torpedo.....or in worst case scenario.....torpedoes....?


on the damage model with flooding.  if i take on water  from damage, will it have the effect of forcing me to decrease speed to lessen the flooding, say for example i take torp damage, will proceeding at full steam increase the flooding,  will I have to come to a stop to decrease flooding?

will we have the option to close compartments before we engage an enemy  to have a pre-emptive flood control ready?


1. It is too early to talk about tk system.

2. Torpedoes will have a certain distance of arming

3. Damage model will not force players to do things; but also players won't be able to decrease flooding by going slower or reverse.


Do you expect long-distance encounters or will there be any mano a mano brawling?


Taking into consideration or weekly battles, I can say that we are expecting both.


Will you introduce the Royal Navy after the USN and IJN? (ie the third in game nation)


I can't tell what the third nation will be right now.


How much posts do you need to enter in alpha testing?


Right now you need over 9000 posts to enter a considering state


Could we pretty please see a screenshot of the current build? :biggrin:


Sorry, you can't.


This concludes the first Dev Q/A on the US forums, many thanks to KGB and the NA community.

As requested the answers are in a different colour.

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I know, I copy pasted them and that kills them. I'll repair the most important ones, the ones with the confirmed ships.

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You know, another thing I am wondering:


Since DDs and cruisers are separate tech trees from the BBs, will they get giant hintpoint-boosts to survive attacks from similar tier BBs, like WoT? Or will they be blown to bits regardless, like they realistically would upon getting hit by a 15" shell.

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"Q:Some battleships such as the German H class designs had a large set of main guns AND torpedoes. In these case, which of those would be the main armament, or would they both work as such?

A: You will be able to switch between torpedoes and main caliber guns."


Good news. Queen Elizabeth, Nelson, Hood, CAs and CLs also had got torpedoes. :biggrin:

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Can you please change the colour of the answers please please please?

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I think it is weird that the starter ships are so different, the USN is even a class that isn't supposed to be in WoWS, while the IJN has a light cruiser, something that i expected to start at T2.

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Yeah, was quite surprised that the US tier 1 is a (patrol) gunboat while they said that they won't put in smaller classes like frigates, gunboats and sloops.... I am quite happy with it however as using those classes as well opens up a lot more possible tech trees or ships for other nations ;)

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Way to much info to read in one sitting... my brain is melting down.

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Zylon - I've kept an updated and ongoing breakdown of the NA Dev Questions and Answers at the link in my signature.  Please feel free to browse in smaller doses.  :)

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