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ARP Missions

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When you will add ARP Maya and her Mission to World of Warships? Can you do it during 2017.? And will you add again ARP missions like for ARP Nachi Mission if some of us don't make it go complete her mission requirments?


For Maya i would suggest something like 1000000 HP damage or just 50 wins like was for ARP Takao.

As for ARP Nachi i would suggest either 1000000HP damage,or 100 secondary battery hits, or even just 200 torpedo hits.


For ship tiers for Maya it would be enough for tier VII (7) to X (10)

As for Nachi if you return her and her mission then can you set it for tier VII (7) to X (10)?

ARP Maya.jpg

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I hope they come back, huge mistake for wg to get rid of them. Besides, I want to see some of the other ARP Ships from other nations

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