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Stronk Divisions Channel

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In WoT there is a channel called "stronk plutons" where good players can search for other good players to play with. Sadly, in WoWs such a channel doesnt exist, or maybe I just dont know about it?


In the case it doesnt exist, we should create one for this purpose. As always, idling in such channels is the key for success. So, if you are looking for some decent players to form divisions with, then join and idle the channel to get some players together regularly. No matter if they want to use Teamspeak or something like that, or not.


To avoid having everyone and his mother in that channel who shouldnt be there, a password has been set. So players who want to join, mostly have at least to read this forum/topic.


Channel Name: stronk divisions

Password: neptune


Hope to see you there.

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Popped in a couple of times and hung around but didnt see anyone else :(


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