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Graf Spee- A rant about (lack of) History

History in World of Warships  

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  1. 1. do you think that history either is or should be a fundamental part of World of Warships?

    • Yes history is fundamental in the game
    • history should be a fundamental part of the game
    • I am Neutral on the subject
    • History should be forgotten

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Good day to all

I have bought The Graf Spee from the premium shop as my great uncle was a radio operator on HMS Exeter During the Battle of the River Plate.

for those of you who aren't that gifted in knowing history, I shall explain.

the Battle of the River Plate took place on the 13th December 1939. it was a showdown between the Royal Navy Crusiers HMS Ajax, Exeter, Cumberland and HMNZS Achilles and the German Pocket battleship The Admiral Graf Spee.

During the Battle the Graf Spee was damaged heavily and no longer seaworthy, so her captain, Hans Langsdorff decided to put in at the nearby neutral port of Montevideo, the capital of Uraguay. the River Plate estuary was patrolled by the Ajax and Achilles, to make sure the Spee could not escape. knowing he wouldn't be able to escape without a fight, Langsdorff scuttled her to prevent the highly powerful ship from falling into the hands of the royal navy.

now the thing that infuriates me is that this battle has no mention at all in WoWS and the official description is:


"Admiral Graf Spee belonged to a class of unique ships that combined the features of both a battleship and a cruiser. The German Navy officially classified her as a cruiser. Armed with 283mm main guns, the ship was superior to any light or heavy cruiser of her time and was only slightly inferior to them in terms of speed."


Now this has no mention of the Battle of the River plate and I believe this is bad.

please Wargaming, make history a fundamental part of WoWS
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