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Hello all,


I don't know how everyone who plays Ranking are doing but here's my experience so far.

1- I find frustrating the lack of maps, there are only a few. More on that, Trident map is not that good due to the fact that teams are spawning too close, and sometimes you get sunk in the very first minute, even in spawn.

2- Bensons. Yes, Bensons are a particular kind of fun ruiners. Their ROF is ridiculous. Don't want to offend any Benson fanboy here, however it is very unpleasant to be spammed with HE and not being able to resist and play the game. I don't know how this ship acts in real life, but maybe WG will consider in nerfing it a bit in the game, just for the sake of fun and gameplay. When I see two Bensons in the opposite team I take my Fubuki around the map and just launch 15km torpedoes from a far



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