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Shuffle at the start of the game (Random battle)

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Not sure if this is the right section for this post, If it's wrong, mods please move it to more proper section, Thank you :)


Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be much more "random" shuffle at the start of random battles lately.

What I mean is that nobody actually seems to be going in to the fight at the side where they happen to spawn. Instead ships on left flank sail to right, and ships on right flank sail to left.


If the enemy team doesnt do that, they tend to get all caps contested, and quite often capped with very little effort.

The most epic fail due this random shuffling for me so far has been at map Faultline.


I spawned in far left with my Budyonny, DD next to me sailed straight to A, and capped it successfully, So far I had been slowly sailing towards A, but as it seemed that everyone else was gathering at the middle spawn point I hadnt really gone nearthe A due lack of support, Then they finally decide that everyone heads to C, OK, I feel bad for the DD as I see him trying to flee from 2 battleshjips and 2 cruisers... And die...Now enemies control every cap point, we are allready 4 ships down enemy seems to have 1 damaged ship thanks to the DD which has been dead for a long time, and I'm just trying to survive, and head to A10 just that I maybe can save in repair bills... I never get that far, enemy has 3 caps and is killing our ships so fast that I cant even make it to A10 before the game ends.:facepalm: the game lasted barely 6 minutes!!!


All this I would blame on the random shuffling on the start. And this seems to be the trend in almost every game below T7 nowdays.

And quite honestly, it's really ruining the whole game for me.

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You're free to use chat to talk tactics with teammates. That's its purpose, not the "idiot team"spam everyone is doing. Oh, and hope they didn't install the "disable chat" mod.

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