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Greetings fellow captains and video makers,


with this thread I want to express some problems I have with the current replay system and come up with some suggestions how to improve it. For some patches now I feel like nobody really cares about it and eventual improvements since everything you hear about it normally is „How do I activate?“.

It will be a rather long post so I will divide my ideas into different topics and give a TL;DR version at the end.


I know that the replay system is most likely not even among the medium priorities of the developers. However, in my opinion it would be a shame to waste such a system because it doesn’t get the awareness it deserves. I am also aware of that this topic might be of interest only for a small part of the community. But keep in mind that every Youtuber more or less depends on it.

If, by any chance, one or the other point described below bases upon mistakes made by me I apologize in advance and I would appreciate any tipps and help.


Since from time to time the motivation to produce a video reaches me I really appreciate the replay system implemented by WG. It is a good system to have a look at battles afterwards either to feel the adrenaline a second time, have a good laugh, analyze strategies or (for which it might be most often used for) produce video content. Additionally it provides some nice features like a free camera mode, the possibility to bind the camera to ships etc. Hence the replay system is a good way to satisfy the creational need of players and fans. It also helps to promote WoWS on platforms like YouTube and to create content the community enjoys.

However, when I used the replay systems during the last months I got the feeling that it became worse. Some controls do not work (anymore), new implemented features sometimes disturb the recording process and it seems less stable compared to the beginning times of WoWS. It does not really influence the recording of a simple replay but it sometimes impedes the production of cinematics. One oft he following parts will contain some of the problems I encountered.

Another part will be about general ideas how WG can improve the system so it will be more userfriendly.


The first issue I found is about the jump backwards/forewards function. The button for jumping foreward does work, however by trying to jump backwards the game either crashes or you lose every possibility to control anything. This is annoying when you want to watch a certain scene more than once or record a certain scene from more than one perspective because you have to restart the whole replay again everytime.

Another issue is about the button for binding to an entity („B“) in the game when in free camera mode. Binding the camera to the hull of a ship works fine, however I found a description of this feature where you could also bind the camera to planes, turrets and even shells and torpedoes. However, binding to planes, torpedoes and shells does not work at the moment. Also, sometimes the function seems to be bugged and the camera starts to oscillate up and down but still follows the ship.

The next thing is that when using free camera mode, sometimes the turrets don’t turn as they should do but are stuck. If you switch back to your ship they will rotate but it will result in shots that are fired in the right direction (how it was in the battle) but with turrets that point in a different direction. See the screenshot below.


Sometimes also the overall performance oft he replays is not good either, e.g. one gets laggy ship movements.

Those are things that annoy me personally when making cinematics. I don’t know if this is all, maybe someone else experienced other things that startled him/her.


Besides that it is already a great system and in a way unique to games like WoWS, WoT and other similar games I think it can (and at a time should) be improved.

The most important and maybe easiest thing to implement would be to finally get a check box to enable and disable replays in the option menu. I know there are already a lot of explanations about it around this and other forums but it would make things easier especially for beginners and you don’t have to mess around with the game files.

Another thing would be the possibility to hide the fire effect which appears at the edges of the screen and the smoke boundaries. This could be done by either implementing a check box or by making them disappear with a key combination or when the HUD is hidden as well. For clarification, see screenshots below.


A nice feature would also be to have an implemented controller support. I found it to be very comfortable to control the camera with a controller, although I normally play every game with mouse and keyboard. I know you can use other programs to establish controller compatibility but first, they normally cost money and second, controller support is demanded by some players for the normal game anyway. So this would go hand in hand with something that can be implemented in the game itself. And additionally, why not give the possibility to customize the replay controls without having to mess with the game files?

All in all it would be nice to have a replay system that could be as easily controlled as the current after death camera but with some extra features.


The replay system is already a great system to create content with. However, it seems to run less and less stable with every update. These are the issues I found:

  • when trying to jump backwards the game either crashes or you lose the possibility to control anything
  • the binding button „B“ currently does not work for planes, torpedoes and shells as it presumably was in previous versions and sometimes the camera starts to oscillate when applying a binding
  • turrets tend to be stuck in a random position when using the free camera mode


The suggestions I have to improve the system further are:

  • implementing a check box in the option menu to enable/disable replay (already demanded several times)
  • a possibility to hide the fire effects and smoke boundaries
  • controller support for the camera controls (already demanded for the  normal game) and customizable controls
  • align the replay system to the current after death camera mode quality plus extrab features


As I wrote previously, I want to raise some more awareness about the replay system and its current state. I also hope that these ideas or at least parts of them will reach someone in the developer's corner and make them think. Currently the replay system is ok but with every update it gets less stable. Some controls already don't work and there is definitively room for improvement. It would be a shame to let this part of the game deteriorate because nobody updates and improves it.







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