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Hi everyone!


Since we know that you guys have a lot of questions about the game, we have decided to create an "official" thread where you can ask away. Every week we will gather the questions you are most interested in and try to answer them (enlisting the help of our developers if needed). 



  • You can ask questions regarding gameplay, forum, developer plans, etc...

  • You can ask more than one question, but you have to post them in separate comments (please refrain from spamming, for now let's maximize this in 3 posts per pereson per week). 
  • Before asking a question please check the thread to see if it has been answered before
  • If your question wasn't chosen this week you may post it again if you think it will get more votes next time
  • Vote on the questions you like to help them make it to the top 5

  • We will try to answer as many questions as possible but it's essential to understand the following:

    • Some answers may be too broad/general

    • It's likely that questions about buffs or nerfs to specific ships won't be answered.
    • The Q&A will have a two week cycle and if we can get an answer that's the wait time you can expect (if we don't know the answer straight away)
    • General forum rules apply here as well
    • You can only ask questions, leave the answers to us (no commenting on other player's questions either)
    • Try to come up with a question that you think might be interesting to other players as well, since each week only the Top 5 posts (based on likes) will be chosen.


Please note that every week, after gathering all the questions, we will clean the thread, leaving only the previous Top 5 and our answers visible. This way you will be able to easily browse among the previous answers. We will hide all none valid replies.


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Ok, my turn. 


Does WG plans to buff the turret rotation speed on Mogami 155 turrets? When compared to soviet cruisers, it feels very distorded.



Hi Okitank! 

As stated in the rules, questions about buffs/nerfs to specific ships will probably not get answers even if they get in the TOP 5. 

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Hi guys!


Here are the answers for the first set of questions:


  1. Why does the marketing team repeatedly split the community between receivers of (multiple) gifts and those who get nothing, without a single explanation? We would even accept it if it was a lottery draw, but considering what has been posted before there are specific rules behind those giveaways. What does a player have to do to get selected at least once? Why do others get picked at every possible opportunity? 

    The special offers etc. usually are based on a large matrix of selection criteria – we do not plan to publish them. If you did not get anything yet – do not despair, you just might not be target group for the current campaigns, but you can easily get lucky in the future.
  2. Why does Wargaming EU believe it is a good idea to antagonize supporting players by refusing to compensate them properly? A mission to earn a day or two of premium time wouldn't be hard to do. There was one before the last attempt as well. Filtering the database for premium time purchases for the time frame couldn't be that hard either (if it is a properly set up database).

    Not sure what the occasion referred here is, we do compensate Premium users routinely for longer server maintenance or for patch days.
  3. What are the plans regarding replays?

    Currently we are working on improving the system to the state where we will be satisfied with it – then we’ll be ready to unleash it en masse. For now, if you feel you need replays, you can find a guide on how to turn them on on the forum. Accidentally – the same goes for training rooms.
  4. Ranked has now been proven to be flawed, too much of a lottery. Getting to Rank 1 means little due to the total reliance on getting into a coordinated team more often than others. Can we not see a points system rewarding effort (spotting, capping damage etc) no matter what team? (Obviously a winning team would get a winners bonus).
    Bottom line - Will Ranked get reworked to make it less like a lottery? 

    Ranked definitely shows strong correlation between personal skill (and note that that may not necessarily mean highest XP – there is a ton of support activities that can decide a battle with little going in for personal reward) and getting to Rank 1 / speed thereof. However we are constantly working on improving the system and reward individual performance more. Stay tuned!
  5. Early this year you made a video about what you planned for 2016. Could you make similar videos somewhat regularly? Like, as example, every six months with the first part of the video about what you did in the previous period (like a small recap, nothing too detailed or fancy) and the second part about the plans for the next one. That could be interesting and, potentially, useful (since you could gather impressions from the players)

    We try to give out information in advance, however that works only for the really big things – and even then we often have to shift the exact timeline. 


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I see the Mogami 155 question was too controversial.


The question was in no way controversial. However as I pointed it out earlier (also mentioned in the OP) questions about buffs/nerfs to specific ships are unlikely to receive an answer.


question about italian navy is lost in WG server with his 30 likes i think :hiding:


There were a question about italian ships. Why you ignored it ??


Why I see no answers to the question about Regia Marina that was one of the most voted ?


To answer the question about the Italian ships (specifically if we will introduce an Italian premium ship in the near future) the developers would have to disclose information about the development schedule of WoWS. Unfortunately, this is not something we can reveal here. I assure you that as soon as we have any info for you guys about Italian ships, we will share it with your here and on social media as fast as we can. 

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an we please have the same level of information passed on to us that other language groups on the EU cluster receive?


The common sharing of information and answers from across the whole WOWS community would go along way to avoid so much bad feeling, and the second class citizenship so many people seem to be saying they feel. 



The original idea was to only post questions asked by the specific language community, but there is nothing stopping us from posting all the questions and answers.

Here you go:


  1. Is there any progress at work on clans? When can we expect them and are they still coming? We understand that CWs are still faraway future (unfortunately) but we would appreciate at least clan tags, so players could start to gather together. 

    We are still working on Clans and they should be arriving this year – we are aware of their importance for our audience and for any sort of team-based gameplay. But we can already tell you that the WoWs clans will be separate from the WoT ones.


  2. Are you planning any kind of official league / nice big tournament before the clans will be launched? 

    So far we have only been organizing big, server wide event like the Grand Naval Battles, Project R, etc. Organizing a tournament would require using the training room and this is a feature of the game which we are still not ready to incorporate into the game.


  3. When are you going to finally unify gold from WoT/WoWp with doubloons in WoWs as you promised at the beginning of the game? it shouldn't be a problem as doubloons have the same value as gold. There are players who bought big packages of gold in WoT/WoWp because they've been told the economy is going to be unified and they feel like they've been cheated. 

    When the free XPs are going to be unified, as it was promised?  
    Are gold and doubloons going to be unified? Currently is not possible to change your name with doubloons, but only with gold for example. 

    Consolidation of the accounts is a staged process. So far, the announcement from September 2015 still stands: Currently Premium Time is unified for the whole World of trilogy, as are logins, passwords, account names. Information about any further unification will come with a separate announcement.


  4. Is it possible to ask players in-game about what do they think about MM before the battle and not after it? Players are most of the time emotional after the battle and they tend to say MM was bad just because they lost (which is not necessarily MM's doing) or the other way around, just because they want to be fast done with it. Sometimes players would like to check the table and check it before responding, but they can't see it until they click their answer there.

    The same argument can be turned around: Before battle players may have some preconceived notion that is then disproved by actual battle result (such as winning against the odds) – we prefer to ask when the battle is ended as that way players see if it worked out or not.


  5. Any plans for fixing the UI bug where clicking on certain places on the screen de-selects your squadron (space over the ship icon on the left side, clicking on the minimap area,etc..)? 

    We are gradually hunting down bugs, so in time this one should also be exterminated. Sometimes it may take some time to catch the more elusive ones though.


  6. Any plans for fixing the ability of attacking border huggers with your TB’s effectively? The border now doesn’t allow to angle the attack effectively? 



  7. Are there any plans of introducing daily login rewards similar to AW?

    We tend to try to encourage players to play daily instead – you have chance to finish daily missions, more or less permanent Boot Camp missions and you may also try to hunt achievements and Signal flags.


  8. When can we expect to have the chat box fixed in game?

    As above.


  9. Is there a MM rule (similar to the one in WoT) where you cannot be the bottom tier more than 3 times in a row? 

    Currently we do not have this rule, on average players are spread evenly thorugh all possible setups – though it may obviously happen that if you are in a wrong place at a wrong time, you get a short end of the stick.


  10. When are we going to fix the in-game research options (for example: other players, etc.)

    Not sure what is meant here.


  11. What are the current plans for changes to carriers in the game, to no longer be big game-changers, but still fun to play? 
    Are we going to nerf the CVs this year again? 
    Are we going to implement changes in the carriers’ mechanism? 

    We are currently not too happy with how carriers play out – we are planning to rework them and hopefully make them more fun for all players involved. Stay tuned!


  12. Are we going to improve the fire mechanism?

    Damage mechanisms (including fire) are constantly worked upon, though currently we focus on making armor model as accurate as possible – see the changes in last few updates.


  13. Are we going to implement more commander skills?

    Possibly – while our latest update moved one of the most used ones to default skill, the captain skill tree will change and will see more updates in the future.


  14. Why does the marketing team repeatedly split the community between recievers of (multiple) gifts and those who get nothing, without a single explaination? We would even accept it if it was a lottery draw, but considering what has been posted before there are specific rules behind those giveaways. What does a player have to do to get selected at least once? Why do others get picked at every possible opportunity?

    The special offers etc. usually are based on a large matrix of selection criteria – we do not plan to publish them. If you did not get anything yet – do not despair, you just might not be target group for the current campaigns, but you can easily get lucky in the future.


  15. Why does Wargaming EU believe it is a good idea to antagonize supporting players by refusing to compensate them properly? A mission to earn a day or two of premium time wouldn't be hard to do. There was one before the last attempt as well. Filtering the database for premium time purchases for the time frame couldn't be that hard either (if it is a properly set up database).

    Not sure what the occasion referred here is, we do compensate Premium users routinely for longer server maintenance or for patch days.


  16. What are the plans regarding replays? 

    Currently we are working on improving the system to the state where we will be satisfied with it – then we’ll be ready to unleash it en masse. For now, if you feel you need replays, you can find a guide on how to turn them on on the forum. Accidentally – the same goes for training rooms.


  17. Ranked has now been proven to be flawed, too much of a lottery. Getting to Rank 1 means little due to the total reliance on getting into a coordinated team more often than others. Can we not see a points system rewarding effort (spotting, capping damage etc) no matter what team? (Obviously a winning team would get a winners bonus).
    Bottom line - Will Ranked get reworked to make it less like a lottery?

    Ranked definitely shows strong correlation between personal skill (and note that that may not necessarily mean highest XP – there is a ton of support activities that can decide a battle with little going in for personal reward) and getting to Rank 1 / speed thereof. However we are constantly working on improving the system and reward individual performance more. Stay tuned!


  18. Early this year you made a video about what you planned for 2016. Could you make similar videos somewhat regularly? Like, as example, every six months with the first part of the video about what you did in the previous period(like a small recap, nothing too detailed or fancy) and the second part about the plans for the next one. That could be interesting and, potentially, useful(since you could gather impressions from the players)

    We try to give out information in advance, however that works only for the really big things – and even then we often have to shift the exact timeline.


  19. Will we have night battles with specific mechanisms (launch flares instead of planes, used lights, diminution of view range...) in a special mode ?

    Right now we are working with the Cyclone and weather effects and checking their influence on gameplay. Night battles would bring a whole new host of technical challenges – so they are not in short time plans.  


  20. Are we going to be able to test premium ships before buying them (like on a map against bot or allow us to test all the ships that we can unblock) ?

    We are thinking about how to provide better outlook on ships – regular or Premium. Currently we are working on providing timely basic gameplay tips and videos – and on running previews through our contributors.


  21. Can you tell us the history behind the partnership between Arpeggio and WoWS ?



  22. When are we going to have permanent camo for T10 ships ?

    We are introducing new permanent camouflages gradually – bear in mind that it is quite a task, as ships are very complex things that need a lot of textures etc.
    We started with the most used ships and gradually are filling in more and more permanent camos – so tier X will for sure find their place as well


  23. Are you planning on reworking the reward system giving out credits & Exp so team play mechanism get better rewarded ? The idea is to encourage players to be team player by given them an incentive & better rewards at the end of the battle.

    Yes, we are looking more into rewards for team play and assistance etc. The trick is, obviously, to come up with solutions that would work, but cannot be abused.


  24. Is it going to be possible in the future to mount multiple flags on a single ship, for example from the different seasons? 

    We are thinking about it, as it is a pity to be able to mount only one of the many flags – we will let you know when it’s closer.


  25. From time to time you see penetrations (indicated by the new ribbons) with 0 damage no effect. What is the cause/reason for this and is it a bug or intended?

    In most cases this would be intended – the most usual case is some module fully eating the damage, so that the ship’s hitpoints do not get affected (destroyed gun turrets, for example). Do not forget that even if some part of ship is knocked out, it usually means a huge piece of metal still in its place.


  26. When is the armor viewer going to be released?

    As with all such questions, the only valid answer is “When it’s ready” – but definitely not for gamescom.


  27. AA's are able to shoot behind the mountains but it shouldn't be like that. Are you going to fix that? 

    This is not currently a priority – while it might be weird at moments, changing this would require quite some efforts – not only


  28. Are you planning to introduce a system to damage the ships crashing into landscape?

    Not for now – getting stuck under fire seems to be punishment enough for careless sailing.


  29. Why do I have to reset all the captain skills when I want to change some captain skills?

    that’s just the way the system works – we are not planning change this for now.

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@ Ph3lan,

It seems that this thread got diverted from it's original intention - and this most probably happened mostly due to the information "hunger" the community had and the fact that answers for "typical" questions surfaced elsewhere.

However I would not want to see this thread die out at least not the original intent why you created: to address the forum members' questions.

Realizing that most on-going questions are getting answered through multiple channels the logic of this topic requires some adjustment.

My proposal is that instead of "bulk answering" a lot of questions in a short "info bulletin way", you should select or request voting for questions that due to their complexity requires a more detailed answer: so you could present us each and every week say one article that addresses a complicated matter. (i.e. your WG expert talks about MM or how you conceptualize game mechanics (RNG?)) or on any other matter the forum members vote to be the "TOP1" of the week. I'm sure putting together an article each week is not a huge strain on the staff even if it becomes a bit longer than usual bulletins.

Thanks for considering this.


This sounds like a good plan, I will have a look at this thread and the initiative tomorrow to see what can be done.


Now that things have normalized here, we will hopefully be able to pick up the Q&A pace again :)

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This sounds like a good plan, I will have a look at this thread and the initiative tomorrow to see what can be done.


Now that things have normalized here, we will hopefully be able to pick up the Q&A pace again :)


Gentlemen, I was wrong, I won't be able to deal with this today :(


We are still commited to keeping this Q&A initiative going, we just need to find a better way to do this across 7 language forums without giving our producers a heart-attack. Stay tuned for an update next week.


Very important Question:


Could somebody please go to the offices of the german CC/CMs and look for them? We fear they are either dead or abducted, as we havent heard of them for a very long time. If they just should have forgotten that there is something like a german subforum, feel free to continue doing so.


Unfortunately the German team currently consists only of Sehales, who has to take care of all of our games on his own. I can understand that there currently is no time left for extra initiatives like this, cut the guy some slack please :)


We will have reinforcements coming soon which should drastically improve the situation, in the meantime just hang out here with us! :)

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Where did Almaortha (sp?) go?


Unfortunately she left the company.





That is great news, because I can imagine having a few people who are all catering to different games and different language groups, is logistically very difficult!


I kind of imagine you guys running around a large building, putting out small fires everywhere.. :ohmy:


Will there be a dedicated WoWs EU rep at some point?


That would be best, I think..


I don't see this happening for us. It is simply to complicated when supporting so many different languages. We do of course have someone dedicated to Warships (i.e. Tuccy and Karsun) but they have load of other work to do.


What we are currently doing is a monthly rotation, so for September you can expect to see me around here regularly! :popcorn:




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Hey guys!


As MrConway already told you, we might rethink how this topic works, but until then I have gathered another set of questions and here are the answers for your previous questions. Enjoy! :)


1) How exactly does the points distribution system work in game? Ex. you are the last one against 4 ships, enemies are far from 1000 points, your cap is not in danger (so it still generates points for you), there is still enough time but anyway battle finishes. Why? This mechanism makes it impossible to get the achievement of Lonesome fighter. 

One thing is where enemy counter is, another is where your team counter is. If your team drops to 0… A win is a win and you do not need to sink everyone. While we get that some people do not like this, most prefer a faster end instead of meaningless dragging out of hunt for last survivor.

2) How is this possible: 1 AP hit, penetration, ship has full HP and 0 dmg is done? Please, see the screenshot documentation of the situation here: 

Already destroyed module (AA gun etc.) ate the shell. Most likely.
3) Do you plan any change in spotting system to make it similar like in WoT (XPs for helping team mates to deal dmg etc.)?

Check out the 0.5.12 public test
4) Do you plan letting players turn off chat including “F shortcuts”?

We may do it in the future, if there will be feedback in that direction - so far though it does not seem it is demanded too much.
5) Is there any chance that the battle mode where players must cap the bases in the middle of the map could be taken off the game? Big part of players doesn’t really know what’s going on there and the rest is afraid to go anywhere. Such battles usually end in 8 mins and it’s not fun. Could it be replaced by something like “annihilation mode” where players would be getting points for each enemy ship they sunk and if the battle would be about to last for more than 20mins points would indicate the winner (but without capping bases)?

In 0.5.11 we have replaced this system with Epicenter mode - which should motivate teams to fight for the zone a bit more. So far it seems that the amount of capping victories in this mode is not too high.

1. Why did you back out of a dedicated MM for tier VII CV’s?
Backing out of that would mean we planned it and abandoned it. We did not

2. Are you planning to introduce a more advanced planning layer to the gameplay? Something that would draw a line of attack and defense, manouvers, etc on the tactical map?

Maybe something like that could come handy in more team-oriented modes in the future, but definitely not planning that for now for Random battles. Would be too messy.

3. What are the plans for developing weather effects? Waves, temporary damage done to the ships, etc..

While we want to make weather more spectacular, we also do not want to fry lower end computers So working on it, but it is a thing for long run.

4. Are you planning to introduce a global +-1 MM rule for all classes and tiers?


5. What are WG’s plans in therm of the ARP content? Is it only about collecting them or is there a bigger plan?

While ARP content is highly welcome, it's also part of a partnership which has its limitations. As you might have heard from our announcement on TGS, we are currently working on content in collaboration with High School Fleet. Let's see where that takes us when we get there.
6. Do ARP missions have other ships in plans, other than Kongo and Myoko?
Only collecting them.l Unfortunately the amount of ships in series was kida limited mostly to Myoko and Kongo classes.

EN Questions:
"Why is currency not unified? and I would like a decent answer that goes further than "technical difficulties", "low priority" or what not.
when is it planned?"

1. When the clans will be implemented, with the flags from the ship nationality and the commemorative ones, will we be able to have also one with the clans emblems ? A bit like in WoT and the clan emblem on the front of the tank.

We are aware of the popularity of showing Clan insignia, no worries. When Clans come, we will try to include a way how to show Clan symbols as well

2. Do some scenarized mission are scheduled. It could be like this : a group of players gather up against an historical formation of ships that they will have to fight against. Like for exemple fighting against the Yamato and her escort ? Fight against the IJN fleet in Guadalcanal ? etc etc.. Create some PvE missions against another nation to have a "almost-historical", with a bonus point if the players ships are from the same nation.

We are looking into widely understood PVE content, as there is a certain group of players who prefer to play only cooperatively or even solo against bots, rather than play against other humans. What we're working on cannot be disclosed at the moment, but we're really interested to see your feedback once we're ready to roll these elements out.

3. Will it be possible to have a foghorn to honk on the seas ? We can hear it when we collide into an ally, but it could be useful to use it before ! It has been created in this purpose. So yeah, there might be some players abusing it and some concerts of horns during the first week of their release, but it could be fun !.
Mmmmmaybe. No guarantees.

4. When does the IJN bombers will receive a replacement for their HE bombs as they're almost useless, by other bombs such as some AP ones that they used in Pearl Harbor ?

In Pearl Harbor, IJN used 3 types of bombs:
800kg AP bombs, which were designed for level bombing of a static target
242kg fragmentation bombs
250kg Semi-Armour Piercing bombs
Neither were in fact that effective and IJN struggled with their planes needing more hits to do substantial damage - standard bomb carried by US Navy dive bombers was 1,000 lb - 500 kg.
So… USN has better dive bombers, IJN has better torpedoes. Fair deal, no?

5. Is it one day scheduled to implement the crews on our ships ? I'm speaking on a visually, seeing them move on the decks, on the AA guns etc.. 
I know that during battles there will be some crew dead and the game will lose is "all public" classification, but why not making them disappear when the section or the module of the ship is damaged/destroyed, so no need of blood, and we would stay in the politically correct. 
Cause it's a bit sad to see those huge Montana/Yamato for ex empty.

No crew in battle. Soon though you will have crews in port - in battle, everyone is anyway huddled under the armor and when big guns fre, even AA crews have to take shelter

DE questions:
Any information about the training room being available without the need of a modification?

Not for now - but as far as modification goes, both trainig rooms and replays are included in our new Modpack. Try them out!

Are there any plans to adjust the high-tier economy and reduce repair cost or was that a one-time "event", that we had?

The event was done to test things, we are processing the results. It is possible there will be more tests on different regions to see how they will influence the player’s behavior.

Is there going to be a better antialiasing coming for WoWs? With FXAA it is not looking very well.

In time, yes. See the next question.

What are the plans regarding the graphics engine in general and especially about the GUI scaling for WGHD and 4k screens?

This is one of the topics we are working on., especially as number of hardware configurations that support this increases. Stay tuned.

The different regions are treated differently. For premium goods it somehow makes sense, but especially XP bonus evnets (x2 or x3 weekends) and different discounts per region are very annoying. Why is that still different and not unified for all regions?

These events usually balance themselves over time. Just consider: In Europe, we have different important days than in USA or in Russia. Where we give bonus for gamescom, RU gives bonus for their major expo - where we have St. Patrick’s day as a rather popular thing, Russian server has the Navy Day which in turn would have no connection here.

Will be introduced the penetration per distance in the stats of the ship, within the port, with ammunition AP / HE or it will only appear in the videos of some boats like so far?

We are considering how to show this to players - penetration dropoff over distance is significant enough in tanks, with ships firing at distances a scale of magnitude longer displaying this understandably is a challenge.

Are we going to introduce in the client the class boat on the minimap?

Maybe. For now, you can find this function in our new modpack in the Minimap section!

If a player crashes against a ship in process of sinking, this ship won’t move. It’s like crashing against an island and players will get stuck being no able to move. Why? Are we going to change this?

Mostly because having the sinking ship interact is too much bother for too little gain for no. Maybe in the future, but we have bigger fish to fry.

1. Are you planning to do anything about kagero? Is it possible to say at least, you are looking into it?

Yes, we are doing something about Kagero - she is moving to Tier VIII, with appropriate adjustments. However since the question is not too specific, hard to tell what was the intent - and whether you will be happy with the change or not

2. DD's are using dual purpose guns and when you use it as main battery, they keep shooting as AA and it is not realistic. Are you planning to change this?

This is a gameplay mechanic and for now we are not planning to change this - it would just increase the complications DD skippers face without really adding anything to gameplay.


Does doing damage worth 50% of full HP of a tier VI ship give the same amount of XP as doing the same to a tier VIII ship (providing that you are sailing an equally tiered ship)

No. It does not. There is a specific scaling the reward system follows – generally low tiers are less valuable than high tiers in this aspect. We will however not disclose exact numbers.


Is there a chance to see the equations responsible for XP and credit earning?

No. Both because the equation is quite complex and because it’s a formula that we’re constantly improving. If we share the version now, there will most likely be changes to it with the next game version, and the following one, and so on. We constantly improve the system, but we assure you we’re aiming it to be as fair as possible and include more and more factors, such as rewarding support actions in the upcoming update.


Are you going to add penetration and normalization values to the in game stat cards

This is a tricky one. We want to display as much information, as possible, but naval gun penetration is rather complex matter, far more so than with tanks – as it is very dependant on the distance to target and other factors. So the question is how to display it the best way possible.

Just to give an example, here is a bit of historical datao n the US 16”/45 battleship gun – you will note how wide is the range of penetration values depending on range to target


Are you planning to make the daily mission more interesting than they are now? They don’t motivate too much the way they are right now

We are planning to add a completely new mechanic to replace daily missions altogether. It will have nothing in common with the current mechanic. The daily missions are not meeting our expectations and we want to try out something new. At the same time simpler to complete regardless of class you enjoy playing, as well as providing way more interesting rewards that you, as players, should be looking forward to.  You may remember the supply boxes we presented during gamescom – that was just a rough draft of the animation, but we plan to include that mechanic in the default daily reward system and we’re putting a lot of work in making it happen this year. The purpose of “daily quests”, so something you can be sure you’ll be able to do whenever you log in, will stay for sure, but the execution will be largely improved both visually and mechanically. We’ll share more details on this in the coming weeks.


Is it possible to change the colour scheme of the ship names to some other than white so that it wouldn’t blend in with the environment so much?

This is more like suggestion than a question – I mean yes, everything is possible and our UI team works on better display of everything – and you can already also turn to the mudpack to change some of the visual settings in game.



1) When are you going to implement the depot into the game?
We’re working on having it later this year, as it’s an increasing priority to allow players to properly manage their inventory. We want to do it in a way that will be a good user experience and that requires additional work from what we’ve got at hand right now.

And will there be also something like barracks in WoT for the ship crew?

We already have the Reserve system, so not sure what the point is here J


2) Do you plan to work on better balance of DDs’ number in the game? There are often too many of them on one side. And what about the tier III battles where MM places ships will zero AA in the battle with 2 CV of tier IV against them? Placing the same ships into the other team does not solve the situation because the battle result is in fact in hands of CVs only.  The other extreme is then putting tier VI CVs against VII and VIIII ships (while many of those are US CAs with very strong AA). Do you plan any improvements here?
Destroyer numbers are already balanced – you should not have more than 1 destroyer difference, and the number of their top tiers is also balanced.
As for ships with poor AA, they are also on Tier IV – it is just the thing of the times. Many navies underestimated the need for AA / did not have funds to upgrade and ship construction overall is full of compromises. If you have a ship with poor AA and there are carriers in the game, try to stick to friendly ships with good AA or even ask the carrier for assistance.
With Tier VI carriers in a VIII battle, you have to pick your targets carefully – but the same applies for any other outtiered ship. You may have to maneuver a lot to get into a favorable position, however you can always avoid the cruisers – and one of the best things you can do is often to hunt for their destroyers. Might be harder, but the rewards are also higher.



3) When will you fix the chat in the port? The msgs are not displaying properly.

We are aware of the issue, but it’s not a key priority right now. The UI is subject to constant improvements and we hope that we’ll find time soon to deal with this.


4) Why there is not dmg dealt by each player displayed in the table after the battle? We would like to be able to check how enemy team was doing and how much dmg each player of both teams dealt.

It’s something we can consider. No promises though.


5) Do you plan to add CV’s class YORKTOWN (CV-6) (USA)? And do you think about remaking and improving the aircraft of BOGUE , INDEPENDENCE and SAIPAN or at least TBD aircraft on US CVs? It’s bad to play with 0 TBD aircraft on US CVs against 2 on Japanese CVs. 

We definitely plan to add as many legendary ship classes as possible – the “big three” of Yorktown class would definitely be nice to have, same as Japanese carriers based on repurposed battleship  and battlecruiser hulls.

As to the plane loadouts, the main accent of US carriers was always on fighters and dive bombers – torpedo attacks were more of Japanese navy field of expertise, however we track feedback on all aspects of game including the air group composition.


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View Postvon_Boeg, on 26 September 2016 - 12:23 PM, said:

I have one question:


Why did you remove a question that wasn't answered?


We needed to clean up the thread, if your question hasn't been answered and is missing, please ask again!


I will answer some questions here myself, in addition I am forwarding 5 questions to the devs, all visible posts have not been dealt with yet and will be looked at again next week.


While I would like to send all your questions there, devs have only a limited amount of time for Q&A :) 


Will Armoured Cruisers Eventually be added? 

I would like Bayan (1900) and Monmouth please


We will be adding many more ships to the game, but I can't comment on specific ones at the moment.


Will the option to not participate in events/challenges/missions be implemented? Asking because I was barely playing in the past two months, and somehow managed to get an ARP captain taking up a reserve slot this weekend. If I could have opted out of it, it wouldn't have happened.


I can't imagine this is something we will implement, we will however need to address the ARP captain issue and I have forwarded your other question!



Sorry, you missed the point. The point is different bonuses (boni?) for different servers for exactly the same event. For example the birthday event where the EU version was "Tier 4-10: Win 15 random/team/ranked battles, get 1 day premium, 5x Type 6 camo, 10x ESCL-flags" while the RU version was "Tier 1-10, play one random battle: receive 1 day premium, 10 sets of camouflage type 6, 10 signals Equal Speed ​​Charlie London"

So why is this? Judging by the answer above, the WOWS birthday is more important in RU than in EU?


Note this was just an example, so the actual question I want to ask is this: Why do different servers get different (in-game) rewards/bonuses for the exact same event/important day?


Edited to make it an actual question :hiding:


Currently these kind of events and the rewards are usually planned by staff in the various regions to cater to their specific audience. While we try to keep things similar, this simply will not always be the case.


Question #1: how do you choose which ships are going to get implemented as premium?


We usually choose ships that are in some way interesting, either historically (i.e. Prinz Eugen) or because we can implement them in a way that offers different and above all interesting gameplay. The good thing about World of Warships is that we have many sister ships of the same class to choose from in many cases so we don't need to restrict a ship class to being only premium or regular.


We also like to focus on ships that are still around as museum ships, these make very engaging choices (i.e. Blyskawica, Belfast, Texas etc.).


In an interview with Arthur, he said that the release dates of premium ships would be no more than a few days apart. I'm not gonna argue with the reasoning behind that. But I do want to ask why König Albert isn't released on EU yet. It's been more than a few days....


We are not yet sure how we are going to use Koenig Albert in EU, hopefully we will have some more information on this for you soon.


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Hello and tks for the possibility to give a contribution.

Is there any intention to open a "suggeston" area in the forum? were players can put in their ideas in how to make better this wonderfull game? TKS and keep it up.


You can leave us suggestions in the "current update" section, ideally in the relevant pinned feedback thread.

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Okay, questions have been collected. I'll post the answers here as soon as I get them!

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Hey guys!


I've gathered some more answers! Enjoy.


A storm on high seas without any big waves, etc… looks a bit odd. Are there going to be any changes to the sea's surface during cyclones/storms?

We are working on improvements to the weather system, however bear in mind that current game engine does not allow real stormy seas – we may make the waves bigger (in fact there is a mod out there that does just that), but it then looks a bit weird when the ship does not react. So… It most likely won’t be soon.



Some time ago there was a poll in the RU forum about increasing damage dealt by battleships when over-penetrating cruiser's citadels. Is there going to be any change in this regard?
This was just a general poll, ran on the forum to sound out the opinion – similar to our regular feedback collection. Please note that the development is influenced in game balance area chiefly by in-game statistics.


Is there a different in armor-calculation depending on the quality of the armor, as it evolved over the time and there are ships present in the game which used to have a totally different quality of armor.
We do not use different grades of armor steel – we just distinguish between armor and structural steel. One of the reasons is that, in the grand scheme of things, these factors played far less of a role than general ship design, armor layout and placement of critical subsystems. Factor in in armor quality would bring more complications than benefits.


What is the purpose/meaning of the "Krupp"-value in-game and how does it affect a shell's penetration?

The Krupp coefficient is adjusting the penetration formula with specific parameters of the shell. As with all penetration formulae, such coefficients are necessarily estimates that take into account a lot of factors – based on real world data, approximation based on them etc. Best think of it as the same thing as, say, gravitational constant or Pi 


 Are there any improvements planned for the in-game report system?
We are working on improvements to this system, even though currently we have bigger fish to fry (as you will see in few upcoming updates). And, of course, we are following the results of the report system all the time.


 Is it planned to introduce details about the penetration values to the port (ship stats)?
As soon as we figure a way how to display it in an  understandable and accessible way. Similar to ship’s armor, penetration is a complex matter, especially with the distances involved in WoWs – penetration at muzzle is generally useless value, penetration at any set distance is tricky and it is hard to compare ships and guns. Worst of all, the penetration at any set distance does not really tell you much about how it will affect target as a lot depends on the target construction as well.


When is there finally going to be a way to dismiss the unwanted arpeggio captains?

Currently there still is no way, however we also credit a Reserve slot for every new captain so the balance does not change. We may however introduce the option to dismiss them in the future.


 Is there any update/eta about clans and when they are going to be introduced to WoWs?

Clans are one of our priorities at the moment – stay tuned for more news coming in the relatively close future!


Could the ARP ships get displayed as own nation instead of somewhere between the IJN ships?
This is not currently considered, however we will introduce some changes in how/when they are displayed in port. Do not forget that you can get basically the same effect by using the Primary ship function 


What is the current status of the DEDDs? When are they going to get released?
As much as this seems like 
a trope, the status is “Wait for the announcement” – we will share information about upcoming tech trees, when they are getting nearer to release, but for now we are focusing on the Royal Navy cruiser branch and on the reshuffle of the Japanese Destroyer branch.


If you try to keep things similar, why are there differences? What determines the 'worth' of some people to get a better reward/easier mission, and what determines the 'hate' towards certain other people that get worse rewards/harder missions?

It is unclear from the question if the player means PRMP offers or specials, though it looks like specials are the target.

We do keep things similar. That however does not mean identical – for a variety of reasons going from regional differences in perception of various missions to different important dates. It is quite amusing to read US forum from time to time, especially when both communities ask why the other is treated better. Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

That being said, we do keep track of community sentiments and community reaction to the specials and offers – and try to adjust them so that a large part of the community (not necessarily just forum veterans) can benefit from them.


Why aren't we compensated for team damage anymore? Not sure if the offenders pay a fine or something, but as a victim you get NOTHING. You are forced to pay the full service price and you are out of the game unable to work for your credits / xp. Seems like double punishment to me.
The compensation was dropped, as it was rather insignificant. On the other hand recent changes in repair costs also reduced its effect and root cause, as the maintenance fee is not based on damage suffered. While it is not nice to sink because of team damage and go home with no profit, adding a meaningful compensation would threaten with the other kind of trolling (trying to suffer team damage on purpose) and it is sufficiently rare occurrence to not influence overall player’s profits.



 Can we have the premium days in actual set number of hours in the game. I work away from home a lot and end up with only a couple of hours playing time. Having a set number of hours premium time would mean we all get a fair and equal amount of actual playing time and the benefits for the money we paid.
The premium time and its pricing does factor in the average gameplay time – switching to “per hour” pricing would mean also significant change in the costs.
On the other hand, you have another option: WoWs offers both signal flags and camouflages, that give bonuses to both credit and gold economy, so you can optimize your gains depending on your battles. While these bonuses do not bring in the full clout of Premium accounts, they may be the way to go for you in this situation – especially the combination of Type 6 camouflage and Equal Speed Charlie London and Zulu flags.


 With the balance for CVs much better than before, and since for a very, very long time I've not come across a CV higher or lower then my own in battle, will the skill "Dogfighting Expert" be changed or even scrapped ?
We are constantly working on evaluating skills and their usefulness, and at the same time we are working on improvements of the Carrier gameplay as whole – as these things are connected, we can just say “wait and see” 

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Questions collected. I'll post the answers when I have them.


Also, a reminder: this thread is for questions aimed at producers and devs. Please avoid questions that can be answered by other members of the community, or having conversations in this thread.

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Why did my Yamato just die after it got rammed head on by a low health Hipper? I get that there is ramming damage in the game but really mutual destruction from a tier 8 cruiser on a tier 10 BB? if this is the case why use guns? 

Serious question though 



This is not the right place for questions like these I am afraid :)


To give you an answer we would need the replay in any case.


First off im sorry if double posts are not allowed.My last question:Is it possible in the near future for the ships to have individual turret lock.For example if i plan to take a turn and have the back turrets locked in a specific possition while the front turrets remain fully operational.

Thank you!


I believe we have answered this before, it is not planned. It would be quite complicated mechanically and from a UI point of view.



All other questions have been forwarded!

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Here is the latest batch of Q&A answers!



  • This is in regards to CVs. It is said in various responses that the intention is for the IJN to have better torpedo bombers whilst the USN has better dive bombers yet currently, IJN airdropped torpedoes have less alpha damage compared to the USN airdropped torpedoes and only 1 knot of extra speed. Are you planning to improve the IJN CV torpedoes in the future?
    • Japanese torpedo squadrons already have some advantages, namely: Smaller squadrons (making it easier to catch enemy ships) and a convergent drop pattern, leading to potentially more concentrated hits. We are keeping an eye on the overall balance and if adjustment is needed, we will make it.


  •  When does the game calculate what players get when they open a crate? Is the content calculated when they get the crate or when they open it?
    • When the container is received. There is no point in waiting for newer stuff to come in the game  


  •  Why don't we have a better punishment than getting pink for team killing?
    • To account for unfortunate accidents – it is rather hard to discern intent just by looking at stats. That is why the system tends to trigger pretty easily, but it is not a “one strike and you’re out” system.



  • When is the Graf Zeppelin going to get added to the game?
    • As usual with these questions, we cannot confirm nor deny anything 


  • When are the captain skills going to be reworked as promised?
    • Skills were already significantly changed earlier this year, we are however still working on them for future improvements. Stay tuned!


  • Could the manual firing perk for secondary armament get changed so that the bonus no longer depends on the tier? For instance the air supremacy skill for carriers also adds one plane regardless of the tier so why is this limited?
    • Mostly to discourage farming of inexperienced players on low tiers. 


  • Are there any plans to make the planes on tier 8+ DE BBs visible? On Tirpitz you can see it already, but not on the others.
    • Our work on models continues – so with time, we hope to get rid of most weird model issues.


  • Is the Prinz Eugen going to get a unique "equipment" like other premium ships to make her more different to Admiral Hipper?
    • No plans for now, but if we need something special, maybe in the future… ;)



  • Is WG planning to introduce a convoy-style mode to PvE, similar to the Halloween mode?
    • We will see, based on the experience and stats from the Halloween mode. Hope you had a blast playing it 



  • Are you planning to disable karma system for enemy team?
    • No such plans at the moment.


  • Did you changed the Standard battle/Domination rates after updates?
    • Not recently.



  • American cruisers and dd's shell travel time is too slow and angled. Do you think any improvements there?
    • Not much room for improvement there – the US navy preferred lower shell velocity for heavier shells. While hitting at long range is harder, it can also be rewarding – especially against targets of the same class, where you have good chance for some nice plunging Citadels.


  • You can only lock on one enemy with the secondaries. Other side secondary guns are not working meanwhile, is it possible to make more than one selection for the secondaries?
    • Other guns work as well, unless you use the high level Captain perk – there you then trade significantly better effect of the secondaries for focus on the selected target only.



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Can you get Colin Firth to do the British Nation's Voice over???


The current one is horrible to listen too sound like the engine room Fireman took time out from shoveling coal to sound act for us! We need a natural Stiff upper lip captain from the periods... Naval Officers were always middle class especially on lead class ships and flag ships!

Agreed. Sean Bean is also an option (c'mon...who doesn't want Sharpe's soft Yorkshire tones as their captain voice? :yes_cap:)


You get all of my upvotes, but this is the wrong place for suggestions and I fear that both suggestions would blow our budget :(


The graphics of the Halloween theme ships are so cool that a special thank you to the designers is due.

  Chapeau !


I agree and will pass on this sentiment gladly! :)

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In almost every patch we see Sound "Improvements" in the changelogs but we almost never see anything about visuals and it´s not really a secret that the most of the "effects" are not impressive at all (espacially the fireballs when shooting)..

For example: The "Storm" basically isn´t stormy at all, it´s just getting a little bit foggy and bad looking rain paritcles appear.

So will there be more? Like Lightning bolts in the background of the map or other effects (just need to look on the weather on wot console)



Let me jump in here. :hiding:


Right now we're being blocked by a tech upgrade to the engine that will allow us to make use of DX11 features. We're working on delivering that upgrade and after that we'll be able to work on more spectacular visual effects. You should see some of that in the not-too-far-but-not-very-close future. 



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  Low tier secondaries aren't, however, powerful enough to actually make use of the perk's potential - and the difference in effectiveness is absolutely ridiculous (15% vs 60%).

Couldn't the perk at worst SCALE with the tier rather than have this sharp jump from "useless" to "god of secondary armament". It's absolutely unfair to ships just below the threshold that SHOULD have good secondaries but just can't - because the necessary for secondary build perk is replaced by a joke version for them. The higher tier ships already have the advantage of additional modules (and, well, better base secondary armament) - why must the lower tier ships be punished additionally for being on the wrong side of the perk threshold?


Can you rephrase this into a concise question please? :)


Why did you ignore my question about server treatment and server equality AGAIN? Why have a Q&A thread if you're just going to ignore questions?


The question was forwarded but I have yet to receive an answer to it. Please also consider that we do not guarantee answers to all questions here.


When are you going to do something about aimbots? I stopped playing the game months ago because of them, recently came back and find that they are even more widespread than they were. They are ruining the game.


....and before someone jumps in, no, its not a l2p issue. Ive played enough online games to know when a player is good, lucky, or using hacks.


We are already actively working against illegal modifications in various ways and are confident that the game is being played fairly by our players.


If you encounter a situation in game that you don't understand, post a replay to the newcomer section and I am sure someone will help you! :)

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I have another set of answers for you, questions asked before this post will be included in next week's batch!


As the Halloween mode showed that the engine can make these look awesome, will there be active lights on ships on darker maps in future?
No possibility for interactive lighting with current engine – but we’re working on DX11 support and we’ll see what doors will that open for us.


Will the Halloween mode skins be available as premium camouflages for the ships they are based on?
We’re working on the “vanilla” tick box – this will allow you to hide / display “unrealistic” content such as ARP ships / skins. Let’s wait until that is implemented before going further.


"People over at the American forums have found almost a month ago that the citadel on both Iowa and Montana are modeled to incorrectly include a splinter deck and thus extend far above the waterline when they shouldn't. The topic in question can be found here: As a response, Sub_Octavian has stated that all citadels are modeled this way with few exceptions such as with the North Carolina. This has however proven to be untrue. Iowa and Montana are very much the exception and not the rule. Is it possible to have another look at this?"

It is possible, however it will not be fast ;) The citadel model was changed on North Carolina and some other low/mid tier battleships when they were underperforming several updates back, however with Iowa and Montana any such change would bear a risk of the ships becoming too good.


Are there plans to bring ""achievements"" on the ships? For example: If you played 500 Battles on that ship you will get a mark on the ship, or if you done a overall damage of 10.000.000hp you get another mark?

This is more of a suggestion – we passed it on.


In an older Q&A there was an answer regarding the stealthfire of the Zao aka. Noskillship. ""although we aren´t happy with the stealth fire of the Zao we don´t plan to nerf her, instead we want to buff the other t10 cruisers."" This is quiete old and nothing happened. When can we expect the buffs?

We can't give any time frame for this unfortunately, we are still watching stats and "when its done its done".


Could we add a timer for own and/or allied smoke screens (an info about when it disappears)?

Again more of a suggestion, we'll consider it.


Will custom captains like the ARP captains also receive custom skills like Steven Seagal as captain?
Maybe. We will see how it works with Casey Ryback :)


Are there any plans to introduce customization options for ships, to change their appearance (changed model parts, like other funels, custom colors, etc…)?

Will there more customization options for the camos? Even though some of them might be historical, most of them are not very pretty, so it would be great to combine the bonuses of one camo with the look of another one. What do you think about such an idea?

This is something we would definitely like to do in future and will look into when we can.


Will there be night battles?
Not in the close future. They are rather challenging in terms of both UI and graphics – and if we have them, they need to have a proper in-game implementation, not just things going dark.


Will the content of super containers be adjusted? Sometimes e.g. a flag-container gives credits, which the player doesn't want.
No, the contents of a super container are not connected to the choice of container, but randomized.


Will the Tirpitzes secondary armament be buffed? It's only at 4.5km maximum, whereas other T8 ships have 5km.

Tirpitz compensates for this with torpedoes.


Why is Bismarck sitting lower in the water than Tirpitz? Is it because of the captain's cat?
Yes, the cat overfed while on shore leave. It is also a ship loaded extra for a long Atlantic raid.


Will there be a chance to check opponents stats while the battle is in progress similar to how it can be done while waiting for the battle to load?
Yes, we are working on that.


Would it be possible to edit the consumable key bindings so that no matter which ship you play you always have the  same action assigned to the same key?
This is a suggestion – we passed it on. Generally, we are trying to improve the UI, though we have other priorities.


When can we expect to have the new IJN DD's in the tech tree?

Very soon™


Could WG introduce a mechanism which: 1) installs a recommended set of flags for the first game of the day to maximise the benefits, 2) that removes all mounted flags in one go?

We passed this suggestion on.


When would we have a free camera in the port area to enjoy the wonderful 3 D models of the ships?

We passed this suggestion on.


To slow down quickly a ship in game, is it better to go reverse or stop the engine? (in reality reverse is the best option, is it the same in game?)

We tested this earlier this week – in both cases you get to 0 speed in the same time.


Can we have an Arpeggio event with only Arpeggio ships and super gravity gun, mirror ring system and stuff like in the manga?

Our Arpeggio event is slowly ending and we never planned anything going so far – we try to stick to the core game.


Steven Seagal is Russian citizen too, are you planning adding Russian version of Steven Seagal?

No such plans.


Why are the requirements for special missions constantly higher on the EU server then on the other ones?

We are working on reducing these differences, but there will still be different missions, offer and events in different regions.


Are we planning to do permanent PVE events similar to the Halloween mode?

Permanent? Most likely no, except for training.


Are there any plans for releasing a Japanese CV in the near future?

In the future, yes. Near future is a tricky term – we do not want to raise nor squash hopes in this regard.


Can we get a tinfoil hat wearing captain emoticon for Forums?

We like this suggestion and we did pass it on.


This post: // By which factor does the captain skill "Manual Fire Control for AA Armament" increase the large-calibre guns' DPS shown in port? 2.0 (i.e. replacing the usual factor of 1.3 for manual target selection) or 2.6 (thus doubling the usual factor for manual target selection)?

The skill is replacing the lower tier skill – the DPS increase factor is 2.0.


Can you explain the influence of the tier difference in XP gains? General averages for +-2 and +-1 tier kill will be sufficient.

Unfortunately this is something we don’t want to share at this point.



Edited by MrConway

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•    "Could you please add an option to show or not show clan tags, ARP ship names (even if you don't have the Yokosuka port selected) in game?"

Re. ARP ship names, Yokosuka port was removed as the ARP collaboration ended. You now can select whether you want to see the non-historical content in game or not in your settings and carousel filters.

Re. Clan tags, they are shown, though they are at the end of the name – feedback to move them to the front was already passed along.

•    What i want to suggets or maybe know is, since almost every Carrier got a Spotterplane to spot enemy Ships or Planes in Range. I would ask you, if its possible to add a selectable Consumable for Carriers "Spotter Plane" beside of the AA Consumable, i dont mean this as an Extra Squad, just a Plane that can be launched and will fly round your Carrier maybe 5 or 6km Radius and spot incoming DDs or such and lands after a few Minutes. So you can choose between AA Consumable or Spotter Plane, im not sure if this is even Possible to do - but Logical it could be right. Usually that Plane should do the same, then most of the Carrier Guys already did - keep a Squad close to the Carrier and try find the incoming Threat since the ! "Spotted" Symbol lights up. 

Carriers currently have to pay a bit more attention to their surrounding as a price for their long reach. However the carrier gameplay might change in the future.

•    Why is the "Defensive AA" consumable limited to T8+ carriers? Carrier sniping still is a serious issue in the game up until T7. Why get rid of this problem just in high tiers? 

Given the speed of planes and game dynamics, it tended to be the biggest issue at highest tiers, at the same time the players at that level should already know both how to use it and how to avoid it. If anything, adding it to lower tiers would make sniping even bigger problem, as the expert player who knows how to use it would be even harder to touch for newer players trying to progress. It is similar addition as, say, Hydroacoustic search for the top tier German battleships (even though all could make use of it ;)) - 

•    "I just want to ask, if its possible that we get an Option for Different Ports and even the old Music back. I postet that a bit earlier... but i rly loved the NewYork Port in the Night with its old do we ever get a Chance to get it back?"

We try to rotate ports and improve them. We would like to have a variety – on the other hand every port increases the client size so we have to keep their amount under control. While the night New York looked nice, it also was rather dark and made it often hard to see details of ships/flags/camos.

•    Are you considering to introduce a medal / achievement like "valiant effort" like in WoT to reward players who played well despite their team losing the battle (e.g. topXP player)?

This needs verification, but: in woWs economy win/loss has less impact on credit / XP economy than in WoT and personal performance is thus already rewarded better. 

•    Is there a chance to introduce the San Shiki shelltype for high Tier (VIII+) Japanese ships, maybe as exclusive consumable?

The incendiary shrapnel rounds were not really effective for anything apart from bombardment of shore targets, but never say never – our team is always looking into various ways how to make individual ships / trees more interesting.

•    In a Q&A session during the summer you said that you think BBs survive too long. Now that you've nerfed the IJN DDs and the current CV issues you actually cut down both counters to DDs. How are you planing on changing this in the future?

Long range torpedo spam was never really a counter to Battleships, from the statistics the shorter range setups usually have higher success rate (if only because there is less chance of spotting the torpedoes half a map away). We also hope changes to the gameplay / skills will motivate battleship players to play more aggressively. 

•    Is it possible to introduce the Aiming Systems Modification 0  for the Mikasa to help with ist accuracy?

We are keeping an eye on all ships, however the Aiming Mod. 0 was primarily introduced to compensate the 140mm-armed Premium ships for the loss of range bonus connected with the Advanced Firing Training skill. We do not currently plane to add this upgrade to Mikasa.

•    Are there plans to enable players to assign hotkeys for the consumables or at least to assign each consumable a fixed hotkey for all ships?

Not right now, though the UI is under constant development and this is a very frequent feedback.

•    Are you going to update the Yamato-model? In the current intro-video the Yamato has 25mm tripling turrets on the main battery turrets 2 & 3!

If and when she needs upgrading and we have time, we might do so – several ships already got functional AA positions on their turrets. No promises / timelines though ;)

    What is the bow and stern armour value for Baltimore and Des Moines? The wiki says 25mm but in-game it's 27mm - where is the mistake?

Game files have always the precedence – please note that it often takes time for such minor adjustments to filter to the Wiki, as it is maintained in a large part by volunteers and there usually are more important things to update first 

•    Is there a chance WG would allow a Premium shop replacement - you buy on ship and don't like it - you change it to another of the same or higher value

Currently we do not offer this service and we do not plan it. General policy is descrivbed here, for specific cases (refunds / chargebacks) contaxcting the Support team is the best.


    Why are the December weekend specials so weak (in terms of multipliers, presentation, delay with announcement etc.)

December specials were pre-announced in the Forum calendar at the beginning of the month, their announcements then followed standard procedure (ie announcement on the day the special starts etc.). They were structured to provide discounts on the days most players do not really have that much time to play and to provide gameplay-related bonuses on days when more players can utilize them.

•    Why the discounts on T8-10 don't include DE DDs? On the other servers, they do.

By the time the German DDs were here, only a select few players would be able to use the discount (as it was on high tier ships) – we prefer to include German destroyers when the discounts will actually help the player’s progress through the tiers.

•    Why can't we just replace one cammo with another? Why do we have to pay for that? Is it going to stay like that?

This is going to stay as it is, after all while you can just hoist the flags down, you cannot really scrape off paint and re-use it. However note that if you have a permanent camo, you keep it even if you replace it by a different pattern for some time (or even if you just sail without any camo on).

•    Could it be possible to change the order of consumables without the need to change the shortcuts? (just like in WoT when players are choosing consumables) and see the locked target also on the minimap? 

Not in the present form, though we are working on a more user-friendly UI.

•    Don't you plan to have more places for Campaigns where we could pin the goals to reach and unpin them once we complete it?

This is not currently planed. The point of the campaigns is that player has to choose which tasks he wants to focus on and pick the tasks, not do all of them at once.


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nice of you to ignore the questions I put forward Cynd3r :sceptic: very professional of you... especially when one of them was in regards to something that was promised last year and completely snubbed in this years developer diary.


And again you didn't answer my questions regarding events and rewards.

Where's that answer that should have come in "next week's batch" as MrConway told me more than a month ago?


I feel the need to point out that I don't choose what gets answered - I supply your questions to producers and devs, who respond with the answers. Feel free to post them again here, and I'll again forward them to the devs.

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King of the Sea is a Player driven Event but gets Prices and Promotion from Warging. Was this done to gather data to find a Format compareble to Clanwars since Teambattles are no longer suported?

If so how satisfied is WG with real Team competitiv gameplay?

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There has been something wrong with mogami's concealment. Using 155 gun to fire would increase the detectability range by 6 km. However, using 152 guns would only increase detectability range by 4.6 (such as on Edinburgh and Chapayev). I do not understand why 3mm difference would make a 1.4 km conceal difference after firing.


This is due to balancing reasons more than the caliber difference, you'll find many ships with the same caliber having very different concealment values.


Does WG have any plans to remove the reset of pink status when strafing your Own planes?


Be pink, have a near dead fighter squadron locked in a fight with all the hostile fighters, sacrifice them and strafe all of them.

Aaaand the pink status is reset due to friendly fire due to firing on your very own planes.


This is something we might look at during the course of our carrier rework and improvement. But generally we advise paying attention and not sacrificing too many allied planes.



i would ask a Questions, why the IFHE Skill doesnt affect the HE Bombs of a Carrier. Usually they "should" do? And the other Question is, back in the Closed Beta Days there was an announcement that Carrier Players can switch or choose (maybe research) AP Bombs instead of HE Bombs. I mean of course the IFHE Bombs would rather be OP but back in the Days, there are also Divebombs who penetrated the Deck Armor and explode below it in the Magazine Rooms or Boiler.


For balancing reasons, we don't feel that having the bombs changed this way would be a good move.


When will we finally get the Bastion gamemode in Tier 4 or 5 ? Been waiting for over half a year now. :/


The Bastion mode was removed completely for now. It might be reintroduced with a rework but will likely still remain restricted to the higher tiers.


Is there any chance that all the servers could somehow coordinate to have the same events? It just feels bad looking at the events servers like NA have every now and then that EU never gets. At least we got the delayed christmas convoy, but it stills discourages looking at how rushed it was and seeing how it really the EU server passed a good event like that. Now even if it's not that big, the carnival event. Not for EU again apparently. Is it really that hard to communicate a bit with the other servers and have global events?


Large events that happen on multiple servers are generally coordinated and should mostly be the same, with some exceptions. But in general we cannot promise that we will have the same missions or activities as the other servers, this is decided on a regional basis.



King of the Sea is a Player driven Event but gets Prices and Promotion from Warging. Was this done to gather data to find a Format compareble to Clanwars since Teambattles are no longer suported?

If so how satisfied is WG with real Team competitiv gameplay?


We saw a great initiative started by enthusiastic players that we just wanted to support. Now it has turned into a regular highlight for the community and attracts many players and viewers, so we do plan to keep supporting it.


I personally find the competitive gameplay extremely compelling to watch :)



Female crew members have been introduced in WoT and WoWP - are there any plans to introduce them to WoWs, too?

  • Never say never. It falls under the same category as “when will ship XYZ arrive” – just wait for the announcement. And remember that we at least already have female commanders on ARP ships.


Are you planning to release more German vessels from WWI - like the "old" SMS Gneisenau and Scharnhorst? If you would, would they keep their name and the Prefix SMS or be renamed to something entirely different to avoid confusion?

  • Let’s cross that bridge when we get there. However in this specific case: After experimenting with Mikasa we are not planning to add more mixed battery ships such as armored cruisers, as with our control scheme they are generally complicated and uncomfortable to play.


Are there plans to allow players to change the names and appearance of the captains, like in WoT?

  • We are planning more customization options overall, no specifics yet though.


Kirishima currently has the voice of Iona, could this be fixed (give her the voice of Yotaroh since it's basically the same person)?

  • Yotaroh was available as a separate captain. In any case since the partnership is ended, it is unlikely they will be any changes in this aspect.


Some players are unhappy with the current design of Islands of Ice - do you have any plans to change it - in particular closer to the older design of it?

  • It is unlikely we would return to the old design. However maps gradually evolve, so there may be changes in the future if needed. Overall however the “new” Islands of Ice seem to lead to a more dynamic playstyle.


WG states that they can't introduce the Kaiserliche Marine flag into the game due to legal reasons. Wouldn't it be possible to use a slightly different version of it to help with a more authentic feeling of the game?

  • Not planned right now.


Do you have any plans to introduce a premium DD for the German & Japanese techtree for this year (no specific date, just want to know whether we're working on something)?

  • We try to add premiums for all nations and preferably all branches, but other than that, no comment on specifics.


What happened to the old map Northern lights, could we get it back as an additional map in the map pool?

  • Not planned for now, while visually beautiful the map could be a bit hard on the eyes when actually playing the battle.


Are we going to see a German port in the near future?

  • Maybe, no guarantees and no specifics available though.


Scharnhorst and Gneisenau are basically the same ship with different calibers and minor differences. One is a regular, the other one a premium ship. What do you think about doing the same with Mogami and her different armaments? There were several sister-ships and it would be a very similar situation.

  • While we know players like to see different configurations, they also do not like to see “clones” so this needs to be balanced.


As several mods have already been added to the game, is there any plan to introduce the smoke-countdown mod as well? 
We are tracking popular mods and some of them (such as the smoke border) were already implemented, so maybe…


Is Epicenter going to get removed as well (like Zone and Bastion mode it is rather just a test?!) or will it at least be removed from Tears of the Desert, as the center of the map is completely open without any islands and it doesn't contribute to dynamic teamplay?

  • We are currently not looking into removing the mode, it seems to work.


Will it ever be possible to spend the lots and lots of credits (which at least good players can earn) for training captains (more than just 1 skillpoint) or to buy signal flags (or anything else)?

  • We are not planning adding retraining for credits. There might be more credit sinks – among others a new tech tree coming in soon ;)


When can we expect the team lineup table (when waiting to be loaded into battle) to be fixed so that we can see the names of the players along with the clan tag?

  • Unknown, however we know this is a frequent piece of feedback. Note that the interface is currently “universal” for all resolutions so has to conform to the lowest common denominator – so the change is not that easy.


Do you plan any event where players could get the premium camo for standard ships? Like some missions or time limited discounts etc.) 

  • There are the containers, there are also Premium camo rewards sometimes in missions (weekly / weekend) (cue in Valentine)

How much do you work on the CW map and when we can expect it to come?
As mentioned in our January Q+A stream, we plan to focus on Clans this year, however “Clan Wars” are far off – first we will improve the calns themselves and introduce a limited form of Clan vs. Clan gameplay.

when will be team battles active?
We do not plan to enable them in the short term. In longer run they will be replaced by Clan vs. Clan gameplay.



Why the torpedoes are too powerful in this update? The flood damage is huge since we implemented the Update 0.6.2
Torpedoes and flood damage was changed already in 0.6.1. General rule was: Increase of flooding damage for high tiers, reduction for low tiers and overall shorter, but more damaging flooding. You can find the details in patch notes. Generally this was changed to give a bit more effect to esp. Japanese destroyers and their torpedoes.


Question 1

When will all the open and collected questions be answered? We are missing several months now. It doesn't look like you actually care about this anymore, so please tell us if that is the case. Better communication has been promised to us plenty of times. This thread was such an improvement but now it is starting to become a hollow joke. Right from the start there where evasive answers on critical questions. Now there are no answers at all anymore.



My apologies, we have been focusing on providing Facebook Live Q&A's and have been neglecting this thread. The amount of on-topic questions that we would be able to answer was also quite low.



Edited by MrConway

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I have a few questions regarding this quote from WG CEO Kislyi.


"When Warships launched in 2015 the game got lots of good buzz, including here at Polygon. Our preview called is one of the best free-to-play games we’d ever played. But the community did not stick around to support it after launch. Player retention trailed off, Kislyi said, after six months to a year.


Kislyi blames himself, and his top-down creative demands on the game.

“I was pushing all those teams to literally copy World of Tanks,” Kislyi said. “That was wrong.”

Kislyi said he’s now letting individual teams dictate how their games evolve, and letting each of them engage with their communities on their own to find a path forward."






How do you propose to improve 'engaging with the community?

  • We have started producing a lot more live content, getting in touch with you directly. We will keep on doing this throughout the year.,


Will this Q&A finally be revived?

  • Yes


Will we finally receive a dedicated WoWs EU rep?

  • There is currently no plan to have more staff dedicated solely to WoWs.


Will the objectives of the game be altered to better reflect actual naval warfare?

  • No, this is first and foremost a game, so objectives will only every be altered to improve gameplay and enjoyment!


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