How to win and to keep winning?  Some advice for a good Winrate!   Prologue     Hello guys, I am Thisheep, a french player and regular user of the baguette forum. A few weeks ago, after another random guy came on the french forum arguing about how bad his team always were, I decided to write a topic where you could find tips for wining most of your games. These times I am currently reading a lot on the English speaking forum and it is truly amazing to see how many guys can come here and complain about their defeats. So here I am to translate my topic hoping it will help some people to progress and to make their Winrate less red.    I perfectly know that many people who enjoy complaining and whining about the defeats will be hard to change but at least we could send them read this thread. Better to try to help that trolling these guys, even if sometime they deserve the way they are welcome here. I also hope that the majority will learn one or two things. I do not doubt that many forum readers and many players already know these kind of tips! And by the way, I will talk most of the time about Random Battles (FFA).      I have not reached yet the introduction but I still need to precise some points. Like everyone I do not like lose. I always do everything I can for the win. Most of the time, the will to win is something which is part of your personality. So I must warn every reader of these lines, maybe you do not want to become this kind of guy who always play the win. We are not all the same, I perfectly understand that some players play for fun or play for sailing in beautiful ships. Please, let's begin in asking yourself if you really want to win because if you follow all these tips, you may not be the same player anymore.    First, we all have to accept the defeat and the fact we can learn from a lost game. Most of the time the defeat will learn you a lot. The defeat is not a curse, EVERYONE lose. We all lose. Even the better guys with the better WR lose. If I had to give you all only one advice, it is this one, learn to accept the defeat.    The introduction is near so I conclude this prologue: Please keep in mind that my tips will probably not suit to everybody and like victory, objectivity is not always easy to reach. I also hope my English level will be enough. Thank you for reading at least to this point and I will be thankful for some comments!     Introduction   What is a Random Battle?     The main game mode of World of Warships is the Random Battles. Most of us will talk about a FFA (Free For All) game mode. As you know, two teams of 12 players fight during a max time of 20 minutes. There are currently several possibilities to achieve victory:   Sink every ships of the enemy team. Perform with your team 1 000 points. Make the enemy team fall to 0 points. Own more point with your team when the time is out. A draw is now very rare but not impossible.    There are many ways to earn some points for your team. Even if there are 4 battles scenarios (Standard Battle / Domination / Bastion / Epicenter), the rules are pretty much the same. Capture the objectifs and kill the enemy ships. Knowing the bases of the rules is the very first step to the win. I could put some more details about the differences between maps and scenarios but maybe another time.      Why am I playing?      I guess that, like me, when you start World of Warships, you want to play to play to one of your favorite game but in the end it is more complicated. Why did you launch the game? Do you want to play alone or with some friends? Do you want to grind some ships? Do you want to play for fun and laugh? Do you want to increase your stats?  Anyway you understood. You can win in any situation but if you want to keep wining you need to be in a specific way of playing. I you play a stock ship with 2 beginners friends in a platoon, I can assure you, you have less chance to win.    If you want to win ask yourself what you want. We can not look for the win without decent conditions. For instance about the grind of a stock ship: Avoid to play a stock ship, try to free exp some element to be more efficient. About the platoon we talked, do not grind the 3 of you together. Let's assure at least one of you is playing one of his best ships to carry you! We will come back to these points later!   Why should I play to win?   And yes! Why not? Who cares about the win? We could answer me that the important point in a game is to participate. Sure, but a victory in WoWS has a lot of advantages. First, most of the time, victory is something you will enjoy more. You will earn more credits and more experience. To my mind a very good game without the victory in conclusion is a failed game. At one point you missed something.  For the guys who have and in bookmarks, keep in mind that a good winrate in very appreciate by the other players. It shows that you mostly are a teamplay guy. It is an important criteria for clans and community.    I keep losing because of my teams   Yeah like everyone isnt it? I will not be long on this point. We all know sometimes, your allies seem to share one brain for 11 players. Sometimes you have AFK guys, Pro gamers who like suicide alone, Teamkillers... In these cases, the victory appears very far but a game will not be lost UNTIL THE VERY END. You are not happy about the MM? You have 2 tops tiers AFK? Great, more meat and more glory for you! Let's fight!! Never give up, never surrender!    Most of the importants tips are coming but keeps in mind that your team is your team. Even if they are bad you are stuck with them until the next game so try to be polite and try to communicate, do not underestimate the power of kind salutation or a nice compliment before submitting tactics options! Keep in mind that the better player perform their better game with bad allies, yes, the worst they are the nicest is the victory!   Let's start together a wins row!    Before starting a game   I pick a full equipped ship which I know well. I have a very skilled captain (18 points? ) Like we say in the MOBA, A strong pick is the first step to victory. If you have not all the modules and elements for your ships, wait until you have enough money or enough free experience. You waited until the unlock of the majestic North Carolina? You can wait a week more to put her full before starting a game with it! I put enough signals, flags, camo and premium consommable to make my ship look like a Christmas Tree! Yes it cost a lot, I know! But it will make the difference in late game. It will help you to be more effective and to stay alive. The more you stay alive, the more you influence the game. Like IRL, you want to earn money? Be prepare to invest a lot first! The expensive premium consommables remain a good way to carry you to the victory and to more credits. I gather good players in platoon! Even if you are not unicum, play with some friends who have a cohesion with you, play in synergy. Try to communicate, if possible in a vocal way!  The platoon composition is a huge issue! I will platoon with the same tiers than my mates! Avoid the 3 BB or the 3 DD platoon. It is not efficient and the enemy fleet will fight the opposite side! Yes 3 Yamato is fun but no one will face you... Enjoy your sail during a century to look for an opponent. I enjoy a lot a platoon who can have an impact on the strategic points, the captures points. You will need at least a DD or a CV to be effective in domination! Do not hesitate to mod your game to feel comfortable!  There are many YouTube tutorials and streamers who can teach you a lot! You can learn so much in looking them playing.    In early-game   A good beginning is crucial! Most of the WoWS games are nearly over during the 5 first minutes. You must be attentive! Remember that it is not easy to reverse a bad situation. Analyse the composition of the both teams! First the ships. Who owns what and how many? Do we have the same BB? If we have more IJN DD we should play a point in the open sea for instance. We have one DD les (this *** MM!!!), our CA will have to be aggressive! Do I know some players in this game? If you play against thisheep in her Taiho you know you have less than 20% chance to win :p  Do not blame the MM or your low tiers issue during a thousand years! Even if you are T7 against T9, you have a role to play! Be patient and chose wisely your fights. A low tiers DD can stay behind for smoking the fleet, a low tiers CA can stay with the fleet for AA cover... There are a lot to do in a Warships game, even for the low tiers! Think about the strength and the weakness about your platoon and your team.  Try to communicate with your mates! Like I said earlier, be nice and support them! As a CV player I will try to help a nice talking player if I can but I will leave alone a rude player. Learn the key places on the maps! Some positions must be secured and other must be forget! Think about the utility to cap the D point on North... Try to secure quick one or two capture point the earlier you can! It is always easier to defend! The points will be very important in late game! The Destroyers are the main target of the early game, without DD a fleet lose mobility, smokes, torps and a capacity to sneak cap a point. Build a platoon "DD killer" can be very effective. If you been hurt very badly in early, do not panic and do not lose hope. Even with very few HP you have still a weight. If you die you give points to the ennemy. When you are low HP consider yourself as a low tier ship and do the roles I talked earlier. A support role.   In mid-game   Keep an eye on the remaining time and the points of both teams. Try to remember who is where which how much HP. Play with caution. Protect your allies, select the guys who are going to be important in lategame, a CV or a DD for instance. Try also to save the better players, this DD smoked me so i will keep him safe from the CA.  Finish the weak targets, do not think about "killsteal. A kill is a kill, it less guns for the enemy team and more points for you! If you lead to the points in killing the weak target you will force the better players to take risks. Most of the time the game snowball but sometimes, you can lose at the last minute! Stay focus until the end. In Standard Battle keep an eye on your base! Try to have at least the half of the point in Domination/Bastion. If the game begins badly for your team, do not hesitate to take some risks and do not give up. Many times I rushed a cap with my CV to force my team to follow me whereas we were losing, guess what? They followed and we won. If your death is near, try to trade! Take an enemy with you, launch your torps, launch a float-plane, activate your radar, send everything you have before dying. Even a strategic position for your carcass can be useful!  Before your death try to kill the most dangerous targets for your remaining allies! If I am with a carrier in platoon, I will try to kill the CA. He will kill easily DD and BB.  The game does not necessarily stop when you are dead. Try to communicate, try to help and support your allies still alive! Better this to insults them, I can assure you.  If you are still alive during the late midgame, begin to think to the possibles scenario. Should we cap or should we chase? In any case stay close to the strategic points. Remember that chasing a CV is always a bad idea. The closer you are, the stronger he is.       In late-game   A game is not over until the very end. Everything can happen! If you have the lead, if you have a little advantage, do not take useless risks. Let them come. If you are losing... Wake up and try something! Do not stay in the border!  In a very tight game, you should finish the damaged enemies. Do not engage a huge full life BB if you can finish a little DD! TAKE THE POINTS! Look at the remaining time! Do the maths, think about the points you will earn in killing the BB even if you lose your CV with an advance of 130 points and 45 sec left! You must be smart.  Try to engage an easy target on a 1 vs 1 if you are confident enough, wait for allies in the other case. If an ally is about to do a huge mistake, do not panic and try to explain him quick and simply. Analyze the situation and make the right decision, split or stick together for exemple.  It is good to perform a 300K damages game but maybe you should go back and defend. You can say a fair GG WP in the chat!    Conclusion   Think about your game. Analyze the results. Why did you win/lose? Did I do enough damage? When was the crucial moment during the game?  It is good to report the bad players but you can also put some compliments! You can also remember the good and the bad players for the next time.    I am sure that many players are already aware of this kind of tips but maybe you will complete my words or disagree!   It is pretty hard to find some useful advice but I hope some people will find these ones interesting enough. In the other hand we could have said so much about how to win a game! If i have a little success maybe I will put more details!   Remember the mains tips: Play in a platoon, play strong ships, be smart and do not give up!  Please share your way to keep wining in the comment!   Everyone united for the win!