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Yamato uses the wrong AP shells!

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i just noticed this! on the gun stats it says it's the Type 91 460mm APC...


but in real life, this type was replaced by the slightly improved Type 1 460mm APC in.... 1941! (Yamato was commissioned in December 1941 and Musashi in 1942)

that means, the Yamato class never used the older Type 91 in combat, and given their commission dates, they probably never even carried the Type 91 at all! :hiding:


compared to the Type 91, the Type 1 improvements are mostly minor tweaks (as far as i can tell), they have the exact same warhead, the Type 1 does have a dye bag so might have been marginally heavier...

i do not know wether the armor piercing cap or the body was different in shape or design to the type 91 (couldn't find information)

the main difference is Type 1 has a longer, more streamlined windshield (= better ballistics and less speed reduction at long range even tough muzzle velocity is the same?)


either way, those 2 shells are similar enough to be given the same stats in game potentially, if you don't want to mess with balance.

but just change the name at least to make it historaically accurate, please! its just a name, it costs nothing to change it! :)

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